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Ninja BEGIN! (vanishes in a puff of smoke)


Shurimon's Dilemma! Ninjamon, Taijamon, and Genjamon are Incredible!


/11-000-IOTA, Gennai's House, 4:03 PM/

In another part of the Digital World, deep under a lake, was a wooden house. As to how it never leaked, that's a tale for another time.

It was the home of Gennai, last surviving member of the Order. It had been his home for many years…and for the longest time, he had observed the world from afar, using numerous security cameras established during the days of the Order. Right now, he was sitting in front of a large computer console, staring at multiple monitors broadcasting footage from one area: 01-100-CHI.

The old man sighed as he twirled his limp mustache around on of his gloved fingers. Hmm…a duel to the end…

"Watching the fight?"

Gennai turned his attention to a blank monitor…well, it wasn't blank anymore. The face of Azulongmon was on it, his four red eyes peering straight into Gennai's. The old man replied, "Yes. And it's not even Pay-per-View!"

"Humor aside, what do you think Shurimon's chances are?"

"I'm not quite sure," muttered Gennai as he leaned back in his chair. "Although I only hope Yolei's partner can hold up."

"I'm sure he will…I know he will."

Gennai frowned as he gazed at the monitor with Azulongmon's face. "…you seem awfully sure. You know something, don't you?"

Chuckling. "Just watch the fight."


/01-100-CHI, 4:05 PM/

When Shurimon awoke in the Digiworld, he found himself facing what seemed to be a paradise at first glance.

Lush green conifers and pines constituted a large forest that bordered a large, circular lake. Several clearings dotted the forest, each one filled with tall grass. Sitting in the center of the lake was a giant rock spire, in which several holesexisted; they probably led to a deep cavern within the jagged spire. The distinctive rainbow flowers of the CHI sectors could be seen growing nearby. Hmm…a forest…flatlands…a lake…a mountain…a cavern…so many places to attack from…so many…I must be alert…

The Shinobi of Sincerity grimaced as he felt a foreign presence probe his mind. It was most likely Genjamon, the one who was an apparent master of illusion. I must be careful…

Thick arms wrapped around his body. Shurimon gasped as Taijamon – having seemingly appeared out of nowhere – began crushing him in a massive bear hug. "Hrrrrgh…."

Genjamon suddenly appeared in front of him, stabbing him in the gut with his only melee weapon: a jagged dagger. The shinobi grimaced.

Ninjamon suddenly leapt from the trees, katana held overhead.


Shurimon's head was impaled. Taijamon released his foe, letting Shurimon fall to the ground with a solitary plop. "And that's the end."

Genjamon snorted. "No challenge."

Ninjamon snickered. "None at all…his death was quick and painless. Not befitting a warrior with his repute at all! HA HA HA HA HA!"

Shurimon's body leaked greenish blood…and then he burst into data, his remains scattering to the winds. Just like Ninjamon's laughter.
























































































The darkness shattered.


Shurimon exhaled forcefully as reality returned to him. He was still standing, staring at the sandy shoreline to the lake in front of him. Sweat was beading on his uniform (well, seeing as how he was a plant and all, he was actually sweating aloe) as his heart beat rapidly. What a realistic illusion! I thought I had died…

Yolei's partner shook his head rapidly. I must focus…keep my senses sharp. They have made the first move…and they will try to capitalize on my weakness.

At that moment, as if hearing his thoughts, Taijamon erupted from the forest, pounding his fists against the ground. "EARTH SHAKER!" The collision created a shockwave that sent a wave of dirt careening towards the taller Armor Digimon.

I will not let them! Shurimon leapt away, dodging the incoming shockwave and the soil that accompanied it. Moments later, Ninjamon appeared from the tree branches of needle-leaved pine, accompanied by two of his Shadow Images. "TAKE THIS! THROWING STARS!" The three Ninjamon each threw one shuriken at Shurimon, who immediately flipped backwards…


…and came face-to-face with Genjamon, whose hands were clenched as his eyes glowed.


A wave of fire erupted from Genjamon, surrounding Shurimon and the forest completely. The white-clad shinobi paled; the flames felt so real…crackling fire rang through his ears…he was suffocating on smoke…he had to get out. Regroup…had to hurry…

"Shadow of Leaves!"

