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I'm going to make it absolutely clear Katara doesn't know who Zuko is, and Zuko is theBlue Spirit but for the main part I'm just gonna refer to him as Zuko, now I'm not telling you this because I doubt your intelligence it's just sometimes I get really confusing with my writings so please forgive me


"You saved me?" Katara asked.(oh and I'm sorry about last chapter where my brain went into mental overload and I said "I have said you." it was suppose to be "I have saved you" ok now after me trying to save my dignity as a writer on with the story.)

"Yes." said the black mass over in the corner. Zuko was waiting for the awe to ware off and for her to start professing her eternal gratitude when his thought process was rudely interrupted shrill voice going.

"I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU DID THAT YOU JERK!" came from the girl's mouth.

"Excuse me? Have you missed the part where I saved your life?" Zuko didn't know what to think the girls at the palace usually gushed at the mere sight of his presents and yet here was this water tribe peasant yelling at him for saving her life and defying his countries law not only that but his own fathers too!

"Yes, and I thank you for that but what about my people, my family my home! Oh it would have been better had you just left me there." Katara said annoyed that this man had the impudence to pluck her out of her own room while her village was being attacked.

"Now I demand that you turn this ship around and let me go!" she said while trying to get out of the bed.

"You shouldn't get out of bed." Zuko said to her.

"Why?" she asked and got out of the bed then took about three steps only to collapse on the floor.

"Because you most likely have a concussion from where you were hit." the man in the mask said and walked over to her and put her on the bed. While he did this Katara studied the mask which then brought up the question...

"Why won't you let me see your face?" she asked

"Because it would be too dangerous." he replied.

"Why was my village attacked?" she asked after a brief pause.

"Because the fire nation wants you dead." he stated flatly.

"Oh" she said and then "Why did you save me?"

"You ask too many questions." the man said. In truth Zuko didn't know why he'd saved her.

"Now stay in that bed, the sun will be rising in two hours. If anyone knocks on the door don't answer don't move, no one knows you are here and we need to keep it that way." he said and then walked out of the room all together.

Zuko walked back to the captain's cabin

"How long will it take us to reach my uncle?" he asked.

"Three weeks sir." the man replied.

"Good, how are our supplies holding up?" he went on.

"We'll need to stop soon sir we only had enough to get us to the fire nation and back." he answered.

"Fine if anyone needs me I'll be training." he said and started for the bow. What Zuko had failed to notice was that it wasn't only him and the captain in the room.

"He's been acting strange." Zhao said stepping from the shadows.

'Punch, Kick, and Punch again, Dodge, Kick.' Zuko thought as he trained with one of the soldiers. 'Look for the weakness focus' looked at the soldier he had most of his weight centered on one leg. 'That's it'. Zuko brought his foot forward and hooked it on the calf of the soldier then pulled forward and watched with satisfaction as the soldier fell down.


Ok I highly doubt that Zuko would have been that calm when Katara yelled at him but this is kind of what I thought he'd be like had his father not burned and banished him. I'm sorry for some OOC that I know is going on but it will get better I promise you guys.

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