Opposites Attract

"We'll help you with that, but first, we need food for at least 10 people…"
"Yeah, we're hungry!" butted in Bart at an inappropriate time.

"Follow me… I've got a storeroom of temporary rations at the back of the shop."

"Right on!" cheered the other children. Damon and Lisa just shrugged.

Damon rested while the other students squabbled over Albert's rations.

He closed his sprightly eyes while wondering about the unusual circumstances he had found himself in...

It was true that he was supposed to be one of the brightest in his former class at Oakville, but he felt isolated from the others back there, they treated him awfully back then.

I must be getting on Bart's nerves even more than usual...That boy Bart sure has problems of his own; Damon noticed the blond boy was still glaring at him occasionally and muttering under his breath. Clearly this boy did NOT like newcomers...

"Where are the food?" the blond boy moaned, trying to ration his share of the Butterfingers.

For whatever reasons, the intelligent boy simply did not care about the outcomes of his recent tense arguments with Lisa's brother –

The results were utterly pointless and unnecessary.

Especially when their group had other things to think about, like pure survival…

The eclipse, he thought, might have changed the Springfield citizens into their current metamorphosis. A verse from a well-read book came to him clearly like a vision.

'What passing bells for those who die as cattle?'

His parents were very literate people and insisted on reading him stories of lore and poetry almost every night, one of Damon's particular favourites was of Wilfred Owens, the war-poet.

The thing was, if their group were separated from Lisa and were ambushed, there would be no heroic farewells for -

Suddenly, Lisa fixed him with a single look, and Damon paused.

"Is something wrong, Lisa?" Lisa blushed slightly before shaking her head,

"Nothing, it's not as though I should be telling you these things… But thank you."

"What? Really," Damon responded, before realising that she had really meant it.

"Before I met you, I felt all alone, no one at school really understood me."

"My brother, Bartholomew didn't actually mean to go that far to provoke you today…"

The girl was tugging at the bracelet, in the hope that it would slip off.

"You however are different to the rest of us... I can feel it," clarified Lisa.

"Well… Lisa, I am obliged to tell you that at my former school, not many people had realised how much their words had hurt me… In the past that is," A clumsy smile.

"Oh, does that mean you're in the same boat as me?" Lisa held her breath, but to her disappointment, Damon's small smile dropped. "No, that's not it…" the boy sighed.