Even If You Cannot Hear

By Kay

Disclaimer: If I owned Everworld, several fans out there would be very, very unhappy.

Author's Notes: Angsty out of the blue death!fic makes me happy. (blush) Sorry it's so dramatic and... ick and all. Thanks for reading! To all those that come back, oh my gosh, you should email me sometime just so we can babble EW love together.

They don't need the words anymore. Jalil coughs and it bubbles out black, a squelching noise that covers anything he may have tried to say, anyway.

Christopher is distantly aware that he's cursing- violently, wretchedly, making all sorts of weird bribes and promises like it will count for something; and it won't, Christopher's credit has all dried up- but it's hard to listen to it, like if he tunes into what's spilling out his mouth he'll realize it's pretty much the same thing as Jalil's, just bleeding it out, just worthless exposition.

The world narrows down when he's with Jalil. It's like looking down a hallway that gradually tapers to a point- Christopher thinks it's an illusion, but the trap is a reality. It takes a few tortured heartfelt confessions over the cover of alcohol, even fewer cautious touches that burn fingerprints into Christopher's ribcage, and now he's so caught up in it that the words aren't needed anymore, and the jerking, half-choked, "I'll hate you if you… I lovedon't, don't do this…" becomes lost in the conclusion.

Jalil twists under his hands, and falls still.

They don't need the words anymore, it's not like Jalil ever listens to him even if they do. Christopher finds himself saying them, anyway, because maybe he's looking for a magic spell or something, anything, so long as it will take away the dreadful silence left in his wake.