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Now for the question on everyone's mind what's going to happen to our favorite pair of star-crossed-lovers? Lets read and find out!

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'Damnit now what am I going to do?' a very disgruntled fire prince thought. He already felt dishonorable about killing a woman especially while she was sleeping but now that she was awake. 'I can't do it, but she still has to disappear.' with that thought going through his head he took the back of his knife and hit Katara over the head with it, she fell to the ground the last thought on her mind was 'what's going on?'


Another cannon had been fired again the earth shook as it landed outside her house quickly making up his mind he wrapped the girl up in a blanket and snuck out of her house unnoticed he was going to stop this madness 'Idiots I told them the village was not to be touched' he thought, he heard women and children screaming calling out to see if there family was ok the smoke was so think he could barely see where he was going 'I need to stop this quickly' as he thought that he pulled the girl closer to his chest and ran as fast as he could back to his boat. As soon as he placed the girl down, he started the engines and went back to the main ship.

As soon as he got on board Zuko went swiftly to stop the madness.

"You there!" he yelled at a sailor "What the bloody hell is going on? I told you no one touches the village!"

"But sir Commander Zhao told us to fire off the cannons!" the man said fearing for his life.

"Where is he?" Zuko asked his voice low and dangerous.

"At the stern sir.(I think that's what it's called in ship terminology err the front of the boat? Please correct me if I'm wrong.)" the sailor said, by the time he had finished Zuko was gone.

"Zhao!" he called when he spotted the Commander "What in the name of Agni do you think you're doing?"

"But sire." Zhao said still amazed Zuko was alive "They're just peasants and need to be taught a lesson for bowing to someone other than their lord." he said as though that justified everything he was doing.

"I told you not to touch the village now stop firing and pull out!" Zuko said.

"But sire-" the Commander began

"That's an order." the fire prince said and walked away, he had to get the girl to his cambers before anyone found her. He walked back to where he had set her down, now there was the problem of moving her without anyone noticing. He looked over to see a sack hanging on the wall 'that just might be big enough' he thought walking over to the sack and pulling it off the wall then looked back at the girl to compare sizes. He decided that it worked and slowly pulled the girl up and gently set her in the bag noticing that she was bleeding from where he struck her with the back of the knife. 'That will have to be looked at quickly' he put the sack cover over her head picked it up and walked out. The hallways where thankfully empty, he made it to his rooms with out incident. He stepped inside pulled the girl out of the sack and put her on the bed. He went and got some water from his room and gently cleaned the wound he had inflicted upon her soft skin, and then laid her down his bed taking in her beauty before walking out of the room and locking the door. The ship had finally started to move away from the village 'away to the fire nation' he thought and then the girl came back to his mind 'I can't take her back to the fire nation she'll be found by my father in a heart beat, but who can I trust to take care of her?' he walked to the main cabin where the Commander and Captain where.

"Ahh Prince Zuko I just told the Captain to set a course for the Fire Nation." came Zhao's voice.

"No." the prince said.

"I beg your pardon sire?" Zhao asked again

"I said no Captain set a course for Genera Iroh's home I need to ask him for a favor." Zuko said.

"But my lord." the Commander started.

"It has been along time since I have seen my uncle I think it's time I pay him a visit." Zuko replied then walked out of the cabin back to his rooms unlocked the door. The girl was stirring and night was at it's blackest time so she couldn't see him, he thanked Agni for that or else this would have been much harder.

"Huh?" Katara said upon waking.

"Welcome back." a voice came from the far side of the room

"Who's there?" Katara said sitting up and looking around 'Why is it so dark in here?'

"I am called the Blue Spirit and I have saved you." the voice said.


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