Suddenly, MORE trees sprouted out of the ground, more like oaks with lighter bark than their real world counterparts. As his technique countered the illusion – his energy within the newly spawned trees conflicting with Genjamon's mental powers – the Shinobi of Sincerity disappeared into the thick canopy of the woods.

Genjamon frowned as Taijamon and Ninjamon fell by his side. "Hmm…his energy within these new trees is quite abundant. He managed to break my illusion…never have I met a practitioner of the ninja arts who could spawn a whole forest."

"I told you he was something else," remarked Ninjamon.

"I still think he's a coward," grumbled Taijamon. "He may be taller than us, but I could crush him in a second."

Ninjamon snorted. "His retreat was a strategic one…to not only buy time, but to figure out a way to beat us. The more time we waste, the more he learns of ways to counter our techniques."

The three Champions said nothing else as they dashed into the forest, splitting up to find their prey.


Shurimon glanced to his left. To his right. Above. Below.


He was in the clear…for now.

The Armor Digimon sighed as he slumped to his rump, momentarily unclenching his Double Star shuriken and clutching his head with his curved, springy limbs. Unlike other Digimon, his hands did not have fingers. On the contrary, his covered feet did have toes. But right now, the number of digits he had was not on his mind (which would be rather silly).

The battle was.

That probing I felt was Genjamon subjecting me to his illusionary powers…and they are nothing to scoff at. He made feel as if I had died…and he made me see, hear, and SMELL smoking flames, even though they did not exist. Shurimon shivered; that was just the tip of the iceberg. And Taijamon…his muscles are not just for show. And Ninjamon's the craftiest of them all…my only hope is to pick them off one by one. Otherwise, the three combined will overwhelm me.

Shurimon suddenly clutched onto his Double Star shuriken, looking around him nervously. Someone's near.


A large hand burst through the tree, grabbing Shurimon by the neck. The Armor Digimon gagged as he was pulled THROUGH the tree, the oak shattering into splinters as he was sent flying towards the ground with a thud. Pain roared through his back. "Hrrg…" He looked up just in time to see a knee aiming for his face.


Shurimon rolled away just in time. Taijamon snorted as he raised his thick knee from the soil, leaving an imprint behind. The six-foot tall Taijutsu specialist chuckled as he stared at the eight-foot tall Shurimon with blue eyes that seemed to hunger for a challenge. "Ninjamon did a lot of work to sell you off as a tough fight. So far, I'm not impressed."


Taijamon blinked as Shurimon sent two swirling projectiles at him, barely whizzing by him. Two small cuts appeared on his thick arms, trickling blood. The throwing stars – affixed to Shurimon's stretchy limbs – recoiled backward, the Armor Digimon growling, "I will do more than impress." He lashed out with the right arm.

Taijamon dodged, grabbing the limb and pulling Shurimon towards him. Shurimon, however, merely brought his feet up. Taijamon gaped-


And then he gagged as both feet slammed into his face, sending him backwards as Shurimon flipped and landed, bringing his arm back. He calmly grabbed the much larger shuriken on his back and threw it. "Swirling Shuriken!"

"Rrrgh…" Taijamon got to his feet, shaking his head before seeing the large projectile soaring at him. It carved through trees like a knife through butter, aimed precisely and with deadly accuracy.

Taijamon leapt into the air.

More trees fell as the giant shuriken swirled around, coming to a stop as it landed against Shurimon's 'hands' (which were only his Double Star shuriken). The Armor Digimon looked up as Taijamon landed on a tree branch, holding a limb about ten-feet long and three-feet thick. "Try this."

He reared his arms and heaved. "HRA!"

Shurimon leapt to the side, his arm swinging around a conifer. He swung around the tree before coming a stop on another thick branch, his hidden yellow eyes glaring at Taijamon as another thick tree limb was thrown. "DOUBLE STAR!"

Yolei's partner sliced through the incoming tree limb, splitting it into three different pieces. However, Taijamon was in midair, falling right towards him…and his arms were glowing with fire. What?

"FLAMING ARMS!" Shurimon fell backwards off the tree, avoiding Taijamon's flaming strike as he hit the conifer. It burst into fiery splinters. "You won't survive for long!"

