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Love Means Never Having to Time Travel

Chapter Sixteen: Discussions


"Hang on to those you love, even if sometimes it gets too hard to handle." –Someone


"Can we talk?" Hermione asked, almost desperately, as she moved into the room and Severus shut the door behind her.

"I have a feeling that regardless of what I want, I'm going to end up talking anyways," he spat as he stalked over to his desk and poured himself a snifter of firewhiskey, downing it in one smooth motion. He then proceeded to pour another, though this time he only took a sip before setting it down.

"Fine, I'll leave then!" Hermione nearly growled, and whirled about, completely intent on leaving. A sudden hand grabbing her arm tightly forced her to stop. "Let go of me Severus!"


"Well than make up your bloody mind! You don't want me to stay here and talk, yet you don't want me leave. What is it going to be?"

There was a long silence as Hermione met Severus' stare head on. She was almost shocked by how old he seemed. Yes he had looked that way to her for several years, but since seeing him as a teenager, the difference was simply that much more pronounced to her.

"When did you get so old?" Hermione asked before she could stop herself.

"Probably when you left," Severus dropped his gaze, releasing her arm.

"Don't try and blame this on me!" Hermione became defensive. "I couldn't tell you, can't you understand that!"

"No, I don't understand that! You could've damn well told me that you were from the fucking future!" He cursed loudly, breathing heavily. "I considered you family, Mya, and you should have trusted me. You knew me, and you knew I wouldn't have pressed you about things that would happen. But no! Instead, I spent years…years…trying to find you, contact you, track you down! I bloody well loved you; you…were…my…sister!"

"I thought of you the same way Severus Snape! I wanted to tell you, believe me, I did, but Fred and I agreed to not tell anyone but Albus! And we only mentioned that we were from the future and nothing else. So you knew as much as anyone!"

"And that's the problem! You didn't trust me enough to keep your secret," Severus snapped, rubbing the bridge of his nose as he closed his eyes in exasperation. They opened immediately when a hand made sharp contact with his cheek. He stared down at her, irritated.

"No, I didn't trust myself enough to keep everything from you," Hermione suddenly leaned forward, resting her head and fisted hands against his chest. Her voice lowered to a whisper. "Don't you see? I loved you too Severus, I still do, and I knew that if I told you I was from the future, then I wouldn't be able to not tell you anything else."

"Don't…touch…me…" his voice was a cold, deadly, whisper that utterly chilled Hermione with the venom it dripped. "I don't think I want to see you ever again."

"Severus," Hermione tried to reason, but he once again roughly grabbed her arms and pushed her off of him.


Hermione turned around and shot out the office door immediately. She hated this cold person Severus had become. And if he didn't want to see her again, well…she'd listen. She didn't like it, but if it would make him happy, then she'd do it. She ran from the dungeons up to the astronomy tower, where she spent the next couple of hours crying out her frustration and anger with what had just happened. Seeing the sun almost overhead, she wiped her face and cast a glamour charm to hide all traces of red and puffy eyes before taking several deep breaths. That done, she slowly made her way to the great hall to find Fred.

"So you made up then?" Fred called out from where he and his family were standing with a few of the staff; namely, those who had known Hermione and Fred in the past.

"Not yet," Hermione sighed as she walked over to them.

"I'm sorry. He'll come around."

"I don't think he will this time. I think I really messed things up. I've never seen him that angry."

"He's just like Ron, though they'd both kill me if they heard me say that. Severus just needs to calm down, and then he'll want to talk. Now, I'm sure you remember Minerva, Filius, Pomona, and Poppy."

"Of course, as both Mya and Hermione," Hermione couldn't help but grin and hugged them all. "I'm so sorry we couldn't tell you."

"Oh that's quite all right my dear," Filius chortled happily.

"Yes, we understand," Pomona agreed.

"Changing the past could've affected the future and all," Poppy nodded.

"We're just happy to know what happened to you," Minerva added. "A good many of us tried several times to get in touch with you both, but of course, we now know why our owls always came back."

"Now before you go to lunch, I would like to ask you one thing," Albus spoke up. "Come this fall, I won't be in need of a Defense professor, but I will be in need of an Arithmancy professor, as well as a flying instructor, as Madame Hooch will be leaving us to coach the Rhode Island Runespoors. Now, you don't need to give me an answer now, but I ask that by the end of the week you do."

"Sure thing Albus," Fred smiled at him. "We'll talk to you by the end of the week then."

"Time to eat?" Ron asked hopefully.

