The Day Before Christmas

Chapter 1

Before going to Vidal's house so they can have breakfast and go to school together, Gohan had did instant transmission with Goten to the Briefs home, so Goten and Trunks can ride their bikes to school. After eating breakfast, the boys walk out of the house, took out there capsules, threw them to the ground and two bikes appear. They get on and quickly peddled off to school.

"Goten, after everyone went to bed, I went into the room where the Christmas presents were and I scanned five of them," said trunks. "I got the intergalactic force set and the four space bounty hunters action figures, which are from my dad and the other three presents had clothes and shoes in them that were from my grand parents. I'm sure if I had of scan some more of my presents, I would have found the bounty hunters space station."

"Those things weren't on your Christmas list and you wouldn't have never found out you had them until you scanned your presents Trunks."

"Yeah and this is the second Christmas that I have seen some of my Christmas presents before I open them and my mom and dad haven't suspected a thing and they never will. What did you get for Christmas Goten?"

"I got a remote control robot and a race track set from my mom and dad. I didn't want to look at the other two presents that were from Gohan and Vidal and, I almost got caught."

"Why Goten?" he asks, with a frown on his face. "Did you use the invisibility wrist brace I gave you?"

"Yeah but it didn't work."

"Did you press the turn on key I told you about?"

"Yeah but the wrist brace must have been broken because Gohan seen me standing at the closet door where the presents were in. Lucky for me I didn't have my hand on the door knob or he would have said something to me like he did last year, when he seen me coming out of the storage room in the garage."

"That doesn't mean anything Goten. Hopefully he didn't get suspicious. I need to check your invisibility wrist brace to see why it doesn't work because; I didn't have a problem with the invisibility wrist brace that I was wearing. I put a lot of work in creating those wrist braces... with moms help of course but there still shouldn't be anything wrong with yours."

The two boys ride up to the bike wracks at their school and their two friends Naoko and Myung-Dae, Oko and Dae for short, were waiting for them.

"What did you guys get?" Ask Oko in excitement.

"Yeah! What presents did you guys get?" ask Dae in excitement also.

"I got a remote control robot, a race car track set, which included the cars. I didn't see what was in my other two presents." Said Goten smiling.

"I scan more than ten presents but the one I wanted to tell you guys about is, the T, Rex Forty Air Cycle with a red bow on it!" He said jumping up and down in excitement.

"You're serious!" Said the three boys being thrilled about what Trunks told them.

"Why didn't you tell me Trunks?" Ask Goten.

"I wanted to surprise you guys with the good news." He said smiling.

"In other words, you wanted to brag." Said Goten frowning.

"Wow, you're so lucky trunks." Said Oko smiling at him.

"I wish my parents were able to afford to get me a T, Rex Forty Air Cycle." Said Dae.

"I'm a Brief, we can afford to buy anything and, I'm going to ride my new air cycle to school tomorrow."

"Tomorrow!" said the three boys looking shock.

"Trunks, how are you going to do that?" Ask Goten wondering. "You wont be able to get away with that."

"Yes I can." He takes out a device and shows it to them. "I call this my instant cloning gadget. I'm going to clone my air cycle and none of my peoples will ever know it's gone. I'm a genius."

"Yeah Trunks, this is a great idea." said Dae looking amazed.

"You are definitely a genius." Said Oko.

"Trunks, are you sure that you can get away with this?" Ask Goten being unsure. "What if something's wrong with that gadget?"

"I help create this device with my grandfather and it was tested over and over again to make sure there was nothing wrong with it. Believe me, I wouldn't use this thing if it couldn't be trusted to work."

"I hope you're right Trunks." Said Goten.

"You'll find out tomorrow." Said Trunks smiling at Goten.

Meanwhile at the Briefs house, Vegeta and Bulma were having a heated conversation.

"I will not put on this stupid outfit woman!" Shouted Vegeta.

"Vegeta, I would never ask you to do this if it wasn't an emergency!" Shouted Bulma.

"I don't care Bulma! I'm a warrior not a fat blob that yells, ho ho ho, sitting on a sleigh with eight animals pulling him!"

"Vegeta! Stop thinking of yourself for once and think about those hundreds of kids who will miss out on seeing Santa Claus on Christmas Eve if its announced that he's not coming! I don't want to tell those kids that Santa was sick and he couldn't come, which is not the truth."

"Then tell them the truth, that Santa wouldn't come because he's a money hungry dope!"


"It's true! The idiot wanted more money, you refuse to give it to him and he walks off!" Goku and Chi-Chi walk into the living room.

"Hey guys," Greeted Goku.

"Kakarot! Take this!" He throws the outfit at him. "Now, there's your stupid Santa Claus!" He storms out the living room.

"Excuse me Goku and Chi-Chi... Vegetaaaa!" Bulma storms quickly after him.

"What's up with them?" said Chi-Chi.

Cursing and crashing noises came from the kitchen. Goku and Chi-Chi look towards the kitchen but didn't do anything because; they knew that this was normal for Bulma and Vegeta.

"Woman! Have you lost your mind? You'll kill me with that blasted meat thing!" Shouted Vegeta from the kitchen.

"Then I'll just revive you back with the Dragon Balls!" Shouted Bulma from the kitchen. Then the cursing and crashing noises start up again.

"Goku, how long do you think there fight will last this time?" ask Chi-Chi.

"I don't know Chi-Chi." He holds up the Santa Claus outfit. "I guess it all depends on what the fight is about.

Bulma comes storming out of the kitchen, into the living room and towards the front door.

"Lets go Chi-Chi, see you later Goku."

"Bye." Said Chi-Chi quickly kissing Goku, then hurries to catch up with Bulma.

Goku quickly goes into the kitchen to talk with Vegeta and finds him putting a lot of food on a platter and looking like he's been through warfare.

"Are we still going to spar Vegeta?"

"Of course kakarot! Nothing will ever keep me from doing that!" He gulps down the last of his food and drink. "Let's go." They both leave the house and walk towards the gravity room.

"I know your dying kakarot to ask about the Santa Claus outfit." Said Vegeta smirking at him. "But don't ask because I don't want to talk about it."

"Find with me, I'm just here to spar with you," said Goku smiling.

"Liar." Said Vegeta smirking at him.

Suddenly, they both sense something really strong coming towards the earth.

"Aah, looks like someone's coming to earth." Said goku smiling and looking up at the sky. "And they're really strong.

"You talk like it's nothing kakarot."

"If they were evil Vegeta, we would have sense it."

"Don't be fooled kakarot, they could be disguising themselves."

"I seriously doubt that, there they are." said Goku, seeing them in the sky. "It looks like they are on a sleigh... with eight reindeer?"

"This can't be real!" said Vegeta looking shock and watching them land on the ground. The three elves got out of the sleigh and walk over towards Goku and Vegeta.

"Merry Christmas." Greeted the three elves smiling from ear to ear.