A Parody of Christmas Carols

An Outsiders Comedy

Yeah, ok, I'm bored, and I decided to make a play on a whole bunch of popular Christmas songs. It's all Outsiders style...because that's the stuff I can write... Anyways, enjoy!

Jingle Bells

ENTER: Dally, Two Bit, Soda and Pony. Soda starts singing.

Soda: Jingle Bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way

Dally: I never got that…all the way to where?

Pony: Dal, it's just a song. Christmas songs rarely make sense.

Dally: Yeah, but I want to know where they're going, and why the heck they're taking bells with them!

Pony: Why should that matter though?

Soda: Can I finish please?

Two Bit: No, no me…oh, pick me. Let me do it!

Soda: sighs Fine, go ahead.

Two Bit: Oh what fun it is to go out drinking beer all day!

Dally: That's not how it goes idiot!

Two Bit: Who asked you?

Dally: Do you want to take this outside, punk?

Two Bit: Bring it on!

Pony: OK! Lets finish this darn song before someone loses an eye.

Soda: Dashing through the snow…

Pony: Why would you dash? Why not take your time?

Soda: I don't know. Just the way the writer wrote it I guess. Maybe he was in a hurry or something?

Pony: Oh well…In a one horse open sleigh…

Two Bit: Why couldn't they use a cow or something like that?

Pony: Oh come on, have you ever heard of a one cow open sleigh?

Two Bit: No…but…oh, never mind. Over the hills we go…

Dally: Tulsa doesn't have hills.

Pony: Who cares?

Dally: Laughing all the way… wait…what could possibly be so funny about a horse and jingle bells?

Pony: Well…I don't know…what is so funny about that?

Soda: That's a good question…

Two Bit: Maybe the horse is trying to eat the jingle bells.

Silence Two Bit: It was only a thought…

Soda: Bells on bob tail ring…what the heck is a bob tail?

Two Bit: Maybe a guy named Bob has a tail and bells are attached to it…

Silence again.

Two Bit: K, I'm just gonna stop talking.

Pony: Good plan…Making spirits bright.

Dally: So THAT'S why they're happy. It's those bells.

Soda: That's it then. It's the bells. Maybe they're magical.

Dally: What fun it is to laugh and sing a sleighing song tonight!

Soda: Is it just me…or was that not fun. I'm not laughing, and I just sang.

Pony: That was so pointless. Come on guys, lets go.

They all leave. Two Bit stays behind.

Two Bit: Well...I thought it was fun...hey guys, wait for me!

End Scene.

Is it just me, or was that ending also pointless. I couldn't think of a better way to end it...so...yea. Tell me what you think, and I'll write some more chapters later.