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Chapter 15: Forgotten Memories

Everyone had gathered in the Galley so that Luna could explain everything about what was going on.,

After all the Rainbow Crystals were a big deal.

She told them everything she remember about the crystals.

Including the Shadow Warriors and how they were sealed in the shards of crystal.

"So… we're screwed aren't we?" asked Zoro.

There was an award silence.

"What do you mean by that?" asked Luna.

"These rainbow crystals are scattered all over the world right?" asked Zoro, "doesn't that mean they will find them and reach their goal?"

"There is the legend of the island." Said Robin .

"Oh yeah there's supposed to be some legend." Said Luffy.

"What was it again?" asked Usagi.

"It was a prophecy that many great destinies would be unleashed there." Said Robin.

"You don't think that the Rainbow Crystals will all be drawn to the island?" asked Makoto.

"It entirely possible." Said Robin.

"And if they're not they're do something to us if they get their hands on them…" said Zoro.

"There is a way to find them… to see if there nearby." Said Luna, "The Moon Stick.":

Usagi took it out from somewhere.

"What about it?" asked Usagi.

"It can act a doctor to the Rainbow Crystals, if one is nearby then it will send an alert." Said Luna.

"Oh that's good!" said Usagi, "If they're on the island."

"For all we know the rest of the of the Rainbow Crystals will be in the four blues." Muttered Sanji agreeing with Zoro .

"We just have to wait and see what happens…" sighed Makoto.

"Yeah…" said Usagi.

Luna sighed this was bad but maybe Robin was right about it.

The next day Mamoru was waiting at a restaurant for someone.

It was a pen pal he had… the two were in contact with each other for years as a former of doctor of his hooked them up.

Both he and his pen pal dealt with the same type of aliment for years …

He noticed a man with blonde hair walking towards him with a woman with orange hair with him.

"Mamoru…" said the man.

"Sabo…" said Mamoru.

The two nodded.

The two sat down.

"You know you don't have to be here." Said Sabo to the woman.

"I'm just here in case something stupid happens." Said the woman, "And I don't fully trust him."

"I've been talking to him since were kids." Said Sabo.

"I know that but I still don't trust him." Said the woman.

"Koala… was it?" asked Mamoru.

"Yes…" she sighed.

"The doctor who found me hates the world government and everything I've seen about them makes me hate them." Said Mamoru.

Koala pouted.

"Look I've been dealing with a pirate crew that the thorn of the World Government's side but I don't plan on doing anything to them." Said Mamoru.

"Really who?" asked Sabo interested.

"Eh you probably wouldn't care… though you might see them on the island." Said Mamoru. '

Meanwhile Luffy and Usagi were walking thought town. They weren't really sure what to do… only that they were walking around.

That was when there a beeping coming from a bag Usagi had.

They both looked at the bad and found the Moon Stick had started to beep.

"Wait!" said Luffy.

"That means Robin was probably right! They are being drawn to the island!" said Usagi.

Luffy nodded.

They began to look around and go in different directions and found as they got closer to someone the wand would start to beep more and more.

That was when they saw the restaurant.

"Great it's him…" muttered Usagi.

However Luffy was staring at Sabo in shock.

Or rather his hat.

"Luffy?" asked Usagi.

Meanwhile in the Dark Kingdom Zoisite activated the Dark Crystal… it showed an image of Koala…

"So this is the second one…" said Zoisite with a smirk.

He prepared the plan to get the next crystal and to reawaken the shadow warrior.

Back in town…

Mamoru was telling Sabo about a dream he had been.

"So you believe that this princess in your dream will be able to tell you the truth if you get this Silver Crystal?" asked Sabo staring at him.

Mamoru didn't answer.

"Look! I hate to say the but for both of us our memories aren't coming back…" said Sabo, "It's been years and unless something ridiculous and contrived neither one of us will remember our pasts."

And that was when suddenly Luffy tackled him shouting.

"GIVE ME BACK HIS HAT!" yelled Luffy.

"Get off me!" yelled Sabo.

"No give back his hat!" yelled Luffy.

He punched Sabo but Sabo held his hat to his head.

Mamoru sighed just and messaged a developing headache.

"So I take it that one of the pirates you've been dealing with." Said Koala.

"Yeah…" groaned Mamoru.

""Luffy!" yelled Usagi.

"No!" yelled Luffy, "Not until I take back Sabo's hat!"

The three froze when he said that.

