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Chapter 1

"Hello, is this Miami Dade Crime Lab?" a voice said into the phone.

"Yes, this is, who is this and why do u ask?" Lt. Horatio Caine asked into the phone.

"I'm Officer Bradley from the local sheriffs department and I was told to inform you guys in CSI if we found a body, and we have."

"Okay," Horatio replied, "where is the body?"

"It is in the estate of Bill Dale, off of 3rd Street," Officer Bradley said.

"Yes, I know where that is. I'll send some of my team down there," Horatio stated grimly. Although he was used to the sight of dead bodies, he never actually enjoyed seeing them.

"Alright, thanks," Officer Bradley said into the phone and hung up.

Horatio hung up sighing. Who could he spare right now to check out this body, and where had he heard Officer Bradley's voice before? Right now, however, it didn't matter because Horatio and his team had a case to solve. Then, walking at a brisk pace, Horatio Caine went to inform his team what was going to happen. When Horatio got to where his team was, he was glad to see that they were already together in a group so now he didn't have to assemble them together.

"Ryan, Calleigh, I need you two to go to a Mr. Bill Dale's estate. Do you know where it is?" Horatio asked the two.

Ryan Wolfe, a rookie in CSI, nodded while Calleigh answered smiling, "Yes H, it's sort of hard not to know where he lives, him being one of the richest people living here in Miami."

"Ok, good, you two are good to go. Now Eric, you and I areā€¦" Horatio's voice faded away as Ryan and Calleigh left with their Crime Lab kits.

When they got to the special CSI Hummer, Ryan made his way to the driver's side, when Calleigh stopped him. "No, Ryan, superiors get to drive before rookies."

Ryan smiled and said, "You just want to test out the new cars!"

"So?" Calleigh retorted, not returning the smile.

After about a 5-minute car ride, Ryan and Calleigh arrived, expecting to see the officer Horatio had gotten this information from. However, they were surprised to find that he was not there to greet them and show them where the body was.

"Well, the gate's opened," Ryan said, observing the scene," maybe they are at the body."

"Maybe," Calleigh replied, but something inside of her told her she was wrong, but she ignored it.

About a half an hour later, Calleigh and Ryan were done searching the Dale estate, finding nothing.

"Well, I'm going to call Horatio to tell him that the call was a fluke," Calleigh informed Ryan, who was taking pictures.

"Ok. You know, maybe the officer here was ambushed and the body was stolen or something," Ryan said doubtfully. "I'm taking pictures of things that were possibly left behind by someone, maybe the officer, the person who is supposedly dead, or the possible victim's murderer," Ryan started saying, only to realize Calleigh was already calling Horatio. He sighed, now used to being given the cold shoulder from his co-workers. They sort of held it against him that he replaced Tim Speedle who was fatefully killed in the line of duty.

"Okay," Ryan mumbled to himself, but was cut off when he heard a sudden sound behind him. Ryan spun around only to find himself looking into the barrel of a gun.

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