But I have gotten a lot better at writing…you know three years and all. So I am going to rewrite all the chaps and change a couple of things. .


The teenage girl skipped down the dark corridors her short pink hair bounced with her as her hands entwined behind her back. While humming tune familiar yet distant to her. This was her morning ritual and each day she seemed to hum louder and louder, for every day that passed meant she was closer to freedom. Closer to seeing her parents again.

Her humming was an annoyance to the people she passed in the underground labyrinth. She was not going to let any of the people here see how truly miserable she was. Although she was in same position as everyone else… prisoners to Orochimaru. Many were just staff; they usually just cook, clean, and expanding the underground pathways. Although not horrible tasks, they were treated like slaves. They were often beaten for the most unruly of reasons. Others weren't so fortunate; yes people had it worse then the "staff". They were the ones Orochimaru used as experiments and means to find a better and more sufficient way to torture and receive information from people. And then there was Sakura.

Haruno Sakura was just an ordinary Kunoichi with no special blood limit no unique powers. She had talent in controlling chakra, and genjutsu. This pleased Orochimaru, because it made it easier for her to learn new skills. Even though she is an excellent fighter she tires easily. Nobody had ever tired her out; she never gave them a chance.

Although she didn't like killing people, she was forced to. Her missions usually involved her killing someone, either they had refused to join Orochimaru (and he couldn't have that, if Orochimaru couldn't have you no one will), killing someone within Orochimaru's organization for they have out lived their purpose, or he was just plain scared of you (though he would never admit it). When he offered no explanation to why a certain target must be eliminated Sakura knew he was just scared. If even for a second, Sakura would hesitate to complete her mission Orochimaru would do something… she wasn't quite sure what it was but it would transform her into a complete sadist. Instead of just killing her targets quick and painless, she would make them go through things much more horrible then death so that in the end they were begging for her to take their life.

Orochimaru warned her of the consequences if she hesitated. She shuddered at the thought and remembered the first and only time she had lost control. She tried so hard to fight it, to resist the urge to tear those peoples limbs apart from there body one by one, to hear them scream in agony. The

more she resisted the stronger the malicious thoughts became. She saw pictures in her head that made her want to vomit. Showing what it would be like to rip the nails from their fingers as they cried in terror, to stab a kunai in their arm and slowly drag it to their hand. The blood that would spill and the idea of an arm being cut vertically in two brought a sadistic smile to her lips. She soon she succumbed the alluring images in her head now filled her with excitement.

When she returned from that mission, she headed straight to her sleeping courters. She found Orochimaru standing by her door giving her a knowing twisted smile.

'Bastard' she thought "The mission was as expectedly easy. How bout a challenge next time?" she said with her normal wit that she always resolved for him.

He did not lose his smirk as he replied that he would see what he could do. He saw what she did. He always monitored her missions. Always watching. Every fiber within her pulsed, he had made her do those horrible things to those people, she could still hear their screams in her head, and she was pretty sure she would her them in her dreams. 'I can't wait till my deal is up, to be away from him!'

Sakura stopped humming as she got to two giant oak doors. Gently knocking on them and hearing the echo's made her smile falter, it reminded her that she was truly alone here. No! She wouldn't let this place break her. She plastered the smile back on as a voice commanded "come in" and the oak doors opened.

She entered and kneeled on one knee before the steps that led up to her master's throne. She fisted the ground with one hand and bowed before her master.

"You have a mission" He stated obviously 'Why else would he have called me here? Duh! But, that also means I have to kill another person' Hesmiled evilly as he saw her face cringed under her hair. He hated that she was always smiling. He had taken away her family and her freedom. Why can't he break her!? Why the hell is she happy? Maybe it was her hope in the promise he had made her; little did she know that he had no intention of keeping that promise. He's smile deepened as he thought of the face she would have when he told her that she was his forever. She was way too good of an assassin. And her knowledge and ability to learn almost any jutsu was amazing.

"Yes master. What is the mission?" She looked up to him smiling again.

"Now, now Sakura-chan I told you to call me by my name" He said looking into her eyes making her shiver a little, but not losing her smile. She would give him the satisfaction of showing him how truly terrified she was of him. This disappointed him a little.

"Yes Orochimaru-sama. The mission?"

"Ah yes." He pulled out a folder and threw it at her feet. She took out a picture of a boy. He' wasn't ugly, she could ay that much. 'I wonder what this boy had done to make Orochimaru want to kill hi?.'

"Your mission is to capture Uchiha Sasuke and bring him to me."

Uchiha? Wasn't the whole clan killed by Uchiha Itachi? I herd no one survived, well at least I don't have to kill him. Everyone had herd the story of the Uchiha massacre, about Itachi basically going insane killing his family them, joining Akatsuki because no one else would even look at him, but who could blame them? 'Now a bigger question. What does Orochimaru want with him?' Before Sakura could ask he sent her away saying:

"Go prepare for your mission. Kabuto will meet you in your room to brief you about your mission in a while."

"Yes master" and with that she disappeared to her room to prepare.