A/N: Summary: Ginny's 3rd yr. She has a little crush on a shy boy in her yr—doesn't matter who, I just wanted to write this poem. Obviously I don't own Ginny, but I don't really mention anybody anyways...)

This poem is dedicated to The-Raven-Angel for her wonderful review! Thank you, your review means so much to me!


I've tried so hard to know you,

but you don't make it easy.

I try to catch your eye in the hallway,

but you're staring straight past me.

I try to share a smile with you across the common room,

but you're busy frowning and looking out the window.

I sat down beside you in class today.

I tried to work up the courage to start a conversation.

But you were so focused, so intent on your work, that

I couldn't bring myself to destract you, and I choked on my words.

I tried again after class, on the way to lunch. I saw you walking alone, and I went over.

But as I matched my steps to yours, and opened my mouth, my courage leaked out of me.

All I could say was, "Excuse me, can I please pass?"

I tried once more, at dinner.

Once more I sat next to you, and this time I got the words out.

I asked about your day—you didn't answer; I complained about the homework—you didn't respond;

I told you a joke (a good one too)—and you didn't laugh.

Not even a smile.

I pushed and I prodded, and I tried to work my way beyond your brick exterior,

but you resisted every time.

You look at me now like I'm one of them.

Like I can never even come close to knowing how you feel.

Like I couldn't get to know you if I stalked you for a month.

Your eyes are confused and they pity me.

Hits I can take. Pity I cannot. I turn away and seethe.

Don't you know?

Haven't they told you?

I'm shy too. Time was, I couldn't talk above a murmer.

Not without knocking something over, anyway.

But I wanted to break out, I wanted to scream!

I couldn't stand how they pitied me for being quiet.

So I stretched out my shell a bit. I gave a little shout; I broadened my boundaries.

So don't tell me I don't know.

Don't tell me I can't understand.

Don't look at me like I haven't been there too!

I wish you would try. I wish you just try to tear down those walls, get off your high horse, and talk to people once in awhile.

Talk to me.

It's hard, I know. It's so hard to sacrifice some of your pride and dignity,

when it's all you really have.

But it's worth it, trust me. Especially when you only need sacrifice so little.

But maybe they haven't told you.

Maybe you don't know.

Maybe you haven't realized how little it would take.

So little.

If you would only turn your eyes towards me, I would look up.

If you would smile at me, I'd smile back.

If you would talk to me, I'd respond.

But you don't know.

You still walk on by, without a glance, head stuck inside your own lofty thoughts.

You don't know.

And I think, maybe, you will never know how sad that is.