Journey to the Grand Line

Chapter 2

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Skrayne yelled to Steve, Mike and James. "Come on, let's take them down now." He charged forward a bit, then stopped. "Iron Iron Spear Rain!" His arms transformed into a spear and a huge crossbow. He commenced shooting them at the pirates, killing them two at a time. Unfortunately, they had over 400 in number, and Skrayne knew that he could only hold so much longer alone. When they were 100 feet away, his arms became two glowing swords.

Steve looked at the sword hands in wonder and then said, "Skrayne, listen, I know this may seem weird, but..." Without saying anything else, Steve grabbed Skrayne's wrist. After about one second, he let go. "Copy Copy sword hands!" Following Skrayne's example, Steve's hands became swords as well.

They rushed into the group in different directions, slashing pirates as they went.

Skrayne was holding his own very well with only a few minor wounds. Suddenly, he noticed that all of the pirates had backed off to form a ring.

A tall woman, obviously the first mate, was walking towards him, her fingernails growing into long spikes. This was Miss Doublefinger, eater of the Point Point fruit, which gave her the ability to grow spikes that could cut through anything.


"Woah, this is awsooooooome!" said Mike excitedly "I wouldn't mind kicking some ass. Come on James now's our chance to get your swords and your dignity back. PSYCH PSYCH MIND CANNON!"

A large white beam shot out of Mike's forehead taking out about 3 pirates. Another pirate charged at Mike and was about to swing his sword.

"Uh oh, sneak attack. Psych Psych teleportation."

Mike disappeared just as the pirate swung his sword at the spot where Mike used to be.

"Heh, you almost had me then" came a voice from above the pirate looked up to see Mike hurtling towards him. He was about to parry the attack but Mike quickly thrust his spear straight through the pirate's chest.

"Now that was close." said Mike as he kicked the Pirate to the ground.


Doublefinger spoke. "End of the line, metal boy! No one crosses the Bellhola! Prepare to be eviscerated! "She lunged forward, but Skrayne dodged to the side.

Skrayne doubted that he could win this fight alone. He turned and ran, barreling through the ring of pirates with his arms, which turned into metal pipes. He ran towards Mike, hoping, he could help defeat Doublefinger.


Meanwhile, Steve was battling the pirates using the sword arms he copied. After slashing through many, he came upon a very strong swordsman, and try as he might, could not gain an advantage. The swordsman lunged at Steve, but he parried the weapon with both swords at the last second, and then returned one hand to normal and grabbed the pirate on the wrist.

"Let go of me punk!" The swordsman shouted, wrenching his arm from Steve's hand.

"Aha..." Steve whispered, returning his hand to a sword. "You fool! I have eaten the Copy Copy Fruit and now know you're fighting style and techniques! You can't win!"

"Oh yeah?" The swordsman retorted, lunging at Steve.

Suddenly, the swordsman seemed to be moving much slower as Steve was able to predict his every move. Steve killed the swordsman in less than a minute, and moved on to kill more pirates.


"So Doublefinger eh? Phf no match for me." said Mike

he charged towards Doublefinger, his spear drawn. He thrust the spear at Doublefinger but she just pushed it away effortlessly

"Huh?" said Mike in disbelief. He kept stabbing and thrusting his spear but she just kept pushing it out of the way and kicked Mike to the ground.

Mike struggled to his feet, used his power to read her mind.

"Left!" said Mike and he leaned to the right to avoid the attack "Right!" and he leaned left just out of reach of Doublefinger's claws "Sweep the feet!" and he jumped up to avoid the attack

Mike now panting from exhaustion stared Doublefinger down.

"You are no ordinary human" she said

"That's right! I ate a Devil's Fruit" replied Mike

"I thought so" she said "POINT POINT STINGER FINGER!" She jabbed at him.

"AHHHHHHH!" Screamed Mike as he clutched his chest. Mike took his hands away from his chest. They were covered in blood.