Shurimon grimaced. These flames are all too real. He had to deal with this problem and fast. As Taijamon charged at him, the Shinobi of Sincerity sent both of his arms out to the side, his Double Star weapons wrapping around and latching into the wooden bark of two pines.

"YOU'RE DEAD!" howled Taijamon as he reared both arms and punched.

Shurimon jumped above the fists…twirled around…and crossed his legs across Taijamon, locking him in place.

The Taijutsu specialist was in a leg lock.

"This won't hold me!" roared Taijamon as he used his Flaming Arms to strike at Shurimon's legs. The plant-like shinobi grimaced; he would endure the pain. He had to…if only long enough to deliver the next attack. Must endure…

Shurimon grumbled as the burning came.

Must endure…

His arms tensed as he struggled to pull the pines.

Must endure…

The trees groaned as their hardy roots began to give way to Shurimon's constant pull.

Must endure…

Taijamon grimaced; why hadn't this fool let go yet?


The trees were on the very threshold of losing ground.


The trees gave way. Shurimon extended his legs, putting Taijamon a few feet away from him as he released the Taijutsu specialist. The confused Champion muttered, "Huh…?"

Then both trees smashed into him from both sides.

Shurimon grimaced as he stared at the pile of broken bark and splintered limbs. The garments on his leg had been burnt off, revealing his legs. Like his arms, they were springy vines, ending in humanoid feet. One down.

He suddenly flipped backwards. Four throwing stars landed in the ground where he had stood. The Armored Champion glared up at an oak, where Ninjamon was standing upon a branch. "Well, I see you've got some fight left in you. Perhaps there's hope yet that my honor from our last fight may yet be restored!"

"You speak of honor…you have no idea what the word even means. You even claiming 'honor' is a disservice to the word itself," growled Shurimon as he reared his arms.

Ninjamon snickered. "My ethics may be different, but I know the concept of honor quite well!"

"Ethics and honor are bound together…YOUR 'ethics' are incompatible. DOUBLE STAR!"

Ninjamon fell to the ground as the two shuriken split the branch he had been standing upon. Immediately upon landing, he burst off into the woods. Shurimon pursued.

And all the while, a muscular hand emerged from the wooden debris.


Shurimon leapt out of the crowded forest and landed on his feet, suddenly found himself in a forest clearing, populated by tall grass. A small river cut through it, leading towards the lake in the center of sector 01-100-CHI. Hmm…he's in here somewhere. He cautiously gazed around. The grass went to his torso…it was easy for Ninjamon to hide in such an environment. Focus.

The wind blew, causing the grass to sway in waves. The gale's call was like a precursor to death…

And then the shadows emerged.

Twenty Shadow Images. Red eyes fixed on Shurimon.

The Armored Champion's eyes blazed behind his black facemask as he began spinning the two shuriken in his hands like buzz saws. "I am ready."

Dark katanas flashed as the Shadow Images attacked.

Shurimon ducked and lashed out with his feet, kicking straight through a Shadow Image; they were considerably weaker than the original. Even so, they were easily capable of killing him.

Two Shadow Images slashed at him. Shurimon grimaced as they cut into his shoulders. With unnatural quickness, he whirled his arm around and blindsided them. They burst into shadowy wisps as the others rushed en masse.

Shurimon dove to the ground as his legs spun around, kicking at the incoming foes. He wrapped his arms around those unlucky – or foolish – enough to get in close, slinging them against the ground like a slingshot. Blades cut his sides as he cut into theirs with his shuriken. The grass was cut by steel. A fist slammed into his facemask, cracking it. The Armored Champion jumped into the air, forcefully extending his feet downward to smash into two Shadow Images. He spun his arms around at high speed, becoming a green whirlwind of ripping steel. The remaining Shadow Images responded by jumping into the air, using their Throwing Star technique.


