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The Day Before Christmas

Chapter 5.

"What kind of deal do you have in mind?" Ask Goku with a stern voice. "If it has to do with stopping Santa Claus from doing his work, forget it!"

"I don't want to stop Santa Claus from his job, just add on to it."

"What do you mean, just add on to it?" ask Goku in curiosity.

"I want to merge my workshop with Santa's." said The Toy Maker with an evil look. Santa Claus hearing this started muffling loud and wiggling violently in his chair.

"Looks like the big guy, doesn't want to do business with you." Said Vegeta with a grin and folding his arms.

"He doesn't have a say in the matter." Said The Toy Maker.

"Are you asking me not to fight you and Santa Claus will live?" ask Goku.

"Yeah, and your friend too. You don't have a choice, since Santa's life is in my hands."

"It's not my choice to make; you will have to talk with Mrs. Claus." Said Goku, not mentioning that Mrs. Claus turn him down.

"You mean there three advisors, Dingo, Bingo and Amigo. Mrs. Claus won't see me and they aren't any help as well."

"That's what you think." Said the voices of the three elves that suddenly appear next to Goku.

"You didn't get back with us Goku and we needed to find out were you okay. We also convinced Mrs. Claus to change her mind about you as well."

"Whooptido! What does that suppose to mean?" Ask The Toy Maker sarcastically. "Look! Your precious leader dies if these Saiyans fight me! Plus you three will be seeing more of me since I'm combining my workshop with Santa's."

"That will never happen! You'll die first!" Said the three elves in anger, as they power up to blast The Toy Maker.

"You've got to be kidding!" Said The Toy Maker giving them a look. "You three fight me? Your hats must be on you heads to tight! It's your funeral." He starts powering up to blast the three elves. The three elves and The Toy Maker started shooting at each other.

"Vegeta! Keep watch, while I go get Santa Claus!" Goku takes off running towards Santa Claus and The Toy Maker sees him. He uses his mind power to up root three very tall and wide trees then sends them flying rapidly towards Goku and Santa Claus. Vegeta sees the trees coming really fast from afar.

"Look out for those trees Kakarot!" Goku looks up and sees the trees almost too late but he instantly disappears with Santa Claus and reappears back over by Vegeta. Goku sighs.

"That was to close." He puts his two fingers to his head to disappear. I'll be right back Vegeta. He disappears with Santa Claus and reappears in his mansion next to his Santa's wife.

"Here he is Mrs. Claus, safe and sound, see ya!" he quickly put his two fingers to his head and disappears once again then reappears back in the spot were Vegeta was and he saw Vegeta in his super saiyan two form fighting along side of the three elves.

"I guess I better join them." Said Goku with a smirk and transforming into super saiyan three. The Toy Maker seeing Goku coming disappears.

"Ah man! He didn't have to leave on my account." Said Goku, feeling disappointed because he wanted to fight.

"He left because he was outclassed. I'm sure we've seen the last of him." Said Vegeta.

"Not so." Said the three elves with concern. "The Toy Maker is a very crafty elf. Now since his plans were ruin, he's going to try something else.

World literature had just ended for Gohan, Videl, Erasa and Sharpener. They said there goodbyes to each other and went there separate ways. Gohans next class doesn't start until forty five minutes, so he decides to go to the library to read and check out some books. After Gohan had got the books he wanted, he turns the corner and collides with Eastlyn. She bounced off him like a rubber ball and went flying rapidly along with her books but Gohan ran super fast with out anyone noticing him and past up Eastlyn to move the table out the way so she wouldn't land on it and catches her into his arms. They both crashed on the floor and everyone turn there heads to look but immediately went back to what they were doing except for Angela, who happen to be in the library at the time and seen Eastlyn in Gohans arms like they were kissing each other. She takes out her digital camera and snaps a picture. She walks away from Gohan and Eastlyn at a normal pace, and the moment she steps out of the library, she takes off like a jet over to the college newspaper office.

"I have something that you guys need to see and print.

"Angela, you know we already sent out our last Spit Gossip newsletter in the first week of December to end the year." Said Red giving her a look. "My staff and I already had to see Dean Hilbrant for the last newsletter that was written about the food shack servicing people spoiled Danishes and we got a warning. I don't need Dean Hilbrant on my case."

"But the food shack does serve spoiled Danishes." She said giving him a look.

