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Love Means Never Having to Time-Travel

Chapter Three: In Which Introductions Are Made

"The saddest state-of-being is remembering the future." –Smallville

"Hey guys!"

"Lily flower!" James and Sirius cried as the pretty red-head stepped into their compartment.

"Hello Lily," Remus greeted her with a smile, as did Peter.

"Have you heard anything about who Professor Dumbledore found for the Defense Against the Dark Arts this year?" Lily asked them as she settled in between James and Sirius, across from Remus and Peter who were involved in a game of chess. She had been dating James since Valentine's Day.

"Not a thing," James shook his head, sliding his arm around her shoulders comfortably. "Though I suspect we'll find out soon enough. We're almost there, only about another thirty minutes or so. Where did you disappear to anyways?"

"I was greeting some of the first years and answering questions," she answered, glaring playfully at him. "As you should have been, if you cared to do your Head Boy duties."

"But why, since you're obviously so much more talented at it then I," he batted his eyelashes.

"Oh shut it you," she laughed, kissing him quickly when he pouted. "But anyways, I also stopped in to say to a few others."

"Snivellus," Sirius muttered darkly.

"Severus, yes," Lily shot him a glare. "Not to mention I was also stopped by some of the youngers who wanted to say hi."

"Fine fine, I just missed you is all," James said soothingly. While he disliked Snivellus as much as Sirius did, he refrained from insulting him in Lily's presence so as to keep the peace between them.

"Of course you did," she giggled, patting his cheek.

"Now really, is that any way to talk to the love of your life?"

"I don't know. When I find the love of my life, I'll be sure to let you know how I talk to him," she gave him a wink before bursting into a fit of giggles.

She gave him a kiss before sliding his arm around her shoulders and snuggling up against him to nap for the rest of the ride. The train pulled into the Hogsmede station and the five of them piled out the compartment, and into one of the carriages, chattering all the while. As their carriage pulled up at the school, they scampered out in an ungraceful rush. Well the boys did. Lily let them get out first, they were so excited to be back. James seemed to come to his senses a few steps from the carriage, and turned back to grab Lily's hand, a sheepish grin on his face. Lacing his finger through hers, they ran to catch up with Sirius, Remus, and Peter as they entered through the main doors, and into the great hall. They took seats down near the end, close to the head table for two reasons. One, to greet and welcome new students, and two, to get a good look at the new Defense professor.

"Who do you suppose it is?" Sirius asked as the five of them scanned the head table.

"The only people I don't recognise are that man and woman on the end," Lily's eyes narrowed in confusion. "But there's only one position open, unless Professor Dumbledore created another."

"But they don't look any older than we are," Peter looked as confused as the rest of them.

"Well we'll find out soon enough," Remus whispered as Professor McGonagall entered, the first years not far behind, looking absolutely terrified.


"Look at how shrimpy the little ankle-biters are!" Fred mind spoke, taking her hand in his as the sorting hat finished its song and the first years were slowly called up one at a time. He was doing his best to keep her mind from dwelling on her nerves.

"They're not shrimpy," Hermione chided. "You're just abnormally tall."

"Still, it doesn't seem like I was ever that little."

"Really? Sometimes it feels like only yesterday I was a first year."

"And look at you now. Married and teaching at your alma mater."

"Ha ha. Though you know, for it to become my alma mater, I technically need to have graduated."

"Details, details," Fred wave her off mentally. "By the time we get back it'll probably be your alma mater."

"I suppose. Now shush, I think Albus is about to speak," Hermione warned before shutting down the link.

"Welcome to our new students, and welcome back to our old students," Albus beamed out across the great hall, his eyes twinkling upon seeing the Marauders. "A few start of term notices. The forbidden forest remains forbidden, for at least one more year. Also, I'm sorry to say that our Defense instructor, Professor Michaels, has left us-"

A loud cheer sprang up at that announcement. No one had particularly liked her very much. She had very little experience, and even less knowledge on the topic. All she had them do was to research a new curse each week as their only assignment, with no practical what-so-ever.

