Journey to the Grand Line

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It was a clear summer's day. A small boat could be seen on the sea. On the boat was Mike Okumayu, a young boy chasing a dream.

10 years ago his dad set out for the Grand Line saying that he'll find One Piece and bring it back so Mike could see it. One day a package arrived from his dad and it contained the legendary Devil's Fruit. This particular Devil's Fruit held psychic powers to any one who ate it. One day his father's ship was attacked while searching the grand line and Mike's father was killed. Mike vowed that when he was older he would start a crew and set sail to find One Piece and get revenge on the pirates that killed his dad.

He sighed "The sun, the sea, you can't get much better than this!"

Something was coming up on the horizon; Mike was approaching land.

"Alright! An island! I'm sure I'll be able to find crew members there."

When he landed, Mike docked his boat and headed towards a large town on the island.

"Hmm... now where to start?" Suddenly, he had an idea. "I know! The pub! There's at least one in every town with a port and there's gotta be some big tough guys who could be in my crew there!"

"Hey!" came a voice from above. "Who are you? What's your business in Grand Haccienna?"

Mike looked up. There was a person standing on a wall.

"Relax" replied Mike calmly "I'm not here to attack you. Do you know where the pub is?"

"The pub? Follow me." said the guy, jumping down from the wall "My name's Rick, by the way" he said,

"Nice to meet you, I'm Mike,"

Rick led Mike through the town until he reached a small building.

"Well, here we are." Rick said.

"Thanks. I'll see you later then?" Mike answered.

"Maybe" replied Rick

Mike headed into the pub and straight to the bar.

"Hey, do you know any people who would be willing to join my crew?" he asked the barmaid.

"Why? Are you a pirate?" she replied.

"Sure. I'm gathering a crew to become King of the Pirates!"

"Well, we don't welcome pirates here. Get out!" The barmaid said forcefully.

"Okay, okay! I'm going!" Mike noticed that a lot of large men had stood up on the mention of pirates and where now staring at him menacingly. He decided it was best to leave.

He walked through town and returned to his boat.

"Aww man! Where am I gonna find a crew now?" Mike said to no one in particular. He looked in the distance and saw a large boat on the horizon. "Hey, it's a ship. Are they...Pirates?"

Mike pulled out a telescope and examined the ship. It had a large skull and crossbones flag and the name was printed on the side. "The Beholla, Hmm?"


Meanwhile, on the Beholla, a young man named James East was sadly looking at the village. His clothes had rat teeth marks torn into them, and his shirt barely hung on to his body.

"Wow, this town sure has recovered from our previous strike!" A young pirate shouted.

"I say we wreck that place again!" A young cocky pirate laughed.

"Relax, there is nothing here for us anymore, we got what we wanted last time." A muscular man quietly said.

"Yeah, but I haven't had any fun in a while!" The cocky pirate shouted.

Then there was utter silence.

The captain of the ship walked up to the deck and looked around. The pirates looked back at him silently. The captain was a tall, slender person. Ball headed and no facial expression whatsoever. He wore a complete captain uniform with yellow patches on both his shoulders, each representing a city or town destroyed.

"Gentlemen, we are running low on supplies. When we arrive, take all that looks useful." He said.

Everyone shouted in joy. Pirates began to pull out there blades.

"Relax men. We still have a couple of miles before we reach Grand Hacciennia. Save that energy for the stealing." The captain said.

"Hey there boy! This whole deck needs to be scrubbed!" An older pirate shouted to James.

"Again? I just scrubbed this entire deck this morning!" James shouted.

"Hey, don't back talk me!" He replied.

Another pirate who was finishing the last bit of his apple threw the core at James and nailed him across the face. Laughter filled the boat. James lowered his head.

