Tokyo Bay Fest (Rehearsals)

Shuichi sat under a big umbrella backstage warming up his vocals, earplugs on. Hiro sat relaxed next to him, just playing along some chords on his acoustic guitar and Suguru was plugged to his laptop arranging the new songs, not paying much attention to his surroundings.

Right behind the stage setup area, there were trailers and a lot of tables and umbrellas outdoors for the bands.

Not far from the Bad Luck boys and straight ahead from Hiro's sight there was another group of musicians. Two guys were leaning against a trailer, cracking jokes and other three members relaxed by a table next to them. One paying attention to the jokers, one was copying Suguru with his laptop, but without the earplugs, and the last one was too playing a guitar with its back to our red head.

Hiro wasn't paying attention to that back specially. He was focused on how the fingers moved and pressed elegantly along the guitar pole, how absorbed the player looked…

"Hey, Shuichi…"He said while snapping his fingers on the singer's face

"Hmm. What's up?"

"Do you know her?" Nakano nodded at the other group with his head

Shuichi blinked, giggled and wiggled his eyes at his friend. "Abstinence getting to ya?"

Hiro had been willingly out of dates (sex) for 3 weeks… and counting

"No…" Hiro's eyebrow twitched in annoyance "Who is she?"

"He" Shuichi observed

"No, not him" Hiro said adverting his eyes from one very feminine joker with long blond hair and a navy blue turtle neck dress to the chair ahead of him. "Her"

"Him" His friend insisted determined, looking smug

The guitarist rolled his eyes, but seeing his friend didn't change his stance he check his sight and to his dismay, realized he was indeed looking at a man. Who, along with the guy in the dress, were looking right back at him.

He snapped his head at Shuichi, as red as him though suppressing a laugh.

"Please tell me I'm dreaming?"

Suguru lifted his head from the screen, eyebrow raised at his recomposing band mates, and beyond them, he met a pair of hard red eyes at first, and then other three bemused pairs.

"Why…" his voice scolding "…are those guys looking funny at us? And why is one of them coming this way?"


Hiro spun fast, Shuichi stretched while releasing his giggle and winked at him

"Guess I'll leave you know…" he provoked, taking off.

Their keyboardist glared, grumbled and slumped before closing his laptop with a shake of his head and leaving the table too, ignoring Nakano´s eyed plea not to.

So there he was, alone, and now sitting next to a guy he had been checking on just minutes ago.

"Hello" the deep purple long haired man offered, slightly snotty, but his bright black and sharp eyes gave a hint of amusement and empathy for the situation

Hiro sighed, gaining a little laugh from his company who leaned into the chair confidently

"Am I that bad?" he joked, raising an eyebrow and opening his arms to show himself.

Nakano looked over, dazed.

Slim, long hair, stylish, and his facial features just as elegant. The tint of violet in his eyes looked as amethysts, making them all the more piercing.

He sighed again laughing inwardly at his own antics. "Guess not…" he managed to pull a little smile and stretched a hand out. "Hello to you too. I'm Hiro"

"I know" the other guitarist smiled kindly "My name is Katashi"

Hiroshi shook his hand and the other guitarist smiled back, wider.

"Smiles suit you too, y´know"

Bad Luck's guitarist stiffed a bit. Katashi caught it and laughed. "Ok" He chuckled "Guess I'll have to be less forward with you then?"

Nakano relaxed, feeling the urge to bang his head against the table (repeatedly and to get a big bump on his forehead if possible) but decided to shake it, sniggering, and rest his arms over it.

"I can't believe I'm seriously flirting with a guy"

Suguru pushed himself against a trailer with a hard "thump" and reached for the cigarettes in his coat.

He pulled one out of the package irritated, lit it, took a slow calming drag out of it, only to smash the cigarette angrily against the trailer and put it out with his foot on the floor.

"What are you spleening over?"

"Spleen?" Suguru snapped to the unfamiliar voice

One of Katashi´s band mates leaned suggestively against the same trailer just a few feet away, the same red eyed guy his eyes were fixed on when he decided to leave his band behind.

Fire red head, half an inch taller than him, he wore a sort of kung fu crossed white shirt open at the neck, with holes on the shoulders.

"I work with a pair of idiots" Grumbled the keyboardist "And, I can't smoke anything to calm down because it'll smell and then it'll be more hell!"

Suguru shifted and side glanced as the guy nodded. "That's what I'm spleening over"

"I won't offer a smoke for relax then…" The x guy stood straight and walked towards Fujisaki

"But since you are resting against one of our trailers" He pointed at the trunk "I have something where smoke won't be a problem" He purred opening the door next to them. "Wanna come in?"


Suguru climbed two steps behind the stranger and into the room

To Fuisaki´s left. the trailer had two black couches for two and three people on each side of a small table and a large white puff in the far corner. To the right a small toilet and a bar/kitchen.

Suguru dropped himself in the larger and closest couch and stared at the dark and light purple walls while the red haired guy headed for the bar. He sneered as his eyes looked at the panther print carpet.

"Who the hll picked up the decoration for this?"

"Probably Emi" The other mumbled while moving bottles and glasses inside a cabinet

"And you are?"

"AHA!" the guy squealed in victory. He got up as he placed a tiny box over the counter grinning and holding two glasses with his other hand. "I'm Atsu. What would you like to drink?"

"Alcohol" Suguru said plainly "as long as you don't get me drunk, I won't appreciate having K on my heels if I do"

"I wouldn't mix alcohol with these" Atsu smirked shaking the little box he had on the counter as Fujisaki shot up and leaned foward expectantly. "How long until it's your turn to sound test?"

"Shuichi was late and we were delayed..." the keyboardist sighed exasperated and raised an eyebrow "An hour or two maybe" He licked his lips "What are those?"

After a confident silence settled and a loopsided grin made its way on his lips, Atsu answered...

"Cocaine pills"

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