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Love Means Never Having to Time-Travel

Chapter Two: In Which They Settle In

"Vester faminalia volo aspectus melius di meus cubiculum solum."Unknown


"Your pants look good on my bedroom floor."

"You, Greg Wilson, have some explaining to do," Hermione glared at Fred.

"Now love, there's no need for the hostility, is there?" Fred tried to joke, but it didn't work. "Okay, so what do you want to know? Or first, how do you know?"

"For the simple fact that somehow we have a telepathic link to one another," Hermione opened her thoughts to Fred, her mouth not moving a bit.

"We can mind speak!"

"Yes, what's the big deal?" Hermione crossed her arms as she looked at him curiously. "I mean, isn't it just some side effect of the potion or the explosion?"

"I guess you could say that," Fred sighed. "Mya, we're married."

"Yes, I know that Greg, I heard you in my mind talking with Albus."

"No, we're really married," he stressed. "When the potion exploded, we both must have gotten some small cuts. At some point as I was carrying you up here, our blood must have mixed. It's an ancient, barbaric wedding ritual, but it's just as valid as a traditional ceremony and license."

"So that's it, I'm stuck with you?" Hermione stared at him, and he could almost see her mind working to process what she had just learned.

"Well, we could get divorced or what-not, though we should leave it in place for the time being," Fred said hesitantly.

"And why's that?"

"Well, in the eyes of the faculty and the students, we're going to be married. On the off chance that someone casts a validation spell, they will indeed see that we're married, though it won't show how long. By the way, as far as Albus knows, we got married last year."

"Yes I know, after I finished my NEWTS early," Hermione interrupted. "Not a bad cover story by the way. It's plausible at any rate, knowing me."

"So we can make this work? You're not too angry?"

"Of course we can make this work. And no, I'm not too angry. What good would that do? Like you said, we'll be able to get a divorce, and it's only going to be for a year at most," Hermione said blunty, much to his relief. "And we're friends aren't we? It's not as if it's all that difficult to hold hands in public or share more kisses on the cheek or that sort of thing. As for the teaching, I'm simply dying to get out of here and get started on lesson plans."

"Well now I know you're better, you want to hit the library," Fred teased, quite relieved that she wasn't about to castrate him for his stupidity and lack of quick thinking. It's not as if he couldn't have come up with another excuse, like them being cousins or something. Marriage just happened to be the relationship Madame Pomfrey assumed connected them, and he grabbed onto it like it was a lifeline.

"And she may do so," Albus came over. "Poppy's just given the okay to leave Mrs. Wilson. If you like, I'll show you to your quarters now."

"That'd be wonderful, thank you Albus," Hermione easily used his first name, knowing it was expected of her as a professor. "And please, call me Mya."

"And call me Greg," Fred added.

"Of course, now if you'll follow me," Albus turned and began leading them through the halls, past the library, around a corner, and to a stop in front of a portrait of a Phoenix. "You need to go ahead and set your password now."

"Time-travel," Hermione whispered immediately to the Phoenix who trilled a few notes before swinging open.

"I took the liberty of having the house elves bring a set of clothes and a robe for each of you," Albus informed them as he followed them into their quarters. "I also took the liberty of setting up a Gringotts account with your sign-on bonus deposited in it. 2,000 galleons should be sufficient I believe, to supply yourselves with some robes and other personal effects? At least until the holidays."

"Yes, that's more than enough," Hermione thanked him warmly.

"Wonderful," Albus smiled. "Now, I shall leave you two to explore your quarters. Dinner will be in just under an hour, and I would ask you to attend so you can meet the other professors."

"Of course Albus," Fred answered for them both. "We'll see you then."

"Well, this is nice," Hermione commented as they looked around the main room they were standing in. A large fireplace was roaring merrily, a couch and two plush lounge chairs in front of it, along with a small coffee table. Two doors were on either side of the fireplace. The first they opened led into a spacious bedroom, containing two dressers, a vanity, a mirror, a large boudoir, and a king-size sleigh bed with two sets of clothing on it.