"What's that supposed to mean! How do you know my name!" yelled Sabo pushing Luffy off him.


"I don't know your name!" yelled Luffy, "But I'm taking back Sabo's hat!"

"My name is Sabo!" yelled Sabo.

Luffy stopped trying to take him and steal his hat.

"Sabo is dead!" yelled Luffy.

Sabo looked at Luffy… he didn't know why but he had a vague feeling… a vague feeling like he knew him.

"I can't believe I just that…" mumbled Sabo realizing that what he said was just wrong.

""What?" asked Luffy.

Sabo groaned…

"I got attacked by World nobles when I was a kid, thanks to that attacked I had total amnesia." Said Sabo.

Luffy stared at Sabo… and really looked at him.

And then suddenly he grabbed Sabo and pulled him into a tight hug using his rubber powers and started absolutely bawling.

"Luffy?" asked Usagi still confused.

Luffy said something but because of his crying no one was able to understand him.

"What did he say?" asked Koala.

Usagi shrugged.

"He said he and Ace thought I was dead." Explained Sabo.

/Sabo blinked.

"How was able I able to understand that?" asked Sabo.

"Okay… I think he knows who you are…" said Mamoru trying to force down his jealously.

After all right now for his own situation he has a mysterious dream princess to go on.

"Hey do you know who Ace is?" asked Sabo.

He did have a nagging feeling in the back of his mind that he should know who Ace is… but didn't' know why.

"No… but I think someone else in the crew might know." Said Usagi .

"You seriously don't know everything about your captain?" asked Mamoru.

Usagi glared at Mamoru.

"I don't know everything about him." Muttered Usagi.

"You two are very close…" pointed out Mamoru.

Usagi pouted while glaring at him.

Ash looked away from the pout she noticed Sanji and Makoto walking towards them.

Due to Makoto's cooking abilities it was decided she would help him.

"Hey! Sanji!" called out Usagi .

"Usagi!" cheered Sanji skipping over.

Makoto glared at Sanji as he did that.

"Hey! I wondering do you know who Ace is?" asked Usagi.

"Yeah he's Luffy's brother." Said Sanji.

"Luffy has a brother?" asked Usagi surprised.

Luffy said something but the fact he was blubbering.

"Did you understand what he said…" said Makoto.

"No…" said Sanji.

"He said that Ace is my brother too." Translated Sabo.

There was an awkward silence.

"Wait… we're brothers?" asked Sabo shocked.

And he didn't know why… but hearing it… it just felt right.

Mamoru sighed and got up and started to leave.

"We'll meet up another time." Said Mamoru.

Sabo nodded.

Mamoru left with a sighed… he was happy for his pen pal but couldn't help to be a little jealous.

Back with the group…

"So you're wanted pirates?" asked Koala.

"He is… only two other members have bounties." Said Usagi.

Koala nodded.

"I guess we can trust you… even if it's just a little." Said Koala.

"What does that mean?" asked Makoto.

"You're still pirates." Reminded Sabo.

"I still have to get used to that…" mumbled Makoto.

"What?" asked Koala.

"I just joined like yesterday…" Said Makoto .

"By the way… what's that beeping noise?" asked Koala.

Usagi sheepishly pulled out the Moon Stick and both Sanji and Makoto saw the beeping jewel on it.

"It's a long and weird story…" sighed Usagi.

"Do you trust him?" asked Sanji.

"But it's probably better if we do tell them…" said Makoto .

Sanji took a drag.

"One of them is probably the carrier so it's probably a good thing to warn." Said Sanji.

"What are you even talking about?" asked Sabo.

"Uh… this is really weird…" said Usagi with a sweat drop.

And so they told the two about the Rainbow Crystals and the Shadow Warriors.

"No offense but that sounds insane." Said Sabo with a sweat drop .

"We know…" said Makoto, Usagi and Sanji with sweat drops.

"Oh so you found out about the rainbow Crystals?" asked a voice.

Luffy finally stopped crying when they heard the voice.

They saw as Zoisite appeared in midair.

Luffy let go of Sabo.

"You're not getting him!" he practically yelled.

"I don't want him!" yelled Zoisite.

Zoisite somehow pushed all but Koala away.

"You made a mistake." Said Koala .

"Oh you have no idea of who you really are, but don't worry everything will be fine once you remember." Said Zoisite.

Koala gritted her teeth, but she couldn't react due to the fact that the Zoisite shined the crystal on her and she became paralyzed thanks to the pain as an orange crystal appeared in her chest.