"Yes Ron, time to go eat," Hermione answered as everyone burst out laughing.

"I was just asking," Ron said bashfully. "Because-"

"Because you're a growing boy who needs his food," everyone recited in perfect unison, and once again burst out laughing as Ron's jaw dropped in shock.

"C'mon mate," Harry slung his arm around Ron's shoulders, leading him out of the great hall, everyone following them.

"But…they…you…oh bloody hell, am I really that predictable?"

"When it comes to food, yes," Ginny teased, coming up to take Harry's hand, giving him a quick kiss.

"Lips off Potter!" Charlie called out teasingly, and Ron was struck with a brilliant comeback against his sister and best friend.

"Hey guys," Ron turned around and walked backwards, sending Harry and Ginny a mischievous look. "You'll never guess what I learned last night."

"What?" Bill answered for his brothers.

"Ron, if you do that, I swear, you're going to pay for my funeral," Harry shot Ron a warning glare. Not that he was ashamed of his plans to propose to Ginny in a couple of years, but her brothers could be very intimidating as a whole.

"Ooh, well if Harry doesn't want you to, then by all means, continue Ronniekins," George grinned.

"It seems that Harry's gotten it into his head to propose to our sister," Ron announced.

"Only if you let me live!" Harry nearly yelped as all the Weasley brothers seemed to suddenly congregate around him, pushing a laughing Ginny away. "I mean, come on guys, you wouldn't kill me now, would you? Not when she loves me, and would be really, really, really, really upset if you did?"

"Merlin Harry," Bill suddenly burst out laughing. "You have no problems facing the Dark Lord, but at the mere idea of a brotherly hug, you freak out."

"Hug?" Harry had time to ask before they group-hugged him.

"You really think we'd hurt you for planning to propose in a couple of years?" Charlie grinned, slapping him on the back. "Hell, I think we'd hurt you if you didn't propose. You could propose now and have all our blessings."

"Speak for yourself," Ron protested. "I'd probably go crazy if he proposed now."

"Guess someone better call St. Mungo's then."

"Why?" Ron looked at Harry in confusion.

"Because with your parents' permission," Harry looked to a tearful Molly and a nodding Arthur, before getting down on one knee, pulling out a small box. "I'd like to do just that."

"Now who's carrying the joke too far," Ginny rolled her eyes at her boyfriend before realising he wasn't getting up. Her eyes widened. "You're serious?"

"Only about you. What do you say Genevra Molly Weasley? Will you do me the greatest possible honor I could ever hope to have in life, and agree to become my wife?"

"But what about the whole dating a few more years before getting engaged?" She looked gobsmacked, her eyes going from Harry to the gorgeous diamond ring he was holding up.

"Well we'll still have a long engagement, but I just want the world to know I love you and I don't plan on letting you go," Harry answered, starting to look a little nervous.

"You know this means you're going to be marrying into possibly the craziest family in the wizarding world?" She sighed. "Sure you want that?"

"As long as you're there with me," he grinned, sliding the ring on her finger to applause and cheers from those around them. Standing back up he grabbed her in a hug, spinning her around before kissing her quite passionately. A little too passionately for her brothers' liking, but they let it slide.

"My baby girl's getting married!" Molly rushed over to Ginny and Harry, enveloping them in a massive bear hug.

"Not for a few years mum, so don't start planning a wedding yet," Ginny gasped.

"You guys should just elope so you don't have to bother with any of that," Fred joked, and immediately found himself face-to-face with the formidable Weasley matriarch.

"Don't even suggest that!" Her voice was shrill. "I may not have been there for your wedding which I sorely regret, but I intend to see the rest of my children married."

"I'm sorry mum," he leaned forward and pecked her cheek. "I was only kidding. Besides, you know Harry would never dream of doing something like that."

"Actually it'd be nice, than I wouldn't have to deal with the press," Harry mused aloud, but at Molly's glare he quickly added, "Though I never really would do that to you…Mum."

"Oh Harry!" Molly instantly crushed him in another hug, the elopement joke forgotten at his calling her mum.

"Come now Molly," Arthur gently pulled her from Harry. "We need to keep going, or we'll miss our reservations."

"Oh yes, of course," Molly nodded, taking the handkerchief he handed her and wiping her face as they began to walk towards Hogsmede once more.

They finally made it to the little restaurant they'd made reservations at, and sat down to order. Lunch was a loud affair, and long, but they had a good time, and adequately covered the last year in a reasonable amount of detail. Hermione and Fred also made a lot of decisions in regards to their life. They both agreed to take the teaching jobs, and that solved their housing problem, as teachers had quarters and could use them year-round if they so chose. So once again thanks to Albus, it seemed a number of things had been worked out.

