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So it had become sort of a habit. A girl here and there...

I mean… It was normal and rational that he started dating, as he had… once in a while. He couldn't be alone forever and he didn't know(doesn´t I hope)I have…sort of have… feelings for him.

Not that that mattered, because all his dates and flints in the past 3 months had been all females…

Some how, to me, it's also become a habit to smoke in secrecy. Alone in a hotel room… at night mostly. I don't want people around me to smell the rusty tobacco, and I'm not quite fond of that smell either. An easy cigarette around fresh air and moonlight is good for me.

I find it rather soothing, though I know it´s a sign of being a obsessed with him. I don´t care, it has to come out of me somehow, so this is it. I smoke.

I don´t smoke in chains. I´m not addicted or can´t live without the cigarette because I don´t do it every day, every night. Just… sometimes. Once a month, every two weeks, one if I´m too stressed out…

I know I need to talk to someone about this...

Regular POV

Suguru stared out the waiting room´s window in the second floor. He was early as usual, but it was 20 minutes past their working time and none of his partners were there. K was there, cleaning one of his guns…Sakano too, getting hysterical, and Fujisaki stared out the window.

"There he is..." he spoke softly and tensed for a moment when he realized he had said that out loud, but it passed as if nothing to the other two.

"Wich one?" asked K from his seat

"Nakano-san" Suguru spoke as he saw the guitarist get off his bike with a female he kissed goodbye and then got into the building, half smiling half frowning.

Shuichi appeared soon after and everything returned to normal

K and Sakano were called by Mr. NG´s president: Seguchi Tohma and the Bad Luck members went to lunch earlier and for longer than they usually did, which meant the older males had business.

"So who was it this time?" Shuichi asked between mouthfuls of whatever he was eating

Hiro and Suguru looked at him… disgusted? No… they were too used to the rabid eating… more like "you are never going to change" and "Do you eat in front of Yuki-san like that?" kind of looks

"Who was who, Shuichi?"

"The girl -gulp- that- gulp- gave you that- gulp- hickey" and the pink haired singer ended the sentence with a satisfied sigh after drinking a cooled soda and making his friend blush.

He needed to take more care of those things…or take a longer shower before going to work.

The guitarist sighed and shook his head amusedly but before he could answer, producer and manager called them back to work. He shrugged at his friend: "Just another one…"

Sure, bacheloring was fun, for a while.

"You´ve got work to do" The American manager stated as the producer nodded

"You need to finish the album in three weeks time because in a month, you´ll be performing at Tokyo Bay Festival where the president wants you to release the first single and promote the coming of the album and your next tour 3 weeks after that so take the festival as a warm up"K finished in one breath

Shuichi started panicking while the other two thought about how much work they had to do and then Hiro smacked the pink haired in the head reassuringly.

"Well…It´s not like we have two days to do it…" and glanced evily at their manager who waved his hands in self defense and winked at them.

"No hard feelings, Nakano-kun"