Nearby the other five recovered from the attack.

"Koala!" yelled Sabo seeing the woman in such pain .

"Usagi! Mako!" said Luffy.

"We know…" said Usagi .

Sabo was confused as the two checked away to transform.

"What…" said Sabo.

"It's weird…" laughed Luffy.

"Okay…" said Sabo.

Sabo got up, he grabbed a pipe that was strapped to his back and Luffy smiled at him.

"You're still using pipes!" said Luffy.

Sabo looked at the younger teen and nodded.

Although he didn't remember anything the more time he spent with the boy he the more it felt right.

They looked at Zoisite trying to exact the Crystal.

They were about to attack when the Crystal suddenly flew out of Koala.

And she was soon covered in smoke.

"No the rainbow Crystal!" yelled Zoisite.

Why did it go flying?" asked Luffy.

"Who knows… we'll ask Luna later." Said Sanji with a shrug.

"Luna?" asked Sabo.

"Uh,.. explain later." Said Sanji with a sweat drop.

"She's a talking cat." Said Luffy.

"Luffy…" groaned Sanji.

"Okay." Said Sabo.

It should be noted that Sabo had been to the second half to the grand line many times….

Nothing really fazed him.

Luffy smiled while Sanji just looked at him.

That was when they saw that Koala had become a weird koala fish hybrid.

"Please tell me there's a way told change her back." Said Sabo.

Luffy nodded.

"Good." Said Sabo.

"Attack any of the Straw Hats that might show up." Ordered Zoisite.

The Koala Youma nodded saying "Of course!"

Zoisite went to look for the Rainbow Crystal.

"I'm going to look for it." said Sanji.

"Okay!" said Luffy knowing that he would better if he did.

He wouldn't' be able to fight transformed Koala after all.

She was a woman…

The transformed Koala attacked Sabo. But he blocked with his piper.

"Koala! It's me! Stop this!" said Sabo.

"Gum Gum Pistol!" yelled Luffy punching her.

Sabo looked at Luffy. He was torn one side of him want to scold him while the other was side of him was proud that he Luffy was able to do that.

"How do we do turned her back?" asked Sabo.

"Usagi has to." Said Luffy.

"Usagi?" asked Sabo.

"Supreme Thunder!" called out a voice.

That was when the Koala monster was hit by the lighting attack.

"What the!" yelled Sabo .

He turned to see them.

"Hey!" said Sailor Moon.

"Why are you dressed like that?" asked Sabo with a sweat drop.

"It's a weird thing…" said Sailor Moon.

"Yeah…" said Sailor Jupiter, "Weird chosen one stuff…"

"I guess that makes sense." Said Sabo with a shrug.

"What…" said Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Moon with a sweat drop.

That was when suddenly Koala Youma create some water then punched the water at them.

"So I guess she still has her Fishman Karate skills." Said Sabo.

"What?" asked Sailor Moon.

"Explain later…" said Sabo.

Sailor Moon nodded .

"Gum Gum Gatling!" said Luffy knowing that Sailor Jupiter shouldn't attack again, "Usagi!"

"Right!" said Sailor Moon .

"Moon Healing Escalation!"

She used the healing move on Koala who turned back to normal in a flash of light.

Sabo breathed a sigh of relief.

Meanwhile Zoisite was looking for the crystal.

He heard shucking and he found the Crystal.

However Tuxedo Mask had gotten it first .

At the same time Sanji showed up and saw this.

"Damn it!" muttered Sanji as Tuxedo Mask got away.

He headed back to the where the fight and saw that the two had turned back and Koala was still unconscious.

"Good news and bad news…" he muttered, "The good news is that Zoisite didn't' get it… the bad news that that stupid Tuxedo Mask beat me to it."

"What! Why is he after them?" asked Usagi.

Sanji shrugged.

"I didn't ask him nor did I ask." muttered Sanji.

"When Koala wakes up explain everything…" said Sabo.

They nodded and took Koala to Going Merry.

When there they explained the situation to the rest of the crew while waiting for Koala to take (IE: She was a Rainbow Crystal Carrier and Sabo was apparently Luffy's long lost brother who was thought dead but just had amnesia).

"So wait… you two and Ace aren't related to by blood?" asked Nami.

"No… Sabo's dad is a jerk! " yelled Luffy, "I hate him so much!"