"How was lunch?" Albus greeted Fred and Hermione as they entered the castle. The rest of the Weasleys and Harry had gone to the Burrow or their respective homes.

"It was good, thanks," Fred smiled. "By the way, we're going to take the jobs."

"Oh splendid!" Albus beamed, his eyes twinkling. "Now, you'll have the same quarters as last time; same location, same portrait, though you will need to give a new password. If you'd like, you can drop off and un-shrink your luggage and then I'll show you the staffroom. Then I suppose you'll want to go look at your classroom Hermione, and you'll want to inspect the broomshed and all the equipment there within, am I correct Fred?"

"Sounds about right for us," he laughed, nodding. "Why don't you just show us the staffroom now, then we'll get our luggage unloaded and everything else?"

"If you like," Albus agreed, and lead them to the staffroom, located on the second floor, behind a painting of a woolly mammoth. He showed them their desks, and then walked with them towards their quarters, though he turned off at the library to bid Madame Pince farewell for the summer.

"Our password will be past, present, and future," Hermione told the phoenix in the portrait, and eagerly walked in when it swung open. "Oh it's just how I remembered it."

"Yeah. Feels like home all right," Fred agreed as he pulled out their baggage from his robe pocket and enlarged them.

"I'm going to unpack everything, and then I'll go explore my office and classroom I think," Hermione stated, levitating her things into their bedroom.

"Sounds good. I'm gonna go inspect all the equipment and do that later, so I'll just meet you at dinner," Fred grinned excitedly, and with a quick kiss, nearly flew out of the room.

"He's absolutely crazy, but I wouldn't have him any other way," Hermione shook her head in amusement, and turning back to her things, quickly made work of unpacking them, and putting them where they belonged. She also went ahead and unpacked Fred's things to save him the trouble. That done, she grabbed a dicta-quill and a few pieces of parchment to take notes on before making her way to the arithmancy classroom. She jotted down notes; things she might need, changes she wanted to make, ways to improve the syllabus as she remembered it, and so on. It wasn't long before a knock sounded on the classroom door.

"Yes?" She called out as she pulled it open, only to stare in surprise. "Severus."

"I'm sorry," he sighed after several minutes of simply standing there and looking at her. He took a step forward and slowly brought his arms up to embrace her as a tear unwillingly slid down his cheek. "I was a complete and utter bastard, and I've spent the entirety of the morning and afternoon feeling guilty for my actions and behaviour towards you. It was uncalled for, and I hope you can find it in you to forgive me."

"No, I'm the one who's sorry," she apologised back, bringing her arms up to slide them around his waist. "You're right, I should've told you. There was no excuse."

"No, you were correct in your reasoning. You know, you're still the only person who's not afraid to touch me."

"Well, the whole evil bastard persona probably didn't help," Hermione laughed. "And I'm sorry for drugging you that one time. I just wanted to make sure you slept, and didn't make yourself sick with anger and the desire for revenge."

"That's been long forgotten and forgiven, not to mention I understood that then. But you know I had a great deal of pride, and I hated the fact you took away my control over the situation. Not to mention you kept seeing me. Not the façade I put up around everyone. That was intimidating. Though now I understand how you were able to do that; you had all this prior knowledge of me."

"I know, and I couldn't have-"

"Yes, I know, you couldn't have told me," Severus interrupted her with a smirk. "You know, we need to stop. We're just going to keep going around in circles with the apologising and explanations, and you know that I have the emotional capacity of a teacup, and I'm sure I've completely exhausted it for one day."

"That's something we'll have to work on then," Hermione grinned, finally pulling back, wiping her face as she did. "Because you know I plan on keeping you close. Though I suppose 'little brother' doesn't really apply anymore. Guess I should switch to calling you 'big brother' instead. Or Uncle."

"Not uncle," he shook his head. "Makes me feel old."

"Fine, I'll let my children call you that," Hermione teased.

"You're pregnant!"

"No!" Hermione was quick to correct him as they moved to sit down in two chairs. "Someday though. Fred and I both want kids."

"You know, I'm not used to seeing you as Hermione Granger. I still think of you as Professor Mya Wilson. It's doing a number on my brain, trying to combine the two images."

"Well it's not exactly easy for me either. On one hand, I see you as I did last year; as my potions professor, while on the other hand I see you as that troubled teenager. So I'm dealing with the same thing you are."