"I'll sleep on the couch," Fred offered immediately.

"Oh don't be such a baby," Hermione rolled her eyes. "I've shared a smaller bed than this with Harry and Ron plenty of times when Harry had his nightmares. It's not a big deal. Besides, if you did anything, I know quite a few clever hexes."

"All right then, I'm sufficiently warned," Fred gulped, opening the door in the bedroom. It led to a well-lit bathroom. Closing it, they walked back into the main room, and through the other door. Hermione gasped in delight, seeing it was a study and library in one. Three walls, including the one with the door, were covered with books. The wall opposite from them had large windows providing a beautiful view of the lake, and a good deal of natural light. Pushed against each of the walls were two roll-top desks with a number of cubby holes, all currently filled with a number of supplies; parchment, quills, ink, and a few other things that Fred was sure Hermione would have fun looking through. He didn't care quite so much about them, but he appreciated them all the same. They would come in handy come time for them to work on lesson plans, grading papers, and so on.

"I'm going to go ahead and shower and change, if that's okay with you?"

"Sure, I'm going to get a start on organising some of this," Hermione waved him off, already poking through everything.

Fred climbed into the shower and quickly washed away his worries, at least for a while. There was just something about a hot shower that relaxed him. Or it could have been the fact that Mya wasn't going to kill him. He didn't want to get on her bad-side, especially now that they were stuck back in time together. She was also a good friend of his; five years at school together, plus the summer and winter holidays saw to that. There was just something about her that was so likable, she managed to have all the Weasleys wrapped around her finger as much as Ginny did.

Letting the water beat down for a few more minutes, he finally convinced himself to turn the water off. His hand blindly grabbed for a towel, and he wrapped it around his waist before stepping out onto the fluffy blue rug. He immediately reached for his wand to dry his hair, but the mirror, and his reflection, caught his eyes.

"Merlin that's odd," he muttered to himself, reaching a hand up and running it through the short strawberry blonde hair he now sported.

Not that it looked bad, quite the opposite. It made his dark blue eyes stand out even more, and suited his face better than his long hair had. It was just so sudden though. It was going to take some time to get used to. Sighing again, he poked his head into the bedroom, and not seeing Hermione, quickly grabbed his clothes and a small box sitting on top of them, and disappeared back into the bathroom to change. When he immerged again, he was clad in black slacks, a dark blue shirt, and a black robe open over top of it. Much nicer than what he would usually wear, which was a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. But he supposed the new threads went with being a teacher and making a good impression and all that.

"Hey, ready to go?" He asked, wandering into the study. "You look nice by the way."

"Thanks, so do you, and I think so, just do me a quick favour, would you?" Hermione asked.

"If I can."

"I need you to braid my hair. I don't know any hair charms, and it's entirely too long to leave loose," she said, turning around as he nodded his consent and walked over.

He noticed she had changed while he was showering, and was now wearing a flirty dark burgundy, knee-length skirt, cream blouse, and a matching burgundy robe left open over top. The burgundy matched the burgundy high-lights in her hair, and he was sure dark purple would do the same. Having been the one who usually helped Ginny before when Mum couldn't, he deftly braided her waist-length hair, and tied it off with a hair-tie he transfigured. She thanked him, and held out her hand for his in preparation of walking down.

"Oops, forgot something," Fred said upon seeing her hand, and grabbing the small box, pulled out two rings. "Found 'em on the bed with my clothes. Dumbledore doesn't miss a trick."

"Thanks," Hermione took the gold ring with a small diamond solitaire on it and slid in onto her ring finger, while Fred did the same with a plain gold band.

"You're just on time, welcome," Albus greeted them as they walked in.

"Good evening Albus," Fred nodded.

"Everyone, may I introduce our new Defense instructors, Professor Greg Wilson and Professor Mya Wilson," Albus said once he had everyone's attention. "Mya, Greg, I'll leave the others to introduce themselves as they see fit, so as not to overwhelm you with names all at once."