"Also Ace's parents are dead…" said Sabo regaining his memories, "I mean his dad…"

Sabo immediately covered his mouth while Luffy gaped at him.

"You remember Ace's parents!" yelled Luffy shocked, "You can't say anything!"

"I know that!" yelled Sabo happy he remember something and freaking out that he almost spilled those beans.

That was when Koala showed up regaining conscious.

"You remembered something…" said Koala.

"Nope…" lied Sabo sweating.

"You just remembered something!": yelled Straw Hats .

"You have to explain that crystal thing and why Koala turned into a monster." Said Sabo.

"He's right…" said Luna.

"He wasn't lying about the talking cat." Said Koala.

"Nope…" laughed Luffy .

They caught the two up… though Koala was freaked out about being a Youma in a past life .

"Don't' worry I purged all the evil from you so you're fine now." Said Usagi.

"I don't want the others to go through what I just went through." Said Koala, "Is there a way to take them out without doing that all that?"

There wasn't an answer .

"Seriously?" asked Koala.

"Sorry…" said Luna, "Right now the only method is to track them down and to protect them…"

"I see…" said Koala.

Sabo smiled at his companion.

"We're going to help them aren't we?" asked Sabo.

We're going to help them…" said Koala, "Though we will have to explain ourselves…"

"I know…" sighed Sabo.

"So you're going to be sticking around for a while?" asked Luffy.

"Come on! I want to remember!" said Sabo.

"Though he should remember slowly." Said Chopper.

"It might cause damage if he remembers too much." Said Ami.

"We do have to call right away." Sighed Koala.

"Call who?" asked Luffy.

"Well our suppers." Said Sabo .

"Please tell me you aren't marines…" said Zoro.

"We despise the world government." Said Koala.

"We have our reasons." Said Sabo.

Luffy nodded at his brother remember that some World Government big wig shot him down.

And so Sabo and Koala went back to their boat called up their superiors to explain why they were going to stay on Crossroads Island for a while.

"We go involved in something." Said Sabo.

"Really what is it?" asked their superiors.

'It's a long story… but it involves the super natural and my past." Said Sabo.

"Really?" asked the voice on the other end.

His superior was one of the ones who found Sabo after his attack.

"I had people on the island who cared about me… brothers, I'm starting to remember them." Said Sabo, "They weren't by blood though…"

"Something about one of his other brothers' father got him nearly panicking." Said Koala.

"Two of them?" asked the voice.

"I found one of them." Said Sabo, "He's here on Crossroads Island and involved in a weird supernatural thing…"

"He has nothing to with the World Government." Said the voice on the other end.

"No he's a pirate by the name of Luffy." Said Sabo.

"Luffy… as in Monkey D. Luffy…" said the voice.

"yes…" said Koala.

The snail phone gave a genuine grin.

"Then you should help him…" said a voice.

"What?" asked Sabo.

"He very important…" said the voice, "You need to take care of him…"

"Why?" asked Koala.

"I'll explain to Sabo another time." Said the voice.

"Should we explain about what we're helping them with?" asked Sabo.

"Nope it's fine… I trust your judgment." Said the voice.

Koala looked at the snail phone and sighed… it was one of those things that gave her a bad feeling sometimes…

"Whatever is going on I trust you will help Luffy with his super natural problem… and I hope you regain your memories." Said the voice.

"I will and thank you." Said Sabo.

"Just take care of him…" said the voice.

The call ended.

"He's hiding something…" said Koala.

"Whatever it is, I don't think it's bad." Said Sabo with a shrug.

"Who would have thought that meeting your amnesia pal would result in your regaining your memories." Said Koala.

"Yeah…" said Sabo who was disheartened by the fact that Mamoru was no closer to remembering hi past.

Meanwhile Tuxedo Mask was looking at the orange Rainbow Crystal.

When suddenly his clothes changes to Mamoru's… because he was Mamoru

"So…" sighed Mamoru.

The truth was he had no memories of being Tuxedo Mask until now.

"I am Tuxedo Mask…" sighed Mamoru, "And now I have to find the Silver Crystal."

With two Crystals found only time will tell if they would get their hands on the rest… but hopefully they would…

But only time will tell… but at least they got help from Luffy's long lost brother and his friend… so that would be a big help…

Next Time: An old annoying enemy of Luffy's shows up at the island... and as turns out one of his crew members is the carrier of the next Rainbow Crystal. Who is it? Find out next time!

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