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Chapter VII

A small, skinny boy with wild light brown hair stared out of as window, watching the street apprehensively. He was crouched on the arm of a sofa, keeping an intent watch, until a woman playfully shooed him off and sat down on it. The boy jumped down to the floor and looked up her from the rug. The woman smiled a pulled a silver streak of hair behind her ear.

"When is he coming?" asked the boy, getting up on his knees. "What time is it? Do I call him dad?" He'd asked this mainly because, he always called Bobby and Rogue, uncle and aunt.

The boy was Ronald jr, mostlycalled Ronand sometimes 'Simba' by some peers,and today he was anxious to finally meet his birth father after being adopted by his aunt and uncle a little more than a decade ago.

Rogue was watching the boy, amused, and answered his questions with an understanding smile on her face. "He's coming in about half an hour of less. It's only 12:30…and he's your father. Call him what you want."

Ron climbed back on the couch and sat beside Rogue, staring out of the window. For a while he tried to exercise his patience, but after ten seconds he stood back up, now revealing a golden tail, that was flicking back and forth rapidly, protruding from the back of his jeans. Rogue had customized all his pants for him. However, in public Ron still wore long jackets; although the idea of mutant life was becoming less 'vulgar' in the minds of most people, a tail would still seem incredulous.

Ron didn't attend Xavier's school. Not yet anyways, although he'd made many visits with Bobby and Rogue and knew most of the team. The promise was at the age of thirteen, he would begin attending. At the moment, his parents had found his a 'Mutant friendly' school that served to many fellow mutants or children from mutant tolerant homes.

"Ron!" said Rogue, sharply looking at where Ron was scratching the wall with his nails, or to be precise- claws. He'd been leaning against the wall and started scratching subconsciously. To him it was a nervous habit, but to Rogue it meant scratched furniture and walls.

Born with a tail, everyone was expecting the baby to slowly turn blue and change into another Nightcrawler, but eventually they began to notice the characteristics Ron shared with the certain animal.

A taste for milk and fish, the ability to climb tries, jump down and land on his feet. It was becoming obvious that Ron took after a cat. Many found it interesting –such as Kitty Pryde who simply adored Ron, except Logan (the child's godfather), but he was slowly coming around. Ron was prone to mischief and was full of energy. A thrill was jumping on Logan's back and hanging on (by his claws of course).

"I'm sorry!" exclaimed Ron, jumping away from the wall.

Then a car drove up. Rogue looked out the window. "They're here!"


Ronny stepped off the bus, pushing through the crowd of people to grab his bag from the spot where the bus driver was unloading the luggage. Eventually he found it, trapped under a bunch of other suitcases and heaved it free. His next mission was to find his brother Bobby, but that proved to be no problem since Bobby had spotted him as soon as he stepped off the bus.

"Ronny!" greeted Bobby, with a smile on his face.

"Bobby, hey, I thought I'd never find you!" Ronny set his luggage on the ground for a moment to embrace his brother, then Bobby grabbed his bag and they set off to Bobby's car.

A lot had happened to bring the two brothers even closer after the birth of Ron jr. Carol had mentally broken down after the whole procedure and was presently in a facility for mental patients. Apparently, there was a fifty percent chance she could recover.

Their father was still recovering from a minor stroke. Madeline Drake had also been very active in her grandchild's life and had seemed to be trying to get Ronny more involved. Ronny had finally gained curiousity enough to request a visit to the child.

At first, Rogue was concerned for she thought Ronny was plotting to take his son back, but after convincing, from Bobby and Madeline, that Ronny was just interested in the life on his son, and was in no condition to raise a child anyways, Rogue consented and the plan was made.

The brothers were well on their way. Ronny was asking lots of questions; many about mutants for even as involved as he was with anti-mutantism, he hadn't actually taken the time to learn about the individual cases. At the moment, Bobby was having fun retelling a story of Pyro and the first time he publicly experimented with his fire.

"Bobby…" Ronny asked after awhile. "What do you think, Ron will think of me? Do you think…he'll hate me?"

Bobby looked over at Ronny briefly, still trying to watch the road. "No…I think he's looking forward to it."

Ronny still looked a bit tense, but at least he was reassured that he wouldn't be cast out or whatever.

A short while later, nearing one o'clock in the afternoon, the car pulled up in front of Bobby and Rogue's home. "I'll get your stuff," said Bobby, turning off the car and jumping out.

Ronny slowly climbed out of the car, looking around him nervously. In the back of his mind, he imagined some sort of mutant suddenly appearing and taking him out. It didn't happen (of course) and he somehow managed to get to the door; Bobby right behind him.

Before they could ring the doorbell, the door flew open, making Ronny and Bobby jump back. Staring up at them with wide hazel eyes was Ron jr. He had a growing smile on his face.

Ronny himself had almost frozen, not believing that the child in front of him was the same one a few years ago he despised so much (or thought he had).

Rogue appeared at the door too, and smiled at both men. Ron jr looked up at her. "Is that my dad?" he asked, wanting to make sure. Rogue nodded. Ron jr looked at Ronny again and took a step closer.


A small smile appeared on Ronny's face as he nodded.

"You came to see me, right?"

Ronny nodded again, temporarily mute.

"Cool…" There was a pause, then Ron jr stepped up to Ronny and gave him a hug.

Rogue and Bobby's eyes met and they both smiled. For a second, Ronny didn't know how to react, but he hugged his son back. Then Ron jr stepped back and looked around at the three adults.

"Why don't you all come inside," suggested Rogue, moving out of the doorway.

Bobby entered the house, and for a moment Ronny and junior were outside.

"This is amazing…" Ronny said, as Ron jr turned to go back inside. The boy heard him say this and turned around with a grin on his face. "I got the tail from you, you know…" said, flicking it around. "...And your name," he added as an afterthought. He had thought Ronny was referring to his tail. Ronny laughed, remembering the fact about mutant genes coming from the father.

It seemed his whole outlook on mutants had changed and he often regretted his past, but was grateful he now had a chance to make things right. What once was a 'punishment' had evolved into his greatest blessing.

The End