Ch 1 gohans fed up

It had only been three weeks since gohan had joined orange star high school and in those three weeks one videl satan had made his high school experience hell. She was always trying to trick him and get him to say something about himself and she was always staring at him and yelling at him for no reason. Gohan ddint know how much longer he would be able to stand the girl, at first he had a little bit of a crush on her, even though she kind of reminded him of his mother, but now she was seriously starting to get to him, he was almost on the verge of saying he hated her, a emotion he only felt towards the enemies he's faced in the past.

It was Friday and gohan couldn't wait to get done with class and have the whole weekend to spar with gotten, trunks and vegeta. (In this story gohan never stopped training because he knew one day that the peace would end and he would be called to fight again).

Gohans head slowly started to fall onto his desk as he listened to his advanced calculus 2 teacher go on about something or another.

Videl who was listening to the teacher talk looked around the room to see who was listening to the teacher and who wasn't. she wasn't surprised to find the usual students asleep like the jocks, the preppies and a few others, but just as she was about to turn back to the teacher a face hitting there desk caught her attention. It was gohan, resident dork of orange star high school. Oh how she hated that teen at times, he never told her anything she wanted to know about himself and a few times he even told her to leave him alone and that it wasn't her business. She couldn't believe the nerve of that boy, she was hercule satan's daughter she had a right to any information she wanted, or so she thought. As much as she hated being compared to her father and the way he acted she failed to see that a lot of his traits had been passed onto her, especially cockiness.

Gohan woke up just as the bell rung signaling the end of the class period, he had just one more class to go to before the school ended and he could get out of the hell hole. He packed up his stuff and made his way to the door and out into the hallway before he was pulled back into the class room by some unknown force, well unknown for about two seconds that is. He realized the force that pulled him back in was none other than the she-bitch her self, videl, what did she want now.

" gohan I know your hiding secrets I can tell, I want to know what it is your hiding and I want to know now or your not going to be leaving this classroom" videl stated in a very annoyed tone, she wanted answers and she wanted them NOW.

Gohan could not believe the nerve of this girl, she thought that just because she was that frauds daughter that everybody and there momma had to bow down to her and do whatever it is that she wanted them to do. Gohan decided that she was going to get a piece of his mind, he was finally going to tell this stuck up bitch how he truly felt about her and the way she treated people.

"Videl I don't give a shit that your that frauds daughter…"

Tune in next time to see what gohan says to videl. The next installment of the story will be out soon, very soon.

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