Shurimon grimaced as five shuriken latched into his chest, stopping his spinning momentum. His arms retracted as he fell to the ground, the shadowy shuriken already dissipating. However, the last seven Shadow Images were coming…


Shurimon butted heads with the closest one, his blazing eyes causing the blue eye lenses in his slowly splintering facemask to glow. It was an ethereal glow…unreal, in a sense. The shinobi roared, "I WILL NOT DIE! DOUBLE STAR!" He threw both of his Double Star shuriken…but he let loose, letting them fly away. As they embedded themselves into the closest tree trunks, Shurimon grabbed the two closest Shadow Images with his hands and coiled them around his arms.

Now instead of a retractable shuriken, he was now more akin to a wrecking ball.

Shurimon swung out with his arms, the Shadow Images in his clutches groaning as they were slammed into their brethren, the ground, and finally each other. As the last one tried to rise from the ground, Shurimon extended his arms past the dark clone… retrieved his Double Stars…and brought them back, slicing through the Shadow Image on the return trip.

The Shinobi of Sincerity sighed. The grass looked like it had been cut by a malfunctioning mower.

Then, without hesitation, he whirled around.


His foot slammed into Ninjamon – the REAL Ninjamon – who had been creeping up behind the Armored Champion to stab him in the back. The diminutive ninja gagged as he broke through one oak, coming to a stop against the next with a dull groan.

Shurimon sighed. The Shadow Images had given him a number of lacerations along his arms, sides, and legs. There were also the shuriken wounds on his chest. Even so, he was still capable of fighting. Two down.

The probing sensation returned. Shurimon's eyes narrowed as he spun around, prepared for any illusion that might come his way. Now there is only Genjamon.

All of a sudden, the river morphed and rose, turning into a watery dragon that roared at him. With frightening speed, it lunged at Shurimon, crashing against him with a ferocious force. "GAH!" gagged Shurimon as he shook off water from his body – it wasn't even water, it WASN'T REAL – preparing for an attack from any direction. Genjamon was nearby, no doubt preparing another attack.


Shurimon heard Genjamon's voice echo out of nowhere.


A tornado suddenly came out of nowhere, tearing through the forest. The Shinobi of Sincerity paled as he took off running, ignoring the pain that came from his burnt and bleeding legs. Endure the pain. I must find Genjamon and end this illusion! He had experienced the sensation of death before…and he had only barely broken through the illusion. He didn't want to leave himself vulnerable like that again.

Trees went flying. The wind howled. The sky was dark. Sticks were flying at high enough speeds to impale iron. And yet it wasn't real; Shurimon knew this. He KNEW this. There was no tornado; in reality, he was running away from nothing.

But even though he knew that, he couldn't force his mind to believe. Genjamon's illusionary powers were too strong for him. Therefore, he had to end the delusion at the source.

The tornado veered to the side, going elsewhere. Shurimon took shelter behind a pine tree – it was little more than a sapling – hoping the master of Genjutsu had lost track of him. I need to relax, if only for a moment…I can't push myself too hard.

The Shinobi of Sincerity sighed.

Then the jagged dagger pierced his back.

And unlike last time, this was no illusion.

Shurimon gagged as the other falsities disappeared. All damage that had been done by the tornado and river dragon vanished. Finally, the pine sapling Shurimon had dove behind morphed into Genjamon, whose red eyes were hardened into a glare. "Pathetic," he whispered. "You may have excellent physical abilities…but your mental acuity leaves much to be desired. My illusions are too much for you."

"And on the other hand…" gurgled Shurimon. "…your physical talent leaves much to be desired." With lightning quickness that surprised the Genjutsu specialist, Shurimon struck with his right foot, sending the tiny Champion flying into a different section of the forest. With an agonized groan, the Armored Champion pulled Genjamon's dagger out of his back, its metallic surface covered with green blood. Frustrated, he threw it in a random direction.

It landed in the lake water.

Shurimon found that he had come near the shores of lake. His eyes fell upon the rock spire…particularly, one of the openings in its side. He needed momentary refuge.

The cracks in his facemask moved onto his eye lenses. With a frustrated grumbled, the Armored Champion discarded his black facemask, revealing his four yellow eyes. He was weary…and tired.

Worst of all, he had only been fighting for no more than twenty minutes.

Without hesitation, Shurimon leapt across the lake and dove into the darkness of the hollow mountain.


Meanwhile, on the very outskirts of the large, two figures were watching from afar. It was mostly the larger one on the right.