James was born and raised in a farm of the shores of Grand Haccienna. James' father was a swordsman. He trained James occasionally in hopes that he would become a grand swordsman. One day, James' father left on a ship with pirates to search for wealth. Since that day, James took over the farm. Months later, the town of Grand Haccienna was raided by a large army of pirates. James' mother Teresa and his sister Shell were murdered in the rampage and James was captured and became of a slave the ship, the Beholla.

"It's almost been 3 years. 3 years. 3 years. I can't live on like this." James said to himself.

"He looks sleepy!" Said a random pirate. "We should wake him up."

The pirate took the bucket of hot water from James and dumped it over James' head. Laughter once again filled the ship.

James didn't budge.

"Now refill that bucket and begin to scrub the deck pronto!" Said the pirate.

James didn't have much of a choice.

"Hey Captain! We will strike land in 45 minutes." Said the scout.

"Very well. Sharpen you blades men. You wanted action, you will get your action soon!" The captain shouted.

Loud cheers filled the boat.

Unbeknownst to James, there was someone on the ship who wasn't cheering. His name was Steve Ayligh. Steve was just a normal 14 year-old guy with a normal family until one day, a bottle washed up on the shore of the town he lived in. Within the bottle was the Copy Copy Devil's Fruit.

When he ate it, it gave him the ability, if he touches them with his hand or hands, to perfectly imitate a person, a part of them, their fighting style, handwriting or anything else he wanted, but only if he was touching them when initiating the power, and after 24 hours, anything he copied would leave him. He can copy dead people, but only if they died less than 30 minutes before he used his power. He is also skilled with a sword.

When the Beholla attacked his town, everyone, including his family was murdered. Seeking vengeance, he stowed upon the Beholla, waiting for his moment to strike.

Steve was disguised as a pirate on the boat, whose dead body was currently stowed in the cargo hold. "Once those pirates attack that village, there should be enough commotion to extract my revenge."

"Did you say something Bill?" A pirate asked him.

"Nothing..." Steve replied.


Meanwhile back on land, Mike had been using the power of the Devil's Fruit to listen in on everything the captain had said.

"Damn. Those pirates are gonna attack the village! I gotta warn everyone!"

Mike rushed into the village, but stopped. "Wait, the people in the pub aren't gonna listen to me. I am a pirate, after all! Wait a second... what about Rick? He'll believe me!"

Mike rushed to the wall Rick was on earlier, and sure enough there was Rick, sitting on the wall.

"Hey Mike," Rick said. "See that ship out there? Man, what I would give to set sail and have loads of great adventures."

"That's a pirate ship there gonna attack the village!" Mike exclaimed.

"Huh? How do you know?" replied Rick

"Because I...Just do, ok? I have my reasons" Mike said.

"...Okay I'll alert the villagers we have to defend Grand Haccienna!"

After Rick left, Mike turned and stared at the ship

"They'll be here soon." Mike suddenly had an idea. "Maybe I can stop them firing upon us with their cannons. PSYCH PSYCH BARRIOR!" yelled Mike

Suddenly, a huge blue dome appeared around the island.

"That should stop their cannon fire, but it'll be useless when they get here."


"Hey captain! Look!" Shouted the scout.

The captain walked to the edge of the ship to see a barrier that surrounded the island. The other crewmembers gazed in awe.

"Well, it was a matter of time before they spotted us." Said a skinny pirate.

"Yeah, but who or what on the island can emit that kind of power?" shouted the muscular pirate.

"I wonder if we can blast through it?" Asked the skinny pirate.

"Yeah, how do we know this isn't an illusion?" Shouted the scout.

"There is only one way to know for sure. Ready one of the cannons!" The captain shouted.

"Aye, Aye Captain!" The muscular man shouted.

He grabbed the parked cannon sitting on deck. He pushed it with ease near the edge of the ship. Then adjusted it so that it was aimed directly at the dome. Then he picked up a cannonball and loaded it. He grabbed a light and lit the cannon up. In seconds the cannonball launched out of the cannon. James was coming back from filling the bucket up and watched the cannonball take flight. The rest of the crew waited and watched.

