A/N: My Writer's block story Quest of Kings is no longer my writer's blockstory due to popularity (it's my most popular of my on going fanfics), this is now. This is very similar to Quest of Kings, as it a One Piece crossover with the other anime (Sailor Moon) in this case is AU. I actually had two idea for this fic when I first thought of an AU Sailor Moon/ One Piece crossover Idea One: One in which the Sailor Senshi join and fall in love the Straw Hats, this is that version but tweaked big time, got rid of 90 of the romance (One crossover paring still exists out of that idea, Sanji X Makoto) and added Robin to it. And Idea 2: AU for both in which the first 5 Straw hats are the Sailor Senshi with plenty of gender bending and cross dressing (Warring: If this becomes as popular as Quest of Kings then I will do that fanfic, you have been warned)

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor Moon or One Piece, if I did then Sailor Moon would stillbe available in theUS and One Piece wouldn't be done by 4kids... normally I do a 4kids rant but not this time as I am equally angry with Toei on this one.

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Straw Hat Moon

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: Meet Usagi

Tsukino Usagi was looking at her family outside of her house. She was 15, with blonde hair put into two buns and pigtails. Her father, her mother and her annoying little brother. She was saying good-bye for the last time.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" asked her mother.

"Yes." said Usagi.

"Well I don't think you shouldn't." said her father.

"But it's my dream" said Usagi.

"But dad's right, you're a klutz, you can't fight, you can't cook, you can't sing. The only thing your good at is raiding the kitchen and I doubt any pirate captain would want help with that." said her little brother.

"Shingo…" muttered Usagi.

It was Usagi's dream to be a pirate after much convincing her parent they faintly are letting her go.

"Just be careful, there are a lot of men who will take advantage of you." said her mother.

"Don't worry mom I'll be fine" said Usagi crutching her backpack.

She began to walk away the she tripped on a piece of cement that sticking out.

"Owwie" she said.

"You ditz." muttered Shingo, her little brother.

Later as Usagi was heading to the docks she saw some kids poking something… it was a black cat.

"Hey you kids get away form that!" yelled Usagi.

"Get away it's a witch!" said one of the kids and all of them ran away.

"Hey!" yelled Usagi, "How can they call me, pretty young woman a witch." She thought.

She turned to the cat, it was still alive and had a ban-aid on it's head. She sat down on the ground and removed the ban-aid and a bald spot shaped like a yellow crescent moon.

"Weird bald spot" said Usagi

The cat began to stare at her, it was mix of anger and well happiness, I guess it would be a confusing look then.

"Well at least the kitty is okay" said Usagi.

She began to walk away and the cat began to fallow behind closely yet far enough not to be noticed. Usagi bumped into a young man.

"So Meat-ball head, your finally joining a pirate crew" said the young man.

"You…" grumbled Usagi.

The young man has been bothering her for the past few months.

"So are you going to look cute or are you going to stow away?" he asked.

"Shut up!" yelled Usagi.

She walked away grumbling. She turned around to looked at him for the last time when she noticed the cat was fallowing her. She bent down and said "Hey there kitty, want to come o0n my pirate adventure?" asked Usagi.

The cat looked at her then meowed as if saying yes. Usagi picked it up and put it on her shoulders.

"Just because a cat joined you doesn't mean you will join a good crew" said the young man.

Usagi stuck her tongue out and walked away until he was out of sight. Not too long later she got to the docks. She looked at the various ships… one made her almost jump, scarring the poor cat. The flag's skull had a Straw Hat on it… it was the Straw Hat pirates.

"If I join their crew" thought Usagi who began to laugh evilly.

She was about to try to sneak on but bumped into a young man wearing a suit with blonde hair which covered his left eye his other eye erupted in hearts.

"Why hello there." said the young man.

"Hello." said Usagi shyly acting cute.

"What is a pretty young girl doing in a place like this?" asked the young man.

"It may seem odd… but I was hopping to join a pirate crew" said Usagi.

"Oh really? How about you join my crew." said the young man.

"Really!" said Usagi.

"I'm sure the captain will let you come on board" said the young man.

"I just hope the boats not full of men who are perverts" thought Usagi.

The young man, led to the Straw Hats ship, "You're a member of the Straw Hats?" asked Usagi.

"Why yes, I'm Sanji, the chef." said the young man, named Sanji.

"I'm, Usagi, Tsukino Usagi." said Usagi.

Sanji led Usagi up the rope ladder… after a few tries that is, she kept on falling. Cat on her shoulders shook it's head in disappointment as if saying "Why her?". She finally got onto the deck. Sanji was greeted by a boy about two years older than herself, she had seen his face on countless posters, and he was of Monkey D. Luffy, captain of the Straw hats.