"Dean Hilbrant doesn't consider that to be gossip and feels it should have never been printed."

"Dean Hilbrant doesn't get it!" Said Angela sighing. "What is the use of having a gossip newsletter, if there's no juicy gossip in it? I have something that will cause turmoil between Videl, Gohan, Eastlyn and Sharpener." Said Angela taking the picture chip out her camera and giving it to Red. He takes the picture chip and puts it through the picture slit on his laptop and pressed a key on the keyboard to download the picture, then it appears on the screen.

"This is it?" Ask red giving a look and pointing at the picture. "How is this going to cause any chaos?"

"Get a good look Red! Doesn't that look like they are going to kiss each other?" She asks pointing at the picture.

"No, it looks like she slams into Gohan, bounces off him like a rubber ball, he caught her into his arms to keep her from landing on something, then they crash on the floor together. There's no way anyone is going to believe this picture and like I told you, Spit Gossip is finished and will start up again in January."

"Okay then, since you're the genius, make this picture look believable without putting it in the newsletter! Besides Red, inquiring minds would want to know about this picture." She said with a sinister grin. Red like what Angela said and started changing the picture to make it look believable.

"There, that should do it and now I'll..."

"Now you will upload it on the world wide web?" she asks with a silly smile.

"That is so passé Angela. Watch and learn." Red starts typing really fast on his laptop and on the screen all kinds of shapes, letters and numbers were moving all over the place and a cell phone and TV appear, then suddenly all of those shapes, letters and numbers entered both the cell phone and TV. They finish uploading and a picture started to show Gohan and Eastlyn in the schools library sitting at the table with Gohan kissing Eastlyns hand and then getting up from the table walking away holding hands.

"I just uploaded this on every picture cell phone and satellite television in Japan, USA, Zimbabwe, including ours and etc. Those who don't have a picture phone, get to hear five different love phrases from Gohan and Eastlyn as ring tones."

"You can't be serious!" She said looking shock. "You were able to get there actual voices?"

"Yes," He turns the sound on. "Let's listen to them.

"I like you Gohan."

"I like you Eastlyn."

"Let's skip our next classes Eastlyn."

"Okay! Where are we to go Gohan?"

"To the wishing pond and throw our coins in Eastlyn."

Red turns off the sound and Angela gives him a, you've got to be kidding look.

"Okay, okay," said Red." Those are not love phrases or phrases but hey, at least everything else is excellent and to make a correction, the picture cell phones also have the five ring tones of Gohan and Eastlyn talking. Now, to keep this from coming back to me, I will delete this off of my laptop." He pressed a key and everything he did was deleted.

Gohan's fake conversation as a ring tone comes on Angela's phone and the picture of Gohan kissing Eastlyn's hand was on the phone as well. She answers it and turns on her speaker phone.

"Hello Flavor!"

"Angela! I have Gohan and Eastlyn on my picture phone holding hands and Gohan speaking was the ring tone!" Flavor said in excitement. Angela's phone beeps.

"Hold on Flavor, I have Lemon calling me on the other line. "What's up Lemon?"

"Girl, you will not believe what I'm about to tell you! I just heard Eastlyn as a ring tone and seen both Eastlyn and Gohan on my picture phone holding hands and leaving our schools library!" She said in an energized way. "Did you hear your ring tone of Eastlyn and seen Gohan and Eastlyn on your picture phone yet?"

"I sure did when Flavor called, who is on the other line as we speak. I wonder what's up with the four of them." She said and blinks one eye at Red with an evil smile "I thought Eastlyn and Sharpener was a couple. I'm sure Videl is hot right now."

"I'm sure she is. You know how she feels about girls trying to get with her man and since you said Sharpener's seeing Eastlyn, he might just go gangster on Gohan. I sense some major butt kicking about to happen!"

"So do I, gotta let you go Lemon, see ya." She gets off the other end with Lemon.

"Flavor! Lemon just told me the same thing you told me! I didn't get a chance to tell you but when you called a few minutes ago, I heard Gohan speaking as a ring tone and saw him kissing Eastlyn's hand on my picture phone."

"This is going to be the best gossip to end the year!" Said Flavor excitably. "See you later Angela!" Both girls get off there cell phones.

"This is great!" She said being thrilled "Now to go find out everybody's reaction especially Gohan, Eastlyn, Videl and Sharpener! My revenge is just too sweet! I definitely will have a Merry Christmas! Thank you so much Red," She starts to leave. "You are truly a genius." Angela walks out the door.