The cannonball ricocheted harmlessly off the dome. A small hole remained, where the cannonball hit, but it closed up almost instantly.

"That's a negative! The shot failed! That's a real barrier!" The scout shouted.

"Then we will just have to barge our way in." Said the muscular pirate.

"You can't be serious?" shouted the scout. "If a cannonball can't get in, they how can we?"

"We use bait..." The captain said.

"Bait? I am not going!" shouted the skinny pirate.

"No you fool! Him!" The captain shouted as he pointed to James.

James looked up and dropped his brush that he was using to scrub the floor.

"Me?" James asked.

Laugher filled the ship.

"Yes you boy!" The captain shouted.

"We will arrive in Grand Haccienna in 3 minutes!" Shouted the Scout.


"They're almost here! I hope Rick's okay." Mike thought aloud.

"HEY MIKE!" Shouted Rick from behind "I alerted the villagers. The emergency defenses are arriving in a minute."

"Good work" replied Mike. "What about the rest of the villagers?"

"They're all being taken to safety." Said Rick.

"Good. Those pirates will be here any minute now. Get out of here Rick."

"...Okay." Rick said reluctantly.


The ship approached the town.

"Send in the boy!" The captain shouted.

James was walked onto a lifeboat, followed by two pirates holding daggers. As they left the ship, the other pirates waited onboard as James and the two pirates walked up to the dome.

"What do you pirates want with this village?" asked Mike

"We need supplies," said a mangy looking pirate "So step aside and maybe we'll let you live."

"You? Let me live? I think you've got that mixed up!" said Mike

"Why you little brat!" said another pirate angrily.

"The village defenses will be arriving soon. So leave now and we'll pretend this never happened. Just let James East go."

"What the...?" A pirate said in disbelief.

"How... How'd you know my name?" asked James

Mike just smiled.

Suddenly one of the pirates charged at Mike.

"Not so fast. Psych Psych Kinesis." said Mike calmly

The pirate began hovering in the air.

"Hey what's going on? P...p...p...put me down!" shouted the pirate.

"As you wish. "Said Mike with a sigh as he slammed the pirate into the ground.

"Okay, who else wants some? I could do this all day." He said as he drew his Lance.

Both of the pirates ran back to the ship with James left standing amongst the guy who saved him.

"How did you know my name?" James asked with a confused look on his face.

"My name is Mike Okumayu and the reason I know your name is I ate the Psych Psych fruit and I can read your mind."

"I am sorry, but I am not familiar with this Psych Psych fruit..." James said

"Don't tell me you've never heard of the legendary Devil's Fruit!" said Mike.

"I am afraid that I haven't heard of...ummm...Devil's Fruit..." James began "I have been on that ship for the past 3 years, I have yet to experience any kind of fruit." James Said. "Do you mean to tell me that fruit like that can grant powers?"

"Yup. There's all kinds of devils fruits too." said Mike "There's all kinds of powers like having stretchy limbs, being able to separate your body parts, spit fire, sink ships and even enlarge your body anytime you want. In my case I gained psychic powers. However, eating the fruit makes you forever lose you ability to swim."

"Where can these fruits be found? In fact, what do they look like?" James asked.

"Well, I think the fruits can be found in the Grand Line.," said Mike "That's where my dad was when he sent the fruit to me."

"It only grows in one area? How far is it from here?" James asked. "Hey, I don't recall this place having a shield three years ago. Did you do that?" James said.

"Well, yeah." said Mike "and as for your question, I'm on my way to the Grand Line right now. I'm gonna find One Piece and avenge my dad who was killed by pirates 10 years ago. But first, I gotta find a crew of tough fearless Pirates to accompany me."

"Well, if you do not mind could you take me along? I am a decent swordsman, but unfortunately, I have had my swords taken from me." James said.

"Really? You'll be my First Mate?" Said Mike excitedly. "That's great! By the way, who took your swords?"

