A Parody of Christmas Carols

An Outsiders Comedy


Opens on Soda, Pony, Darry, Steve and Two Bit in church on a Sunday morning.

Pony: (whispering) Can you guys please quiet down!

Steve: This is soooo boring though.

Darry: Listen up you guys, the preacher's talking.

(The preacher is up at the pulpit praying.)

Steve: Hey Soda, hand me that hymnbook.

(Soda hands Steve the hymnbook and Steve opens it up and immediately drops it. The preacher stops praying and looks up.)

Preacher: What child is this who dropped a hymnbook and interrupted my prayer in the service?

Steve: Uh…It was me, Steve Randle, forgive me please, I was just a little bored….

Darry: stands up) This, this is why I don't take you or Soda anywhere.

Soda: This, this, was not my fault, it was all him and Two Bit…

Two Bit: What lie is this, that you have told, I didn't have anything to do with it.

Soda: That would be a first.

Darry: I'm pretty sure that we should go and never show our face again.

Pony: This, this is so embarrassing. I don't think I can take it.

Soda: This, this was all that Steve. I think that he should leave now.

Preacher: What child was that who blamed his friend, even though he was a culprit.

Pony: I'm sorry sir, it was my brother. He's really not that bad at all.

Soda: This, this, is why I love my brother so very much.

Steve: This, this is why, dear Pony, you bug me more than anything.

Preacher: Ok, may I continue please?

Darry: Please do.

(He starts praying again.)

Steve: (whispering) Hey Soda…

Soda: NO!


Ok, I know this one wasn't as good. It was a request from somone, which is why it wasn't as good.