Over the next two hours, Hermione and Fred were 'introduced' to the other professors, including McGonagall, Flitwick, Sprout, Vector, Sinistra, and Kettleburn who was the previous COMC professor. They also 'met' a much younger looking Filch, and were curtly greeted and warned to keep their shoes clean when entering the castle. Hermione eagerly conversed with Professor Otto Laurient, who was the current Potions professor, and much friendlier than Snape was.

During dinner Hermione also had to fight from showing shock or surprise when certain students were mentioned. Namely, James Potter, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Peter Pettigrew, Lily Evans, and Severus Snape. People she knew in the future, or at least some of them. Those she didn't know, she knew of. It would be difficult to keep from letting something slip around them. Thinking that, Hermione was all the more grateful that Fred was there; it would certainly be nice to have someone to talk to about things like that if she ever became overwhelmed.

Thinking about him, she looked down at her ring, thinking how utterly odd it felt to have one on. She hardly wore jewellery, let alone rings, and let alone on such a significant finger. Surprisingly, the ring bothered her more than the fact that she had actually married Fred Weasley. Never mind the fact it hadn't been intentional, but they had all the same. A cheerful boyish laugh caught her attention, and she looked up to see Fred laughing at something Madame Hooch said. No doubt involving quidditch.

"You two make a lovely couple," Minerva complimented, disturbing Hermione's line of thinking.

"Oh, thank you," Hermione smiled at the woman who served as a role model for her.

"How long have you been married?"

"A year today actually," Hermione answered. She and Fred had decided it would simply be easier to use Harry's birthday as their wedding day also, as it was easy to remember.

"Well congratulations!"

"Thank you," Hermione smiled again. Some of the other women came over upon hearing Minerva's questions, and also began extending their congratulations.

"If you'll excuse us ladies," Fred interrupted the giggling women with a grin. "I believe my wife and I would like to retire to our chambers now. It's been a long day for us."

"Oh how inconsiderate of us!" Pomona Sprout clapped her plump hands together as a look of contrition marred her features. "We completely forgot you've only just arrived today. And us keeping you up even later. Yes, you two must be exhausted from travelling. Well off with you then! We'll have plenty of time to talk in the coming month."

"Thank you," Hermione stifled a yawn as calls of good-night followed them out of the hall. "As much fun as it was, I was getting quite sleepy."

"So was I, though I was mainly discussing some of the previous Defense professors and some of their lesson ideas, and what students did and didn't like," Fred squeezed her hand gently before dropping it once they were out of sight of the great hall. "Got a lot of good information actually."

"Well good, you can share it with me tomorrow," Hermione said before giving the password.

"Nope, tomorrow we're going to sleep in and have a leisurely morning, and then go to London and Diagon Alley to get our shopping done and everything squared away," Fred ordered, pushing her into the bedroom to change.

"All right, you can come in," she called sleepily, and he walked in to see her pulling the covers back, looking adorable in a pair of purple sleep pants and tank-top.

"Which side do y'want?" He asked, taking off his robe, shirt and pants. Hermione had to fight back a laugh at seeing his phoenix covered boxers before he pulled on a pair on green sleep pants.

"This one's fine," Hermione shrugged as she climbed into the left side of the bed, sighing happily as she relaxed onto the comfortable mattress.

"Okie dokie," he chirped, and after noxing the lights, climbed into the other side. "Good night, dearest wife of mine."

"Good night, Greg," she replied, and he swore he could almost see her rolling her eyes at him before he turned over and went to sleep.


"So where to first?" Fred asked as they stood inside the Leaky Cauldron, having just apparated in.

"Let's go to London and get some basic clothes first, then we can finish up in Diagon Alley," Hermione suggested, and at Fred's consenting nod, lead the way into London to shop.

Fred pointed out a couple of novelty clothing stores, but Hermione would just shake her head. She knew that with their limited budget, and the temptation of the credit card hooked up to their Gringotts account, it would be too easy to go broke. So she continued to pull him towards Debenhams, a department store where they would be able to find most of what they needed clothes-wise, and without the higher prices.