"That was fast, get you get the meat already?" asked Luffy.

"No I didn't get the meat!" yelled Sanji.

Both Usagi and the cat couldn't help but to sweat drop, "I was wondering if I could join the crew?" asked Usagi.

Luffy noticed her and asked "Who are you?"

Usagi introduced herself "I'm Tsukino Usagi!" said Usagi.

"What can you do?" asked a young man with green hair, Usagi recognized him from wanted poster as Roronoa Zoro.

"Um… well" stuttered Usagi, she began to cry. "I don't have any pirate skills!" she cried very loudly.

Everyone present except for Luffy began to cover their ears.

Meanwhile in a dark cave somewhere far from Usagi and the Merry Go, a woman with blood red hair sat on a thrown. She was sounded by monsters called Youma.

"Have you found the Silver Crystal yet?" asked the woman.

"No" said the Youma in the same tone.

"Jadeite!" said the woman.

A young man with blonde hair appeared.

"Yes my queen?" he said.

"Since we can't seem to find the silver crystal you must gather energy for the leader" said the woman.

"Yes, shall I start with Infamous pirate crews?" asked the young man, named Jadeite.

"Do what ever you like" said the woman.

"Yes, Queen Beryl" said Jadeite and he disappeared.

Back on the Merry Go, young woman with orange hair, a woman with black hair, a boy with a long nose and a reindeer thing came out crutching their ears all because of Usagi's crying.

"What is that noise!" said the orange haired young woman.

"That!" yelled Zoro looking at Usagi.

"Okay, you can join!" said Luffy who was the only one not covering his ears.

Usagi stopped crying, "Really?" asked Usagi.

"Really!" said Luffy.

"Thanks!" said Usagi.

The cat once again shook its head as if saying "Why her?"

"I'm Tsukino Usagi!" said Usagi cheerfully introducing herself.

The Other Straw Hats diced to introduce themselves.

"I'm Nami" said the young woman with orange hair.

"I'm the fearless Captain Usopp!" said the boy with the long nose.

"Wait I though Luffy was the captain" said Usagi, resulting in everyone else including the cat to anime fall.

After they regained composure the reindeer thing introduced himself "I'm Tony Tony Chopper"

"Cute!" cried Usagi glomping him.

Chopper began to blush and Sanji began to extremely jealous.

"Don't you think I'm cute?" asked Sanji.

"Like she would find you cute." said Zoro.

"What did you say?" replied Sanji.

Then the name-calling began.

"Magic Eyebrow"

"Moss Head"

"Love Cook"

"Sword Boy"

Everyone else sweatdroped, "Does this happened a lot?" asked Usagi.

"All the time" replied the woman with black hair, who Usagi knew from a wanted poster as Nico Robin.

Luffy finally noticed the cat, "Hey it's a cat!" said Luffy.

"Yeah, I found earlier, I don't know what I'm going to name it though" said Usagi.

The cat meowed, and Chopper said "Luna."

Usagi looked at the cute little reindeer she was still hugging "Huh?" she said.

"She said her name is Luna." said Chopper.

"Oh yeah Chopper can understand animals" said Luffy.

"That's really cool" said Usagi.


"Perv Master S"

They heard giggling at the bow, everyone turned including Sanji and Zoro to see a young woman sitting on the sheep's head.

"So the Straw Hats... huh?" said the woman.

Luna began to hiss at the woman.

"Huh? Who are you?" asked Luffy.

"Well that's not important… I just want your energy" said the woman who then became an evil witch.

"What the hell!" shouted Sanji.

Suddenly the witch's arms changed shape to almost like vines, they grew and attacked themselves to Zoro and Robin. Both began to feel extremely weak for some reason and then collapsed.

"Hey you witch!" shouted Luffy.

"You want to get your imagery drained to rubber man?" shouted the witch,

Usagi watched frightened not knowing what going. Luna began tugging at her skirt. She looked at the cat who motioned to fallow her. She looked at events that was going on and then looked at Luna and then fallowed her to a part of the ship that was private.

Luna cleared her throat and said "It is time I tell you what's happening." said the Luna.

"The cat is talking…" said Usagi panicking a bit.

"That witch is a creature called a Youma, she is after the life energy of all living thing on the planet and you the chosen one who can stop her." said Luna.

Talking cat, joining the Straw Hats, Talking cat, witches, talking cat, Usagi realized it was a dream, and it had started out all good too.

"So um… what am I suppose to do?" asked Usagi.

Luna did a back flip, a golden broach came out out thin air and Luna said "This your transformation broach, with it you can turn into Sailor Moon!"