"That I am." said Red with a smug look.

Every classroom that had there TVs on and those who were on there cell phones, couldn't believe what was going on. Angela was thrilled at seeing the reactions from people. She goes back into the schools library and sits down at a table not to far from the table where Eastlyn and Gohan were. Angela sees Gohan and Eastlyn getting up from the table. She quickly grabs one of the books on the table to make herself look like she's so into reading that book. She eyeballs the both of them as they walk towards the door and out of the library. As Gohan and Eastlyn were walking and talking, people were staring, whispering to each other and snickering at them. They both didn't notice a thing until Erasa quickly walk up to them.

"Guys! I saw you both a minute ago on TV in my Computer Keyboarding one class and you were holding hands like you were a couple!" said Erasa with a frown.

"Erasa, what are you talking about? Eastlyn and me were not on TV!" He said giving her a look like she's lost her mind.

"You must have mistaken us for some other people and besides, we wouldn't be holding hands."

"That's right, you know I love Videl!"

"Way to go Gohan!" Said the first boy excitably and passing by.

"I didn't know you had it in you." Said the second boy passing by smiling.

"Dude, love the ring tones." Said the third boy passing by.

"Ring tones?" said Gohan as he turns on his picture cell phone to go listen to his ring tones but ends up first seeing the picture of him kissing Eastlyn's hand and becomes hysterical.

"Aaaah! I've got to see Videl!" He franticly runs away.

"Don't you have something to confess?" Ask Erasa, looking serious.

"No I don't! Didn't you notice when Gohan turned on his cell phone and how his reactions were after seeing that picture of us? That should be enough proof to show that me and Gohan are not seeing each other!"

"That's not what I meant!" She said sharply.

"Then what are you trying to say Erasa?" She asks with a frown.

"That you took Gohan's networking book and tape recorder out of his briefcase to make it look like he lost them because you like Gohan."

"I can't believe I'm hearing this! I found those things Erasa and was being a kind person by giving them back to him!"

"I know Gohan can be sometimes unorganized and forgetful but not continuously." said Erasa.

"He only lost two things; you make it sound like he's been losing things out of his briefcase everyday!"

"Far as I'm concern, two things are too much, when you come two days in a row giving him stuff that I believe you took out of his briefcase!" Sharpener walks up to them.

"I wonder what's up with Gohan. He zooms past me like a jet and nearly knocks me down. He seemed panic-stricken. Did he tell you guys what's wrong?" It remained silent for five seconds and Sharpener notice during that time frame, Erasa and Eastlyn intense angry stare at each other.

"What's wrong? And don't tell me theirs nothing wrong." He said with a serious look.

"I'm being accused of liking Gohan because I returned his networking book and tape recorder." She said with a frown.

"I had seen when Gohan put his networking book in his briefcase and losing his tape recorder is just a total joke!" Said Erasa sharply.

"The only reason why your saying these things because you seen Gohan and me holding hands on your class room TV set!"

"What?" Said Sharpener looking surprise. On Sharpeners phone, one of Gohans fake conversations comes on and this bothered him.

"What is this mess?" He said with a revolting look. "Why is Gohan a ring tone on my phone?" Sharpener opens up his picture phone to answer it but just before he starts to talk, he seen Gohan kissing Eastlyn's hand and he became enraged, his hair went up and expanded out as his eyes became like flaming red torches. He closes the phone and grabs Eastlyn's hand.

"Let's all go to Gohan and Videl!" They quickly walk away.

In the mean time, Videl was coming out of her class room when suddenly; Gohan appeared and grabs her from behind then disappears and reappears in front of Erasa, Sharpener and Eastlyn. The three of them had knocked each other down because Gohan and Videl scared them. Instantly, an angry Sharpener jumps up off the floor and gets into Gohans and Videls face.

"Are you guys' nuts?"

Videl pushed Sharpener back.

"Get out of my face! Gohan grab me and brought me over here!"

"I'm sorry guys but I had to quickly get us all together." Gohan said with a stern look. "I'm sure by now you all are aware of Eastlyn and me on your cell phones."

"And, on TVs." Said Erasa, frowning at Eastlyn.

"Eastlyn and you on cell phones and TVs? What are you two talking about?" ask Videl who was clueless to what they were saying.