"I suppose," he conceded with a nod. "Though I daresay it's harder for me. I had you as a professor for a year, and you were the same age as me. Now, twenty years later, you're the exact same as I remember you. For you though, my current self isn't any different than when you had me as a professor, though it was literally only yesterday that I looked twenty years younger."

"You know, when you say it like that, it just sounds even more confusing. How about I just give up and say that you're right?"

"Well of course I am," he smirked, and she playfully slugged his arm.

"So what have you been up to in the twenty years it's technically been for you?" Hermione asked, settling in for a nice, long, conversation.

They spent the entire afternoon talking. Severus did most of it, answering Hermione's questions; about his years right out of school, his time as a death eater, working for Albus, and his potions mastery. Hermione talked about what it was like to suddenly be thrown into that different world and have to teach, and suddenly being peers with the other professors in a sense, while still considered peers to the students in another. She also spent a great deal talking about how hard it was to miss out on that year of her friend's life, and being away from her family. Albus had given her mother the same excuse as he had the school; that she'd be away for the year at a last minute, special exchange programme in Australia. So Hermione talked about her fears of how she was going to tell her mum, or if she was even going to. Ever since first year, they'd been drifting apart, and she knew her mum didn't understand anything of what Hermione dealt with on a daily basis.

"Hmm, six o'clock," Hermione said as she looked up at the sound of the clock chiming.

"Well I'm glad to see you can still tell time," Severus commented dryly.

"Funny Severus," Hermione rolled her eyes as she stood up. "Come on, it's time for dinner."

"And I suppose if I were to say I wasn't hungry, than you'd still force me to come?"

"Of course!" Hermione linked her arm through his as they made their way to the great hall. "You're entirely too skinny. And much too pale. If I have my way, you'll spend a fair amount of time outside; that'll help bring some colour back into your skin."

"I won't even bother trying to argue as it does absolutely no good whatsoever."

"Good, you're learning!" Hermione giggled as they entered the great hall.

"Good evening professors," Albus called out cheerily.

"Professor?" Severus turned to Hermione, one eyebrow raised.

"Didn't I tell you? Fred and I are teaching here; him flying, and me arithmancy," she beamed at him. "So you now get to have me around all year!"

"Salazar help me," he moaned pitifully.

"Well there's no need for him to help you when I'm here," she teased, letting go of his arm to sit down next to Fred.

"So you two finally made up then?" Fred asked.

"Yes," Hermione gave a happy little sigh. "I mean, there're still things we need to work out and discuss, just like normal siblings, but we'll get them worked out."

"Well that's good. I was afraid that I was going to have to hex him into seeing sense."

"No you would not, cause then I'd have to hex you six ways from Sunday."

"I would like to make one announcement before everyone leaves," Albus called out as dinner winded down. "Fred and Hermione will be joining the staff as our new flying instructor and arithmancy professor in the fall."

"You'll love it here," Pomona clapped her hands excitedly.

"You forget, we already do," Hermione laughed. "But thank you all the same."

"Yes, I'm sure a few things have changed in the twenty years it's been since we taught," Fred joked.

"Do you even realise how odd that sounds?" Minerva couldn't help but laugh lightly at that.

"You think it's odd for you, they were my professors for a year," Severus interjected.

"Well we've got you all beat," Fred grinned. "We had you as professors, then we went back in time twenty years and became your peers, and had to teach you Sev."

"You win," the others all chimed simultaneously before laughing and talking a bit longer before heading their separate ways.

"I don't know about you, but I'm rather tired, even if it is only half past eight," Hermione covered a yawn as they made their way back to their quarters.

"So am I," Fred agreed, wrapping an arm around her shoulders comfortingly. "We have had a long day, though."

"Bed then?"

"Works for me."

Entering the room, Hermione grabbed a nightgown and laid it out on the bed, intending to change into it. She shrugged off her robe and hung it up in the armoire, also kicking off her shoes and putting them neatly in front of it. Grabbing the hem of her jumper, she pulled it over her head, leaving her just in a bra on top. After sending it down the laundry shoot, she turned back to the bed to see Fred staring at her, lust in his eyes.

Without a word, he slowly stalked around the bed and grabbed her in a tight embrace, crushing his lips to hers. Ignoring the romance, as they were both filled just a desperate need for each other, they quickly disrobed and climbed onto the bed, where they came together in a furious fire of passion. It was some time later before Hermione managed to cast a cleaning charm on them, before they collapsed in a tired heap together for the night.


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