Sam and Austin were walking under the stars one perfect spring evening, holding hands. They had been at Princeston for 3 years now, and there relationship had only grown and grown, they were now one. Both were doing good in school. Austin was a English Major, Sam was studing the arts, they had some classes together. Both had made great friend thier, especially thier roomates, and kept in good touch with old friends if wanted, maturing.

This night was a special night, Austin gave her one pink rose upon arriving to her dorm, neither dressed to fancy. Austin in a little dressy suit. Sam in a slender light blue sparkly dress ( both still looked the same.) Austin had rented a cozy little condo for the evening and deckorated it up with her paintings and awards, to symbolize her. After eating a delicious candlelit dinner while watching the sunset, they walked barefoot along the whole beach, kissing and holding hands. When at the end, they danced for a little while under the moonlight, and walked under the starts back to the dorms. " Sam.." Austin finally said.. she squezzed his hand tight "Yes.." she looked up at him and smiled, and that along with her deep hazel eyes he felt weak, and so did she. " We have been dating a long long time now, and i have to tell you something. He took out a sparkly silver locket and said open it. Crying she did so, and engraved on one side was her name and on the other was his, it said i love you bye his name. She kissed him one last time, long and tender and whispered into his ear. "I love you to, i don't have a gift though.." he wiped away her tears.

" That is okay, the best gift from you was you saing you loved me to, i am glad i never said it to you before, i wanted it to be special when we said it to each other..but not elegant.. you know." She hugged him " Yes" They just stood there for the longest time, staring into each others eyes and holding hands. " Um.. i gotta get back up to my room or Alecia will flip..and the guards won't let me back in. She took the locket and its beautiful case from him, kissed and hugged him one more time. " Thanks for a wonderful evening." He added " Yes, thank you, and same here, Bryce will flip to and our guards are even laughed and said goodbye. Both daydreaming the whole time, feeling strong and yet on Austin's mind was something more.. ideas for the perfect proposal on the perfect day.