Having annihilated the pirates who had attacked him, Skrayne saw the Mike fighting Doublefinger. Skrayne wanted to help, but he had no chance against spikes that could cut through even his metal skin. He looked towards the ship, and saw Eneru, barking orders and laughing. Skrayne knew if the unlikely foursome could beat Eneru and Doublefinger, the battle would be won. Steve was closest, so Skrayne, turning his fingers into knives, and said. "Steve! We need to go after Eneru!" Unfortunately, Eneru saw his talent, and as the two turned around, he was racing towards them, firing bolts of lightning. Skrayne held up his hands, and, hey were met by a forest of metal lightning rods. Skrayne knew could beat Eneru with Steve's help. Eneru reached them, gave them the usual villain spiel, and the conflict began

Eneru fired bolts of lightning at Steve, but he dodged them. Next, Steve slashed at the pirate captain with his sword hands. Eneru dodged most of the attack, but he still got slashed across the chest.

"Take that murderer!" Steve yelled triumphantly, returning both of his hands to normal and lunged at Eneru so he could copy him. Big mistake. When Steve was inches from Eneru, the captain fired a bolt of electricity, and with nothing metal to absorb the attack, Steve was shocked badly, and fell to the ground. "Damn..." He muttered.

Skrayne had managed to get behind Eneru while he was busy with Steve. Seeing Steve fall to the ground, scorched, Skrayne knew he had to act now to save his new friend. There was only one way to get him away from Steve. Up. "IRON IRON DEATH DANCE!" Eneru whirled at the sound but was too late. A metal hooked net swept under him and tossed him up, some of the hooks driving into his flesh. Skrayne leapt after him with metal springs, his arms becoming a hammer and sword. He grabbed Eneru and bashed his head with the hammer. Suddenly Skrayne felt a sharp pain in his gut. Eneru had pushed his sword into him! Eneru ,barely conscious, with one effort, sent a burst of electricity straight through Skrayne's wound. He screamed in pain, but hit Eneru again, stunning him. He fell right toward Steve. "Finish him!" He gasped .He hit the ground hard, senses swimming in agony, but saw Mike and Doublefinger. In a final burst of strength, he threw the hammer with all his might, straight at her skull. Then he collapsed in a heap.

Steve reached over to Skrayne, and placed his pointer and middle fingers on his shoulder.

"Thank you, my friend, I'm drawing my strength from both of our wills to beat Eneru. Take this!" Steve shouted. His hand turned into a crossbow, and he fired an arrow, which pierced Eneru's chest, killing him. "I did it... Mom... Dad... everyone... I've avenged you." And with that, his part done, Steve passed out


Meanwhile, a pirate approached the unprotected James.

"So, you think you can join those rebellions and get away with it?" the pirate said. He swung the sword back and forth constantly, James did his best to dodge each attack without his blades. The pirate made a quick lunging action with the sword and pierced James's body. James fell to the ground slowly. The pirate laughed and walked away.


The hammer that Skrayne threw at Doublefinger hit her in the head with a cataclysmic force.

"Now, while she's stunned!" said Mike. He charged at Doublefinger, spear drawn. "PSYCH PSYCH KINESIIIIIIIISSSS!" Doublefinger was drawn by an invisible force towards Mike's spear and just like that, Mike shoved his spear through Doublefinger's stomach. "Die" he said

Doublefinger fell to her knees.

Meanwhile the village defenses had been watching the whole thing. The pirate Mike, who they had shunned, was a hero.

Skrayne dragged himself up to see the pirates fleeing onto their ship. He breathed a sigh of relief that swept through his entire being. Maybe now he could learn more about the three who had also won the battle. He saw James' and Steve's unconscious bodies, and bore them to the villagers, and they promised he would be taken care of in their finest medical building. Refusing himself, he walked towards Mike and congratulated him.

"Thanks but I couldn't have done it without you. You showed up in the nick of time." Mike said.

"So... why are you here? What are you doing in this village? "Skrayne asked

"I'm here to gather a crew of pirates and travel to find One Piece and avenge my dad who was killed by pirates in the Grand Line."