Knowing they shouldn't separate, Hermione dragged Fred to the women's department first, promising to be quick. Browsing through the racks, she made quick work of picking out several skirts, all of which were knee-length; her favoured style. She stuck with simple, clean lines, and basic colors; three black, one navy, one gray, and one brown. She also picked out several pairs of trousers; two black, one navy, one gray, and one khaki. In the lingerie section, she made quick work of grabbing some underthings and socks, as well as two pairs of lounge pants. Moving on to the blouses, she picked out bright solid colors; dark purple, burgundy, light blue, green, cream, gray, and a dusty pink. By sticking to simple basics, she knew she'd be able to mix and match most of the pieces. Not to mention she'd be wearing robes over-top as well. Adding a burgundy scarf and mitten set to the pile, she paid for her items and then led Fred to the men's section.

Fred, not caring too much about his clothes, allowed Hermione to pick out everything for him. He ended up with several pairs of pants; black, gray, and khaki mainly, though she did throw in a pair of jeans too. The shirts she picked for him had clean lines, buttoned-up, and were solid colors. Several different shirts in blue since it brought out his eyes, a dark reddish burgundy for his former house, a green, a gray, and a black. Swinging through the men's underwear department, she threw in a pack of undershirts, and he picked out some boxers, two pairs of sweats, and some socks.

Their main clothes shopping finished, they left the store and quickly shrunk their purchases just inside a deserted alley before apparating back to the Leaky Cauldron. Once in there, Hermione of course dragged them straight to Madame Malkins to be fitted for robes. They each purchased five robes, three of which were basic black. Hermione's fourth and fifth were a dark burgundy and a dark purple, while Fred chose a dark gray and a dark blue. They both also had a heavy winter cloak made up as well, for when it turned cold. Their orders placed, they had an hour to kill while everything was made up. They split up, Hermione going to Flourish and Blotts and the stationery store, Fred to Quality Quidditch Supplies and Gambol and Japes. Hermione browsed through the many books, but didn't buy any, knowing she had plenty available to her at Hogwarts. She did pick up several additional bottles of ink as well as some more quills and rolls of parchment.

As she was leaving the stationery story, something in the window caught her eye. It was nothing special, just a simple journal covered with black dragonhide.

"Why don't you get it?" Fred's voice startled her.

"Well it's not like I need it now, is it?" Hermione let the voice of practicality speak.

"So?" Fred's reply was simple. "Sometimes you need to have a few frivolities as mum would say. Keeps life from being completely boring."


"But nothing," he interrupted her. "It's not like we're going to have to buy much else, and we still have a fair amount left. Not to mention once we start teaching, we'll have that salary to go on too. And besides, in the interests of learning, it'd probably be a good idea to have a record of everything we did here."

"Fine," Hermione smiled brightly as she disappeared back into the store, coming back out a moment later, journal in hand. "Thank you."

"Nothing to thank me for," he replied with a shrug. "Now come on, I'm hungry and want to get back."

"You Weas- uh, Wilson's," Hermione caught herself. "Always thinking about your stomachs."

"Well I'm a growing boy, so what do you expect?" Fred flashed her a smile, and giving her a wink, disapparated to Hogwarts with her following behind not a moment later.


"Okay, so how do we want to go about planning lessons?" Fred asked as he flopped down at his desk, knowing Hermione would have an answer.

"Well first of course is to go year by year and create a basic outline. Then we can narrow it down to topics for each month, and then eventually, each week roughly," Hermione explained, whipping out some thick bundles of paper. "Albus was kind enough to have these brought here. They're the lesson plans from the past few years, along with student comments. I've made a copy of them, so we can go through them and highlight which topics seem like a good idea. Once we've set up the basic year's information that is."

"Okay then," Fred nodded, willing to go along with what she said. While he had been good at Defense, he favoured charms. "So…firsties then?"

"I was thinking just basic spells, like what Harry started with in the DA," Hermione suggested. "Expelliarmus, and maybe some strategy and evasion. And logic too. Most wizards are hopeless at it."