"Those cursed pirates that captured me. They took them from me that horrible day 3 years ago." James explained.


When the two pirates that Mike scared off returned to the ship, the captain killed them with one slash of his sword. "You pitiful weaklings!" The captain shouted. "Are all of you maggots scared to face down a stupid kid?"

Two other pirates decided to try their luck against the mysterious kid, and seizing his chance, Steve said, "I'm not afraid, captain!"

And with that, Steve and the other two pirates walked toward the town.


Meanwhile, seven leagues south of the town where the newcomers prepared for battle, Skrayne Dashottin was setting a course for it.

Skrayne was a taciturn man who grew up in Rogue Town, where the owner of One Piece was executed. Growing up in this pirate haven, he heard many stories and learned many skills from friends that would aid him in the dangerous occupation of pirate. However, he was reluctant because he was afraid of the sea, after it took his mother from him in a fishing accident.

Then, one fateful day, one of the bandits brought in a hugely valuable fruit. Skrayne and his friends managed to steal it and were planning on selling it. Skrayne thought it wasn't worth anything, however, so he ate it. This was the Iron Iron Devil's Fruit. He soon realized his new power to transform any part of his body into metal.

With this incredible skill, and warnings from his awestruck friends that he could not swim, he set out for a pirate's life. Then, a brutal man named Lifaen ransacked his ship, took the treasure, killed Skrayne's crew, and left him for dead on a godforsaken continent.

Grievously wounded, he staggered to a nearby town, where his wounds were healed. He vowed to destroy Lifaen and make his own legend. Gaining more control of the Iron Iron fruit every day, he sent out onto the horizon, his mind set.

Eventually he reached Grand Haccienna and saw the conflict. He reached the port and went to investigate.

First things first, he picked up the supplies needed. Then he hurried to where the townspeople watched two young me shaking hands and talking. He pushed his way through, turning his arm to barbwire and drawing yelps from the crowd.

Finally he strode towards the young men, sword arm at the ready. Skrayne was not evil. He asked James, "Who are you, and what is going on here? Tell me truthfully!"

Before Mike could answer, Steve and the two pirates walked towards him.

"Hey kid." One pirate said as him, Steve, and the other pirate drew their swords.

Skrayne turned slowly to meet the newcomers. He looked from the battle-ready pirates (and Steve) and the two men behind him, who were also arming themselves.

Putting two and two together, he turned to the Mike and James and said "Three versus two? That ain't fair, and they have reinforcements! Surely you aren't going to fight alone? I hate scum like these evil pirates who attack defenseless villages! Will you let me fight alongside you two? We can talk later. I give you my word as a pirate that I wont harm you. The choice is yours."

Without waiting for an answer, Skrayne turned towards the two hardened pirates, and the disguised Steve. "Iron Iron Crunch!" Skrayne shouted. His arms transformed into two giant hammers. He ran towards the pirates and Steve, who were still getting over their shock. They stood riveted as two giant hammers rushed at them from both sides, ready to smash them to a pulp.

"Holy Crap!" Steve gasped dodging the hammer at the last instant. One pirate was sent flying by the hammer, and Steve stabbed him in midair. "Take that, bastard!" He yelled, returning to his normal appearance. The second pirate was smashed to a pulp by the hammer and died.

Steve faced the three others. "Listen, I'm not here to hurt you, I ate the Copy Copy Devil Fruit and have been biding my time, waiting for my chance to kill the mosters who murdered my family and friends. If you will let my help you, I will protect this village in any way I can."

Skrayne extended his hand, which was in its normal form. "I might have killed you! For that I apologize. If you would help me and these other two, we could beat them. But I can't fight a whole crew alone. I have seen that ship before. The captain has the Devil's Fruit power to control and become lightning. His name is Eneru."

They heard a rumbling behind them the pirate army was approaching. The group prepared themselves for battle...


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