"So…what can you tell?"

"The Digimon who smells of human has taken refuge in that monolith of rock…he seeks momentary refuge from this battle."

"Is that human a Digidestined?"

"…the smell is similar to one I encountered in the Real World. The Digimon himself smells familiar as well."

"How is he faring?"

"At the moment, it is at a standstill…but his three foes are regrouping."

"…should we help?"

"This battle is different in a way. I will not interfere. Besides, it would be an insult to my power."

"If you say so."


Taijamon rubbed his sore arms as he walked towards Ninjamon, who was sitting up after the ferocious kick Shurimon had given him. "That weed is difficult to exterminate."

"Indeed," snarled Genjamon as he stepped out of the thicket, his gloved hands brushing off dust from his blue cape. "He took away my only dagger. I don't like it when someone takes my possessions."

Ninjamon giggled at Taijamon and Genjamon's words. "Just calm down you two…we've gotten the fight we've desired…all that's left now is to terminate our foe."

"He went into hiding," grumbled Genjamon. "At least, that's what I would do if I had time to recuperate."

The small Ninjutsu specialist chuckled as he stared in the direction of the rocky spire in the distance. "Then let's play doctor and give him a visit."


Inside the darkness of the rocky spire, Shurimon rested against a stalagmite. His body was screaming at him to dedigivolve…in his lesser form of Hawkmon, he would be able to recuperate fast. Such the way it was with all Digimon (that is, that's how it worked with most Digimon; some went against the norm); that's why the Digidestined's partners always dedigivolved after battles; to regain their strength and stamina more quickly.

But he couldn't dedigivolve. Not yet.

Shurimon sighed as his yellow eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness of the spire's innards. Despite the several openings in the mountainside, there was not enough light to fully illuminate the rocky cavern.

Even now, Shurimon could not find relaxation. He couldn't blame himself either; his three opponents were relentless. They will not rest until I am dead at their feet…

His attention turned toward the closest source of light; a small crack in the brownish outer rock of the monolithic spire, allowing sunlight to filter in. It fell upon…a single flower that stood in wet dirt (apparently, water leaked in from the lake into the base of the rock spire).

It was a rainbow flower, found in only the CHI sectors of the Digital World.

Shurimon felt a moment of relaxation as he walked over to the flower, its petals flashing every color of the rainbow in succession. It gave him some measure of peace…and he thought of his partner. Yolei.

She had trusted him enough to fight on his own…and live to tell about it. She has faith in me…and I won't let her down.

Suddenly, the sunlight filtering in from the crack disappeared. It didn't dawn onto him as to why…until it was too late.


The wall exploded as two flaming fists burst through the rock, flooding the immense cavern with sunlight…and Taijamon brought his feet up as he fell downward, bringing his feet down.

The hardy wooden sandals met Shurimon's face.

Ninjamon and Genjamon immediately swooped in to join the fight.


/Park, Odaiba, 4:40 PM/

"Yolei, do you think this is really necessary?" asked Kari.

"Without a doubt," replied Yolei, her eyes stern.

"To be fair, Davis DIDN'T know about Ninjamon," interjected Ken.

"Don't care. He's the reason my partner's in a life-or-death battle right now!" retorted the lavender-haired girl as she watched Davis endure his punishment.

Basically, he had been stripped of all his clothes except his underwear and forced to march around the park barefooted (under the careful eye of Daichi, with Impmon sitting atop his winter clothing with the others. Besides, whom were those two to argue with an irate Yolei? They didn't dare incur the legendary wrath of the female Inoue.). Cold, nearly nude, and in public; it wasn't much, but it would at least land him one heck of a cold.

However, Cody saw past Yolei's attempt at petty revenge. "I know you're only lashing out at Davis because you're worried about Shurimon."

The Child of Caring sighed as she stared at the sky. "I know…" What else was she supposed to do? She couldn't interfere…she had no choice in the matter. No one did. All there was left to do now…was wait and hope.

Mimi smiled and cheerfully said, "He'll be okay Yolei! Trust me! He's not gonna die on you." Matt sweatdropped. Not exactly the best words to use.

