Chapter Eleven: The Moon

The clouds were hiding it, but it was almost certainly there. The moon and all it's full glory was waiting to show itself, making Severus nervous. He had never watched over a werewolf... They sat in silence, waiting. The Shack was pitch black, but Severus had his wand lit, as well as a few dusty candles. Though air between the two men was calm, the tension of what was about to happen made it rather uncomfortable. Remus was used to this, turning from human to wolf and back again within the span of twelve hours... but Severus was a completely different matter. He looked paler than usual, his eyes unblinking and fixed on a rotting floorboard. After a while, the silence began to get to both of them and Remus stood, taking in a deep breath.

"I'd very much appreciate it if you held me." Remus said, trying to make his voice sound as relaxed as possible. Things could always go wrong during a transformation, and he worried if this was going to be one of those instances.

Severus raised an eyebrow, "Excuse me, Lupin?"

"You need to hold me. If I don't have an anchor - someone to hold me while I transform, I might break my back... I don't usually have someone here to assist me... and if it's not too much trouble..."

Severus blanched. "Oh! Of course." He said, scrambling out of the old moldy chair. He pursed his lips as he approached Remus, wrapping his arms around the man's middle, holding him tight. Their bodies were pressed against each other, and Severus could feel Remus' breath on his neck. Their breathing was harsh and shallow, and their hearts were beating in time. This would be rather nice if the circumstances were different, Severus thought to himself, avoiding Remus' gaze. The werewolf was so warm against his body... so soft...

Then, suddenly, a sliver of moonlight illuminated the room. Remus howled in pain, and the transformation began. Severus struggled to keep hold of him while he flailed, his clothes ripping off, and falling to the floor in shreds. His naked body convulsed and twisted, until it finally took the form of a man-sized wolf. Aside from the few scratches to his neck he had received due to Remus' flailing, Severus was unharmed.

The werewolf broke free and stood there, whimpering. He blinked up at Severus; his eye color had changed from his usual warm blue to a wild mix of gold and green. Letting out a small howl, Severus thought that he sounded almost friendly. The Potions master looked down at him, getting a grip on himself.

"Hello, Remus." He said, that being the only thing that came to mind. The wolf blinked, and then leaned forward, nuzzling Severus' leg.

"I suppose that is how you greet?" He asked, truly wanting to observe. He turned his back to Remus, sitting in a chair nearby. Severus looked as if he expected to see something even more extraordinary than the transformation happen. Remus the wolf just sat there, blinking. They stared at each other for a moment, until Remus decided to walk over and take hold of one of Severus' boots and begin to gnaw.

"What're you doing?" He asked, irritated, and then realized that he wasn't gnawing hard enough to cause damage. Severus then smiled softly and watched as Remus took the boot and bounded onto the bed, yelping cheerfully.

They kept themselves busy that night, Severus watching Remus play with his boots, run in circles, and scratch. They even played with each other - Severus holding a boot, and Remus trying to get it from him with his teeth... and even though he hated to admit it, Severus thought it to be quite amusing.

The night sky began to fade into a light purple, and the stars began to burn out as their playing came to an end. Severus lie on the bed, very tired, with Remus the wolf curled up next to him. The Potions master was running a hand through his fur, taking in the soft feeling of the ginger hairs between his fingers. It was quite soothing to both of them, and Remus couldn't help but relish in the fact that Severus was touching him quite lovingly.

Their moment of gentleness was interrupted as Remus got to his feet on the bed suddenly as the first rays of sun glittered through the curtains. He pressed himself against Severus, burying his head in his arms. Severus, now alert, held the wolf again, and watched as he again flailed and howled, his body stretching and twitching. After it was all over, a naked and sweating Remus was clutched onto him, their bodies entwined in an embrace. The lycanthrope drew his head back to look at Severus, his eyes still gold and green. The wolf hadn't left him completely, and Remus stared, his breath hitching. Their hearts were beating again in time, and their faces were inches apart...

"...Remus?" Severus asked quietly, getting lost in the exotic orbs of Remus' eyes. He could smell the heat coming from the werewolf, the sexual musk that was now making his abdomen twitch. The werewolf lowered his face closer to the Potion master's, and their lips met fiercely, Remus letting out a small appreciative moan.

Severus drank it in, feeling pleasure at the feeling of Remus' stubble against his face. This was far more erotic than it was in the forest, and the crotch of Severus' trousers were beginning to get rather tight around his growing erection.

Then a thought suddenly struck Severus as Remus began to trail his fingers through the other man's hair - what if this was just the wolf needing to mate?

Severus broke the kiss and tossed Remus to the side, sitting up. His face was red and his hair slightly mussed. "How long does the wolf stay in you?" Severus asked. Remus sat up, apparently totally unabashed that he was naked in front of Severus.

"Just a couple more hours..." He said calmly. His voice was distinctly different - it was deeper, huskier... and to Severus' dismay, sexier.

Remus kissed Severus again, and this time, influenced by that silken voice and feeling of a seemingly inescapable hardness between his legs, his kissed back, letting the lycanthrope climb on top of him.

Soon Remus' hand began to wonder down Severus' chest once more, pulling at the buttons of his shirt. In between kisses Severus moaned, his back arching at the feel of fingers on his chest as his shirt was tossed aside.

"You took care of me..." Remus said softly before kissing Severus passionately again, "No one has taken the time to help me like that in years..."

"Anytime..." Severus replied, kissing Remus' neck. How he had longed for this... The werewolf smiled as he unbuckled the Potion master's belt, then slowly unzipped his pants. He slid his fingers inside and grasped Severus' arousal firmly.

"Severus..." Remus called huskily, trailing his lips across Severus' collarbones. The Potions master gasped, his hips jerking. It felt so good, he thought to himself as his eyes fluttered. Sliding Severus' trousers down, the lycanthrope exposed the man's cock as he stroked it, and watching as drops of precome oozed out of the head.

Severus' back arched, and then he felt it; Remus had a very hard erection of his own, and it was pressing into Severus' thigh. The Potions master - by no means, was going to let it go ignored. He snaked his arm between Remus legs, took hold of his cock and began to wank it slowly, causing Remus' eyes to open wide with surprise and lust. Severus smirked up at his werewolf companion, licking his lips.

As the sun came up, they pleasured each other, the bond between them growing with every moan, gasp, and mutter of the occasional encouraging word. Once they found each other's rhythm they lie, bodies pressed, looking into each other's eyes. As the rhythm became faster, their hips began to jerk, and their lips met before both men threw their heads back in release as their orgasms came within seconds of each other, and hot seed was spilled on chests.

Severus noted that Remus' eyes had turned blue ages ago, but feeling this close to the werewolf was something he wanted to savor. After the pleasure, they held each other, making sure that one another was warm. They soon fell asleep, feeling more contented than they had in a very, very long time.