"Yes, so in her stead, please welcome Professor Greg Wilson, and his wife, Professor Mya Wilson," Albus gestured to them, and they stood up, nodding to the politely applauding students.

"See, that wasn't so bad," Fred said, rubbing a thumb over the back of her hand comfortingly.

"Just wait," she glanced at him out of the corner of her eye, a smirk playing about her lips. "We have seventh year Gryffindors and Slytherins tomorrow, and you know who's in that class."


"The marauders, along with Lily Evans and Snape."

"The MARAUDERS are here!"

"You didn't know that?" Hermione glanced at him curiously. "I thought Remus or Harry had told you about them."

"Nope, they neglected to mention that," Fred replied, already plotting his retaliation on them once they got home. "Tell me about 'em, please?"

"Remus Lupin; Moony. James Potter; Prongs. Peter Pettigrew; Wormtail. And Sirius Black; Padfoot. Lily is an honorary member of sorts, in the sense that she tries to keep them from doing anything incredibly stupid or illegal."

"Sounds a lot like you," Fred grinned.

"Well we'll see just how much like me she is in class tomorrow," Hermione answered, then turned her attention to Professor Vector who leaned in to ask her something.

Dinner finished up with a good deal of speculating amongst the students about their two new teachers. Being near the end of the table, Fred and Hermione were able to catch a few things here and there. They shared a look, glad they had set aside the first lesson as an introduction and review lesson essentially. No one ever got much work done the very first lesson anyways. And with new teachers, the students were sure to be asking a number of questions.


"Come on you guys!"

"Huh? Lily?" James questioned sleepily, not opening his eyes.

"Yes!" She shouted, waving her wand and casting a spell that yanked their bed curtains back and their bed covers off.

"As much as I love you Lils, what in Merlin's name are you doing here?" Sirius asked as he pushed himself into a semi-sitting, semi-reclining position.

"Keeping you all from being late to the first DADA class of the year," she informed them. "It's eight forty five, and you know it'll take us ten minutes to get there."

"Bloody hell!" Peter cursed, shooting out of bed and to his trunk.

"Exactly, now you have five minutes to get dressed and presentable for class, and meet me downstairs, is that clear?" She met each of their gazes evenly, her tone leaving no room for argument.

"Ma'am yes Ma'am!" They all saluted, bursting into laughter as she shook her head and left their dorm.

Less than five minutes later they were dressed and downstairs, looking more or less presentable. If Peter's tie wasn't tied, or Sirius' hair hadn't been brushed very well, no one mentioned anything. Not that they could, as the five teens were currently tearing through the halls at a run to make it to class. They slowed to a stop outside the classroom, caught their breath, and walked in just moment's before the bell rang.

"Good morning everyone," the young woman from the night before entered the classroom, her husband behind her.

"Good morning Professor Wilson," they chorused.

"Professor Mya, please," she smiled. "Less confusing for everyone that way."

"And call me Professor Greg," the man grinned as he hopped onto the desk. The class held back their laughter as his wife gave him a scolding glare to which he only grinned cheekily at.

"First off, let us say welcome to seventh year Defense Against the Dark Arts."

"From what we saw at dinner last night, the last teacher wasn't so hot, huh?" Fred looked over the students.

"Not at all!" A loud voice called from the Slytherin side.

"Yes, Mr…?" Hermione gestured to the boy who had spoken.

"Collins," he spoke up. "Anthony Collins, Professor."

"As you were saying?"

"Professor Michaels had no experience at all," Anthony explained, the others nodding in agreement. "All we ever did was write a foot of parchment each week on a different type of curse and it's effects on the body. Didn't learn any practical, or even any theory."

"Well I can assure you that my wife and I are quite capable of teaching you proper defense," Fred spoke up, crossing his arms loosely.