Yolei Inoue, however, knew what Mimi was saying to be true. She had faith in Shurimon…that he would live. He would not die…and she believed with all of her heart, as sincere a belief could be, despite the growing tightness in her chest. He'll live…I know it.


As Davis' sneeze echoed through the air, Yolei smiled…at least a little bit.


/01-100-CHI, 4:44 PM/

Shurimon gagged as he struggled onto the shoreline, his broken and ragged body leaking green blood onto the sand. He had barely made it out of the rocky cavern and swam to shore…but they would be back upon him soon.

Fists, swords, and illusions…Shurimon had nearly been eviscerated during that ambush. Yet he still told himself that he would live…there was no choice. HE WOULD LIVE…

Taijamon suddenly landed in front of him, picking up the Armored Champion by his head. His blue eyes stared at Shurimon's weary eyes with sadistic delight. "For a guy two feet taller than me, you sure like to crawl like a worthless insect." He threw Shurimon aside like so much trash.

Genjamon landed beside the weakened shinobi, kicking him in the ribs. "That was my favorite dagger you threw away. At least your defeat will make up for it."

"It'll make up for than that," said Ninjamon as he slowly turned Shurimon onto his back, staring straight at his face; even though it was still covered and shadowed by his uniform, the defeat in his eyes was clear. "He knows he's about to die."

Shurimon knew it. He couldn't find anymore will to fight…he couldn't…he was at the edge of his rope…

Ninjamon unsheathed his katana. "Time to settle this matter once and for all."

No…I am not finished…Yolei has faith in me, thought Shurimon as his hands clenched tightly onto his Double Star shuriken. She has faith in me…I cannot die…I WILL NOT DIE!

Just before Ninjamon swung his katana, Shurimon's eyes opened.

And the three Champions blinked at the sight.


The larger of the two figures standing outside of the large forest suddenly looked more alert. "The Digimon that smells of Digidestined…he's found something more."


Gennai paled at the sight appearing on his monitors. "Hmm?"


Yolei felt a strange lightness in her chest. What the...?

Although she wouldn't know it due to all of her clothing, the Crest of Sincerity was glowing on her chest. The power she had inherited from the Digiegg that bore its symbol had manifested itself in a new way.


Ninjamon, Taijamon, and Genjamon backed as Shurimon suddenly leapt to his feet, stepping away as he looked at them. His eyes…

Instead of four yellow eyes…his eyes were now like mirrors, reflecting everything he saw.

Taijamon grumbled, "What trickery is this…?"

Honestly, Shurimon had no idea. His eyes had changed…as had his perception of everything. Energies seemed clearer…the true nature of all around him was showing itself to him. He could see beneath the beneath…and beyond the beyond…

His eyes fell upon Ninjamon.

Ninjamon snorted. "It doesn't matter. He won't be around long enough. SHADOW IMAGE!"

As Ninjamon's shadow split into two different clones, Shurimon's eyes reflected the technique…and he perceived how it was performed. How the shadow turned into the doppelgangers of Ninjamon. In short…he saw how the Shadow Image technique worked.

Deciding that he had nothing to lose, the Shinobi of Sincerity muttered, "Shadow Image."

Moments passed…and his shadow suddenly split off into two clones of himself, with eyes of blue instead of eyes of yellow.

Genjamon and Taijamon paled. Ninjamon was absolutely aghast. "WHAT TRICKERY IS THIS? HOW DID YOU COPY MY TECHNIQUE?"

Shurimon smiled as his Shadow Images moved into offensive stances. "I see now…these eyes of mine…I don't know how they came to be, but they have increased my perception to the point where I can see how you manipulated your energy and data to use the Shadow Image technique…like a mirror, I reflected you…" Shurimon himself chuckled; the tables were turning in his favor. "And now I know the name of my ultimate technique: Mirror Eye."

The two Shadow Images suddenly attacked Taijamon and Ninjamon. The latter's Shadow Images tried to fight back…but there was quite a bit of difference in power between Ninjamon's Shadow Images and Shurimon's.

Speaking of whom, Shurimon turned to Genjamon, who was glaring at him with red eyes. Without hesitation, the master of Genjutsu yelled, "ILLUSION: SHADOW STYLE!"