Skrayne pondered this for a moment. "I have a ship. We make a good team, you and I. I could use the three of you. I'm after a pirate called Lifaen, do you know of him?"

Umm no can't say I have, Who is he?"

"You, there! Mike is it?" came a voice

"Yeah that's me who're you?" replied Mike to the old man before him."

I am the mayor of this village" He said "I was told of your act of bravery against those pirates and I am sorry that you were treated so harshly before. We have a thing about pirates here, but you are different. You are a good pirate so as thanks we the people of this town are going to give you a ship"

"Whoa! You mean it? That's awesome!" Said Mike excitedly

"Yes it is quite a big ship. Just wait here and we will bring it to you."

"Oh, trust me I'm not going anywhere" said Mike.

Mike and Skrayne visited Steve and James in the hospital.

"Mmmph..." Steve mumbled, waking up. "Did we win?"

"We sure did." Mike said. "Where's James?"

"I'm afraid he didn't make it." The doctor said sadly, coming out of another room.

"What?" Mike shouted, dismayed.

"He was in poor physical condition from living on that ship, and then he was stabbed by a pirate."

Mike was going to say something, but he heard voices calling him outside.


"Here is the ship" said the mayor

Mike saw before him the most beautiful ship he had ever seen. It had a big hawk's head on the end and big golden wings at the sides

"This" said the mayor, "is the SS. Gryphon."

Mike was speechless, his dismay forgotten. He also couldn't help noticing that they had made a pirate flag for him as well. A big skull and cross bones with purple glowing eyes and a third eye on its forehead to give it a psychic look.

"We have fully stocked it for you." The mayor smiled. "Just make sure you don't eat everything on the first day."

"Thank you" said Mike "And I promise that with this ship I will find One Piece, avenge my dad and destroy all those that get in my way!"

"Well, good luck" said Rick

"Whoa I didn't see you Rick" said Mike "I guess this is goodbye."

"Yeah, guess it is." replied Rick

"We'll meet again."

"Count on it."

Mike turned to Skyrane "Sorry I can't join your crew. It looks like I'm starting my own. Maybe we could form an alliance? We do make a pretty good team."

"There is only one thing for me to do then. I'll be back soon." Skrayne returned to his ship. "Crewmates, I am going on a quest. I can't take you guys with me this time. Hey, Gascon!" a tall man with very big boots stepped forward. "You've been a fantastic first mate. You are now the captain of this fine ship. Keep her safe" The crew stood speechless. "Goodbye shipmates! I'll see ye again someday!" To hearty cheers, Skrayne took his belongings, his maps, and a stock of food. He left, never to return.

He came back to port. He walked up to Mike, and stated" I don't know what's making me, but I'm sure as hell joining your crew, whether you like it or not! "Without another word Skrayne walked onto the deck of the S.S. Gryphon, leaving his old life behind.

"Alright my crew is already taking shape." said Mike "Well what about you Steve? are you gonna join us?"

"Why not? I have nowhere else to go." Steve said.

Skrayne told Mike. "We should set a course for Orange Village, there is an evil pirate called Buggy the Clown terrorizing people there. He can tell us where to go"

"Be carful with buggy. He is a very nasty pirate" said the mayor.

"Don't worry" said Mike "He's a clown! He sounds like a pushover. We can take him."

"Oh yes I heard he has a map to the Grand Line" said the Mayor.

"Really? Well it's settled we've gotta steal that map." said Mike

"Be careful Mike" said Rick "I heard Buggy has the power of the Chop Chop fruit"

"Chop Chop fruit?" said Mike "I wonder what power he has?

"I've brought some of my own maps to help us out. "Skrayne said. "Thanks for everything! "He called to the mayor. he walked onto the S.S. Gryphon "ready when you are!" He shouted.

Mike boarded the SS. Gryphon and with his new comrades, Skyrane and Steve, and sailed off into the distance. "Grand Line, HERE WE COME!"

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