"No offense sir, but you both look really young."

"That's because we are, Mr. Potter," Hermione answered without thinking.

"How'd you know my name?"

"Your reputation precedes you," Fred jumped in. "As do all the marauders. The other professors warned us to keep an eye out for your famous pranks."

"Thanks," Hermione sent him the thought.

"Cool," James grinned at that. "If you don't mind me asking, but how old are you two?"

"Not at all, please feel free to ask questions," Fred offered. "And to answer you question, I'm nineteen and Mya's seventeen."

"Eighteen on September nineteenth," she added with a slight smile.

"But what about schooling? Where'd you go?" Lily asked once all the shocked murmurs had died down.

"I had a number of private tutors, and decided to take my OWLS and NEWTS early," she replied. "Then Greg and I were married, and we've spent the last year traveling and visiting other wizarding communities in the world."

The rest of the class passed with several more questions; namely about what they would be covering over the next year. A few minutes before the bell rang, Hermione assigned them a bit of parchment, detailing what they had learned over the last six years, and what they hoped to learn during the coming year. When the bell rang, the marauders and Lily went back to the Gryffindor common room for a free period. Well, James and Sirius detoured to the kitchens to pick up breakfast, but then met up with everyone in the common room.

"So what do you think of Professors Greg and Mya?" Peter asked as he tossed his bag on the ground by the chair he sat himself down in.

"I think we'll actually be able to learn some proper defense tactics this year," Lily said thoughtfully.

"But they're so young!" Sirius exclaimed after swallowing a bit of food. "She's the same age we are! And he's not much older."

"But you heard then talk," Lily defended them. "Young or not, they've dealt with a lot, you can tell. And Professor Dumbledore wouldn't have hired them if they weren't capable."

"Well, he did hire Professor Michaels," Remus pointed out, a grin on his face.

"Well that's only because there are so few people willing to teach it, that he had too. There were no other options."

"Sure Lils, whatever you say," Sirius rolled his eyes. "I'm still withholding judgment till we get a bit further along, and see whether or not they're going to actually teach us anything. All they did today was talk."

"That's fair," Lily replied diplomatically, though it was obvious that she already thought the new professors to be quite capable. "Now, let's get started on the homework."

"But Lily, it's not due till Thursday," James whined.

"All the more reason to do it now," she gave him a look. "It's not like it's very difficult. And besides, you know how much homework Professor McGonagall and Professor Laurient are going to give us."

"Oh don't even remind me," James moaned. "Tell me again why I signed up for NEWT level Potions?"

"Because you want to be an auror," she laughed, leaning over to kiss him.

"That's right, thanks for the reminder," he squeezed her hand. "Knew I kept you around for something."

"Why you-" she started to scold him, but was cut off by another kiss.

"Oh get a room you two," Sirius yelled before throwing a pillow at them, of course causing a pillow fight to ensue.


"Are you all right?" Fred asked as the last of their third year Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs filed out of the room. He had noticed she'd been distracted during the lesson. Not noticeable to the students, but as they had spent a great deal of time together, he had picked up on her habits and expressions and the like.

"I thought I'd be able to handle it," she whispered, staring at nothing in particular.

"Handle what?" He asked curiously, and immediately grew worried as he saw her eyes fill with tears.

He immediately moved over and pulled her into a hug, wrapping his arms tightly around her back as she cried into his chest. He rested his chin on top of her head, whispering comforting nothings, occasionally rubbing her back. He was glad they had a free period before lunch, as it was obvious she needed this.

"I thought I'd be able to see Harry's mum and dad, and Sirius and Pettigrew," she whispered. "It's so hard, and I can't help but think so unfair. Why Lily and James? Why Sirius? Harry deserves to know them. And Pettigrew! Just seeing him makes my blood boil and my fingers itch to hex the living daylights out of him!"

