Chapter: Sakura's Decision

(Sakura's POV)

I couldn't hesitate any longer. I am too close to freedom to give it up on one boy. It sounds selfish but I know my parents are waiting for me, and with that I bolted from my position and landed on the Kyubi boy. He looked up at me through those pain filled eyes. Ah! I cant believe I'm going to do this! I should've killed him earlier, at least then he wouldn't have suffered like this. I couldn't bare to look at him and all his scorched flesh. I shut my eyes tight as I grabbed my kunai and brought it down to his heart.

The sickening sound of the kunai tearing through skin never came as I found my self under a very angry Uchiha.

I was so shocked that he jumped me that I didn't even notice his fist land on the side of my face. Never once has a target gotten a chance to hit me, let alone my face. And it was painful. So painful that my eyes began to water. And it pissed me off. Orochimaru is the only person allowed to inflict pain on me and get away with it! As he held me down the rage inside me grew. I knew Orochimaru would be so proud of me. How dare this boy attack me? I showed him nothing but mercy. And this is how he repays me!?

"Get. Off. Now!" I'm not playing around. I gave him another warning shock, that's me 'Miss. Second Chances'. He loosened his grip slightly. Only for a second then he had me in a death lock again.

"Or what, you'll do to me what happened to him?!" his voice exploded with rage. Why can't they ever listen to me the first time. I pulled my knees up and pushed him to the floor and got up. The uchiha didn't dare move. I straighten myself and gave him an icy look. I was ready to tare him a new one.

"Don't you dare lay a finger on me again, or I swear I'll…I'll-"

"You'll what? Huh sakura-chan." I think I just vomited a little bit in my mouth. I HATE when he calls me that, I feel so dirty and used… well more then usual. Why is the uchiha looking at me like that? Is he planning something, or is he possibly trying to figure me out? I hate when people try to "figure" me out its plane annoying and rude! And this boy has no reason to be in my head!

(Sasuke's POV)

I didn't mean to punch her I just acted on my reflexes. When I saw her go after Naruto I couldn't help myself. And now she gives me the death glare like she didn't nothing wrong.

"Don't you dare lay a finger on me again, or I swear I'll…I'll-" this ought a be good.

"You'll what? Huh sakura-chan." His voice made her face go from "kill" to disgusted in one second. This girl seriously is mentally unstable. She can kill someone without so much as a thought but when he calls her name she freaks out. What is going on with this girl?

She caught me staring at her and it looked like she wanted to hurt me, again. Without taken her eyes off me she replied.

"Che, nothing. I'll do absolutely nothing to him." If it wasn't for this damn bracelet I could get both Naruto and me out of here.

"Now, Sakura, I do believe I gave you an order."

Damn she was going to go after Naruto again. She saw my eyes narrow and gave a sigh. Her kill face disappeared as she looked back at Naruto. She was contemplating on what to do. This girl needs to make up her mind on what she wants to do. I got ready to attack her incase she tried anything. She looked at me and sighed again. Then in a deadpanned voice she spoke to Orochimaru.

"Master, killing the Kyubi kid will be an impossible task. The target keeps interfering, and since I am not allowed to harm him in any way, I will not be able to do as ordered. And if I was to kill the Kyubi kid later I doubt our prisoner would comply with anything we do. Isn't that right uchiha?"

Now that I think about it, I could use Naruto as leverage for his own safety. " Yes, if anything happens to Naruto, I will make myself useless to you." He didn't seem to like that, he just clenched his fist and slammed them against his chair.

"Bring them back to their cells. NOW!" and with that he was gone.

(Sakura's POV)

I had the Uchiha walk in front of me while kabuto had already carried Naruto back to his cell. Not a word was spoken between us. As I got to the Uchiha's cell I couldn't help but shove him in it. He gave me narrowed eyes but didn't say a word. He's making things much more difficult then it has to be. I locked the cell and then went into naruto's cell to check all his wounds.

As I walked in, of course the uchiha was watching me to make sure that I didn't try anything. Not like he would be able to do anything about it, and since orochimaru isn't here I could shock him all I wanted to. Well only if it needed to be done. As I approached the kyubi kid I noticed he was passed out, well at least he isn't in pain anymore.

I knelt down next to his bed to better examine him, I took off his shirt only to see that his wounds had already began to heal. It must be the kyubi's energy. But I might as well make the healing process go even faster. I gathered my energy and started at the most critical burns first. The Uchiha never taking his eyes off of me.

I was doing good until a hand grabbed my arm. I was nowhere done with healing him even with the kyubi helping. The sudden touch made me gasp. Gaining some unwanted attention from the uchiha. I looked down at the boy and he was gazing at me with half-lidded eyes. He whispered a small "thank you" and it brought a small smile to my face. Even tough this was my fault that he was like this, that he suffered so much. He's still grateful. How can anyone be so forgiving?

"You almost killed him." I snapped my head up to see the uchiha laying in bed with his hands below his head, he wasn't even looking at me, just staring at the ceiling. I didn't answer back. What could I possibly say? 'no I didn't!' 'I wouldn't have'. Because I almost did and I definitely would have, if the uchiha didn't stop me. I almost killed this boy.

"What is wrong with you?" now he was looking at me, this time expecting an answer. I just gave him a questioning glance, because there is nothing wrong with me…not that I know of.

"What does that mean." Because I have no idea what is going through this uchihas head.

"When we first fought you, you had everything planned out from start to finish-" well not everything. "- you captured me. That was your plan right?"


" Then how come you brought Naruto here as well." Why must he pry?

"Simple, he followed me here. So since he already saw the entrance, I couldn't allow him to go back and get reinforcements."

"Why didn't you just kill him?" Why didn't you just kill him? First orochimaru, now him!

"Shut up! Would you rather I have killed him?!" we locked gazes.

"You were about to!" He snapped. I opened my mouth to say something but again I came up blank. I couldn't stand him looking at me, judging me, because he was right. By not killing him I got him severely injured and almost did kill him. What was the point of bringing him here, nothing good came out of it. The only thing I could come up with was.

"I just follow orders." He seemed to get really ticked off.

"You follow orders?" he asked accusingly. I just nodded. "Were you ordered to take Naruto with you?!"

"No!" Again with my decisions. " I'm tired of all this shit, why is everyone always questioning what I'm doing. Just let me be!" I got up to walk away and go to my "room", but he got one last shot in.

"Your decisions, got Naruto in the worst pain I've ever seen in him and almost killed. So stop playing the victim when your clearly not one!" I stopped, he was right again. I'm the one getting mad at him, when I just kidnapped him and almost got his best friend killed…but, he doesn't know everything I went through. He doesn't know my pain, my suffering, or my burdens!

"You know nothing, so just keep your mouth shut." And with that I left not even trying to make out what he said next.

This is nothing like my other missions, I ruined two kids lives in just 24 hours. Hopefully at the end it will all be worth it.

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