BAD LUCK: Hiroshi Nakano breaks up with his girlfriend

NG Productions has confirmed the rumors of Bad Luck´s guitarist Nakano Hiroshi splitting up with his long term girlfriend that had been rounding the music business for the past two months.

The reasons are still undisclosed but the mayor part of the gossip lead to a possible romance with bandmate Suguru Fujisaki.

Hiro closed the magazine with a grunt and frowned.

Meanwhile tears were already streaming down his producer´s eyes thinking how this would affect their performance.

K sighed

"He's not Shuichi"

Sakano sniffed and slumped relieved


"You asked for it Nakano-kun"

"I know, I know K. It´s not the cable what bothers me" He sighed annoyed "It´s the fact that they always add what they want!"

Suguru, had already read the article and prepared some music sheets, though he raised an eyebrow and tightened his pursed lips at the comment.

The conversation continued with the regular: "It was going to happen sooner or later. This happens all the time…"

"We should be used to it by now" Hiro and Fujisaki whispered at the same time with a sigh.

They immediately turned to each other and smiled apologetically with a small laugh.

"We-need-a-break" The keyboardist pointed ironically.

The redish brunette chuckled and their manager replied "You wish"

Then the door to the practice room swung open and Shuichi flung into the room grinning ever so happyly

"La Li Ho!"

"Oi Shuichi"




"Late again, Shindo Shuichi"

The pink fluff ran a nervous hand through his hair smiling sheepishly. "Sorry K" He looked at his watch and victoriously remarked "But I´m earlier than yesterday"

The blond American looked at him skeptically. "By-a-minute"

"Congratulations Shuichi! I thought you´d never make it past three seconds"

"Well thank you Hiroshi-kun" The singer bowed and spotted the magazine lying over an amp next to his friend.

"What´s that?"

The guitarist shrugged.

"Seguchi-san sent the approval to publish my break up with Ayaka-chan"

"Uhmm" The vocalist reached for the magazine and flipped through the pages to find the piece of writing.

"I´m set" Affirmed Suguru.

"Me too"

In the meantime, Shuichi´s expression turned from curiosity (as if he didn´t know fully detailed what had happened) to a completely dumb struck glittering face with hearts and diamond dust included. He squealed.

"You two guys!" then he whined "Why on earth didn´t you tell me anything Hiro?"

Everyone sweatdropped though the singer looked like he was about to stomp.

Nakano took his folder sheet and threw it straight at the singer´s head, his brow twitching.

"Because it isn't truth you idiot!"

Fujisaki smiled inwardly, though he did look slightly amused by the situation and started playing some simple piano notes.

The other two took the queue and quickly got things back in place to start working

Two years, one routine, and there was always something new.

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