"Kind of some of the things that you, Ron, and Harry faced when you went after the stone, right?"


"And hey, you could probably take spells they're learning in other classes, like Wingardium Leviosa, and apply them to defense situations, like Harry did with that troll."

"Ooh, excellent idea!" Hermione compliment, immediately scribbling it down.

And so they went back and forth, scribbling ideas for each year down until they had the seven years very simply planned out.

First Years: Basic hexes, strategy, evasion, and logic. How to apply spells from other fields for defensive purposes.

Second Years: Slightly more advanced basic hexes, strategy, evasion, and logic.

Third Years: How to identify and defend against various magical beings (Kappas, werewolves, dementors, boggarts, etc.)

Fourth Years: Begin teaching intermediate level hexes and curses. Also start teaching protective spells, shields, etc.

Fifth Years: Slightly more advanced intermediate level hexes and curses. Begin instructing students in dueling, how to fight offensively, and how to fight defensively.

Sixth Years: Advanced curses, hexes, jinxes. Regular mock duels and analysis of said duels. Also, some review of basic spells.

Seventh Years: Battle strategy-how to fight on your own, in a group. What happens if your group gets split up, if you get injured, etc.

"I think that should do just fine," Hermione gave a satisfied smile as she looked it over.

"Yeah, and of course if it doesn't, we can just play it by ear, or have them let us know what they'd like to learn," Fred nodded.

"True, though at least this will give us a basic idea so we don't end up boring them or ourselves during class," Hermione agreed. "Now for the fun part, research!"

The next four weeks flew by as Hermione and Fred the time researching and planning their lessons. Most of the other professors had been finished ages ago, having been teaching for several years already, not to mention they'd had the whole summer to revise and make any changes necessary. Hermione and Fred, for the most part, had to start from scratch. When they weren't working on lessons, they could be found talking with the other professors, or out on the grounds.

They would either be on the quidditch pitch or walking around the grounds and lake. The pitch because Hermione was determined to learn how to fly, and Fred was teaching her. The walks were so they could continue to get to know each other. They knew some from school and all, but there were a lot of things they didn't know about each other that married couples should. Such as birthdays, favourite foods, colours, and other inane little details. They also spent some of their walks adding details to their cover story- things about family, where they'd travelled, and so on.

And before they knew it, September first was upon them, with dinner nearing, and Hermione was a nervous wreck.

"I can't do this," Hermione muttered, pacing back and forth across the bedroom as Fred watched in amusement.

"Of course you can," he mind spoke, grabbing her hand as she walked past, effectively stopping her.

"But what if they hate us, or won't listen to us?"

"Then we assign them detention or deduct points," he replied as he pushed her onto the small stool in front of the vanity. He picked up the hair brush and began brushing her long hair, which he had yet to braid or put up somehow. This was only the first of what would become a regular routine for them.

"But still, we're so young," she pointed out. "What if they ask our ages?"

"Then we answer truthfully and if anyone has any qualms with it, then they can speak with Dumbledore," Fred answered. "Besides, we may be young, but we do have a good deal of experience over them. As we teach them, that will become clear, and they'll respect us for that."

"I suppose," Hermione conceded, though there was still a hint of doubt in her tone. She sighed suddenly. "Have I mentioned that I'm glad you're here?"

"All my blunders at creating our cover story aside?" He teased.

"Yes, all blunders aside," she rolled her eyes. "Besides, it could have been worse. I could've been sent back in time with Malfoy or someone else equally nasty. But seriously, thank you. I have no idea what I would've done if I didn't have a friend here with me."

"I'm not just a friend, I'm your husband," he kissed her cheek loudly and theatrically as he rested his hands on her shoulders, having finished the braid. "But honestly? Knowing you to be the intelligent, talented witch that you are, if I hadn't been here, you would've been just fine. You're a survivor and a Gryffindor, so don't ever doubt yourself."

Hermione met his gaze in the mirror. She gave him a small smile and reached a hand up to squeeze his, wordlessly communicating her thanks.

"Now, let's go terrorize, I mean greet, the students!"


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