"Let me show you." Said Sharpener opening up his cell phone to show her the picture of Gohan kissing Eastlyn's hand and plays the ring tone of Gohans fake conversation. Videl turns to Gohan and tries to keep from looking sad.

"Gohan, I refuse to believe this."

"I didn't kiss Eastlyn's hand!" said Gohan taking a hold of Videls hands and looking serious.

"It's true. Gohan never kissed my hand."

"Nor did I say that stupid ring tone. Who could have done this?" Wondered Gohan.

"Obviously an enemy." Said Sharpener.

"An enemy!" Said Eastlyn giving a look. I'm new at this school and this country. I don't have any enemies yet."

"Unfortunately, there are people in this world who treat others mean because they don't fit into their social club." Said Videl, "Maybe that's the reason you were targeted."

"We four haven't been at this college for long either." Said Erasa. "We shouldn't have any enemies at this school as well."

"Maybe not at this school but all of our lives, we lived and went to school in this country. So we have made some enemies." Said Gohan. "I was home schooled all of my life until, I started high school but that didn't keep me from making any enemies. Who ever did this obviously knows us and wanted to break up our friendship."

"Yeah," said the four of them in unison after understanding what Gohan said made since. Erasa and Videl went over to Eastlyn and give her a hug.

"I'm so sorry for accusing you of wanting Gohan for your boyfriend. Please forgive me." Said Erasa with tears slowly falling down her face.

"I forgive you Erasa." She said with a smile.

"The thought never entered my mind that you wanted to be with Gohan." Said Videl smiling.

"I'm so glad you didn't think that way." Eastlyn said smiling back at her.

"I'm sorry man, I went crazed when I seen you kissing Eastlyn's hand. I should have known better. You forgive me?" ask Sharpener with a smirk.

"Yeah man," Gohan and Sharpener grab each others wrist to signify there friendship. "It's all good.

I'm just glad this was all straightened out. Who ever did this, will soon see that there plan failed and will try something else."

"You sure about that Gohan?" Ask Sharpener.

"Trust me; they wouldn't have gone out of there way to do something this huge, if it wasn't vital. We just have to cleverly think this out in order to find out who did this."

Later on that late afternoon Trunks and Goten were sparing in the gravity room.

"Take this!" Screamed Trunks, shooting energy blast at Goten and he dodges it.

"Yeah! You miss me! You miss me! Ha! Ha! ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!" Sang Goten jumping up and down. But while Goten was laughing and singing, he didn't see that Trunks was controlling the energy blast and was bringing it back towards him. The blast hits Goten in the back and slams him up against the wall and drags him across it, then slams Goten to the floor.

"I bet you won't be singing and laughing now." Said Trunks with a devious smile. Goten slowly gets up and was angry.

"You're going to get it now Trunks!"

"What ever Goten, what are you going to do? Use the Kamehameha?" said Trunks mockingly. "That is your only best attack."

"No it's not!" Yelled Goten, as he quickly disappears and slams into Trunks after reappearing and before Trunks could hit the floor, Goten slams into Trunks again and starts kicking and punching Trunks so fast, Trunks couldn't see him nor stop him. Suddenly Goten stops kicking and punching Trunks, then picks him up with his mind power and throws Trunks through the door of the gravity room. Goten runs to the entry where the door once was and sees Trunks struggling to get up off the ground. Goten runs to his friend and tries to help him up but Trunks pushes him out the way in anger.

"Don't touch me! Where did you learn to fight like that because when we spared a few weeks ago, you didn't do this!"

"I've been training with my dad and Gohan. They are always tough to train with. They gave me a good beating but I eventually became the victor plus, they showed me some new stuff and some of it I did on you."

"Some of it? What else did you learn?" ask Trunks being curious.

"You'll find out when we spar again." Said Goten smirking. The two boys started to walk towards the house, when The Toy Maker appeared.

"Hello boys, have you both been good? I'm here to take you to see Santa Claus."

"No you're not." Said Goten with a frown. "I sense that you're evil. Santa's elves are not evil and they would ask for our parents' permission first for us to go see Santa!"

"Besides, there is no Santa Claus you badly dressed hobbit!"

"I'm an elf, you imp! Anyway, you're both leaving with me right now! Let's go!" Demand The Toy Maker.

"I don't think so!" said Gohan in anger as he powers up.

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