"I know Mya," he tried to keep her from getting herself worked up. "But remember, we can't change anything. But maybe you could collect some photos of Lily and the marauders and put together a scrapbook for Harry or something. As for Pettigrew…I know you don't like him, but right now he's still their friend, and still just a boy. Don't let your hatred for who he becomes, affect how you treat him now. At least try for me?"

"When did you get so smart?" She looked up at him, a ghost of a smile on her face.

"Probably since I married you," he pulled out a handkerchief and wiped the tear tracks from her eyes before tweaking her nose. "I caught the dreaded bookwormitis!"

"Not funny Greg!" She yelled, and immediately went to chase after him for his last comment, as well as the nose tweaking.

Running out of the room, he dashed down the hall, laughing as she chased after him. He waved at a few students in the halls on their way to lunch, chuckling even harder at the bewildered looks on their faces. Not to far from the great hall, he ducked into a little alcove, and once Hermione had run past, jumped out and began chasing her.

"Better speed up there Mya, I've just about got you," he yelled, causing her to yelp in surprise when she realised she was now being chased instead of chasing.

Not quite completely aware of her surroundings, she ran into the great hall, still laughing at Fred's antics. As he finally grabbed her in a hug from behind, she became aware that they were being stared at by the staff and students, many of whom were fighting back giggles and laughs.

"Nothing like a good game of tag to get your appetite going, is there Albus?" Fred called as he grabbed a very embarrassed Hermione's hand and pulled her to the Hufflepuff teacher.

"Fred, what are you doing?"

"Hi, may we sit here?" Fred asked one of the third year Hufflepuffs, Lysa O'Leary, who had been in their class earlier.

"Uh, sure Professor," Lysa nodded after a minute.

"Mya and I thought it'd be nice to get to know our students better, and learn a little more about the school," Fred spoke loud enough for the great hall to hear as he carefully sat himself on the bench. "So we'll be switching tables every meal in an attempt to get to know everyone."

"That's kind of cool," another student said. "None of the other professors do that."

"That's because they're all a bunch of old fusspots," he whispered conspiratorially, bringing a round of giggles from the students who heard.

"Greg," Hermione gave him a reproving glare.

"Sorry love," he immediately apologised.

"Professor Mya's got you whipped," one of the older boys chuckled, than immediately froze, eyes wide, once he realised that what he said might be too disrespectful.

"And quite happily too," Fred replied immediately, bringing some sighs of relief.

As the students engaged them both in conversation, Fred couldn't help but smile as he watched Hermione. She was a natural teacher, and great with the kids. He had come up with the idea of sitting with the students originally to help her keep her mind off of Harry and everyone else. And it was working, quite well too.

"She'll make a wonderful mum someday," he thought as he watched her teach some of the younger girls a hand clapping rhyme that would help them memorise a series of potion ingredient interactions that would result in explosions.

Very useful to know, he thought to himself. Too bad he couldn't have remembered some of those when he and George were working on their potion. Though that honesty hadn't been his fault. He and Hermione had gone over everything he and George had put in, along with some of the things he remembered lying around. However, they hadn't been able to come up with the reason why it exploded, except for the fact that it had.

As the thought about her making a great mum crossed his mind, he was rather surprised to realise he had been envisioning her with their children for a moment. He shook his head to get rid of that thought. He continued to watch her though, a smile playing about his lips as he let his imagination entertain the idea of them as a true family. He could argue that they already were, as they were married, and staying together semi-willingly. But he considered love to be crucial for a marriage, and that was something they didn't have.

"Ready to go Greg? We've class coming up," Hermione's voice interrupted his musings.

"Ready when you are love," he smiled cheekily, standing up. As he passed the Gryffindor table, he reached out and poked Sirius in the shoulder. "TAG! You're it!" And promptly took off running.

"Ignore him," Hermione added in disbelief as she walked calmly past. "He's had too much sugar I think."

"No worries Professor," Lily smiled.

"Good. See you all Thursday then," Hermione nodded, and left the great hall to catch up with Fred.


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