Usagi picked up the broach and examined it, it was pretty cute, "Now say Moon Prism Power Make-up!" said Luna.

"Moon Prism Power Make-up?" said Usagi.

Suddenly, she began to glow and there was a ribbon light show around her body that lasted for about a minute, she clothes became a skin tight leotard, with a blue collar of a marine's uniform, a blue mini-skirt, a red ribbon on her chest and another on her lower back, white gloves and red boots. She also wore on her head a tiara and two gems on each of her buns.

"What on earth? I look like a female Marine recruit gone wild" said Usagi.

"Don't worry with your tiara is protecting your identity, no one will recognize you." said Luna.

Usagi sighed, she had a feeling that like that won't be the case, back with the other Straw Hats the witch had finished draining Zoro and Robin and now was doing on of those "Eini mini minie mo" type thing to choose her next victims when suddenly a voice shouted.

"Stop right there!" said the voice.

The Witch and the couscous Straw Hats looked up and saw Usagi or should I say Sailor Moon, standing on the Crow's nest.

"I'm the warrior of Love and Justice Sailor Moon! In the name of the moon I shall punish you!" shouted Sailor Moon, the words coming to her.

Nami's eye was twitting "Usagi… why are you dressed like that?" she said.

Usagi anime fell, "You… you can recognize me? Luna, you said that no one would recognize me!" said Sailor Moon.

"Yes, I would never forget a pretty face like yours" said Sanji dancing a little possibly because of the skirt length.

"Luna…" grumbled Sailor Moon.

"Who is that?" asked Chopper.

"I don't know possibly a super hero" said Luffy.

Nami, Sanji and Usopp anime fell. Sailor Moon jumped down with Luna.

"Don't ask me what I'm doing I have no idea, ask Luna" said Sailor Moon.

Nami was now convinced that she was crazy until Luna said "I guess I under estimated the tiara's ability to hide your identity."

"Cool Luna can talk! Is there anything else you can say?" said Luffy.

"Yes but I don't think it's time to talk! That monster is after all the life force on the planet and it's up to you Sailor Moon!" said Luna.

Usagi sighed, "Okay, okay I'll defeat… I just don't know how" said Sailor Moon.

The witch laughed, "You think you can beat me!" she raised her hand and called out "You have given yourselves to our great leader, now arise my minions."

She began to glow, so did Robin and Zoro.

"What's happening?" asked Usopp.

"She going to control them…" said Luna.

"What?" yelled everyone else.

Both unconscious pirates got up, there eyes were blank, almost as if there was nothing in them.

"Get the female marine gone wild!" commanded the witch.

"Hey!" said Sailor Moon.

Suddenly arms came out of the deck, thanks to Robin's devil fruit powers began holding down Sailor Moon. The controlled Zoro held out his three swords and was about to kill Sailor Moon when she began to cry.

"Don't kill me!" she wailed, the gems on her head amplifying the sound of her already loud screams.

The two controlled pirates fell to the ground unconscious and the witch along with the Straw Hats and Luna held their ears to cover the sound. A red streak flash in front of Sailor Moon, it was a red rose and she stopped crying. Everyone looked up and saw a man in a Tuxedo with a stop hat and a mask covering his face.

"I'm Tuxedo Mask!" He shouted. "Sailor Moon, don't lose courage, you can fight their thing."

Sailor Moon looked happily at the man, with hearts in her eyes. Luna snapped her out her daydream by saying "Sailor Moon, use your Tiara and shout Moon Tiara action!"

She took off her tiara and shouted "Moon Tiara Action". She unconsciously threw it, which became a disk. The disk flew strait to the witch, the witch turned to stone then crumbled into dust, which disappeared.

Somewhere dark, Jadeite held a ball of something glowing, which disappeared "She failed" he growled.

Back on the Merry Go, both Zoro and Robin began to wake up.

"What happened?" asked Robin.

"And why is Usagi wearing that weird outfit?" asked Zoro looking at Usagi.

Usagi picked up Luna by her neck and said, "You said no one would recognize me and how do I get back to my normal clothes?"

Luna simply said "It was just a theory that no one would recognize you. And you can change back by focusing" said Luna.

Usagi closed her eyes and her clothes were back to normal. Chopper figured out Usagi was Sailor Moon while Luffy on the other hand.

"Hey Usagi, did you see where Sailor Moon went she was standing where you are standing right now" said Luffy, resulting in everyone else to anime fall.

Next Time: Luna explains everything to both Usagi and the Straw Hats, that's the easy part the hard is telling Luffy that Usagi is Sailor Moon. Meanwhile Jadeite looks into what filed last time.