Darkness suddenly encompassed Shurimon. All around him, he saw nothing but the coldness of shadow. For all intents and purposes, he was in a void…but things were different now.

My eyes…they can see past the illusion…they can see the truth behind truths…and I know where to strike! Without hesitation, Shurimon grabbed his giant shuriken and threw it. "SWIRLING SHURIKEN!"

It disappeared into the void…and all of a sudden, the darkness vanished.

Simultaneously, Shurimon saw that his Swirling Shuriken had embedded itself into a tree. The sharpened tip of that giant projectile had gone all the way through…and pierced Genjamon's tiny body. "Impossible…he saw through…my illusion…"

The Genjutsu specialist burst into data as life left him.

Shurimon turned around to see one of his Shadow Images being torn to pieces by an angry Taijamon. "I'LL REND YOU LIMB FROM LIMB! FLAMING LEGS!" His legs suddenly ignited with fire; strangely, his clothing and wooden sandals weren't set aflame…

I could use this to my advantage! Shurimon quickly concocted a plan…and he went into action. "ILLUSION: EARTH STYLE!"

Taijamon paused. Just by seeing past Genjamon's illusion, he can now utilize those illusionary powers! This isn't right!

Of course, Shurimon's control was nowhere near as fine; even so, a fairly realistic mouth erupted from the soil, soaring down at Taijamon.

The Taijutsu specialist snorted as he turned his back to the mouth. "I know Genjamon's tricks! The real you will try to attack from behind while I think the illusion will strike! My mind is stronger than that!"

All of a sudden, the illusion vanished…and to Taijamon's surprise, Shurimon was not in front of him.

He turned around…and where the mouth had been – where the attack had been coming from in the illusion – was Shurimon, his legs ignited with fire, his Mirror Eye reflecting Taijamon's 'Flaming Legs'. No…he was actually coming at me within the illusion itself!


Taijamon roared as two burning feet slammed into his chest, leaving horrible wounds. The Taijutsu user grimaced as he bumped against a tree, staring angrily at Shurimon.


Taijamon winced…but the shuriken missed him. "Heh…heh heh HA!" The muscular Champion cackled. "This battle has taken its toll! You can't even hit me! FLAMING ARMS!" His arms ignited. "I'll set these limbs of yours aflame!"

Shurimon yanked back.

Taijamon frowned…he heard a buzzing sound…


The two projectiles came back.

And then Taijamon and the tree had been against fell into two pieces, neatly bisected. "C-curse…you…" Taijamon burst into data moments later, his fire disappearing with him.

Shurimon turned to Ninjamon.

Ninjamon pierced through the last Shadow Image as he glared angrily at the Armored Champion. It wasn't fair…things had been going so well…and then the wretched worm had pulled an ace out of nowhere! A trump card that had never been foreseen! Not fair…I was doing so well…

Shurimon sighed as he released his Double Star weapons. "It's over Ninjamon. I'd rather not kill you as well."

"Don't you DARE patronize me," snarled Ninjamon as he raised his blade. "I will not fall so low as to accept pity from my enemy!" With a roar, he charged angrily.

Shurimon shook his head. "You were low enough to begin with." He suddenly extended his arms and wrapped them around Ninjamon. The minuscule Ninjutsu specialist screamed as he was slammed into the ground at high speed, creating a small shockwave through the ground.

Shurimon released his foe, standing above him in silence as his arms latched onto the Double Star shuriken once more.. His eyes reflected Ninjamon…and he pitied the fool. To go so far for such a pointless battle…had he other reasons to live for, he might have used his abilities for something more worthwhile… "I will give you one more chance. Surrender…and I will let you go in peace."

Ninjamon snickered beneath Shurimon's shadow. "Hee hee hee hee…peace? Ninja thrive on battle…on war…what peace can there be for someone like me? I will continue to fight…and you will not stop me." He slowly reached for a hidden knife in his shoes. "I…will not…" He clutched the knife. "LOSE!"

Metal pierced flesh.

Ninjamon gagged as he fell limp; a shadowy shuriken had impaled his back. It had been the work of Shurimon's shadow; from his position, he had easily seen Ninjamon reach for the hidden weapon. A simple Shadow Image had done the trick.

The Ninjutsu specialist giggled. "Heh…I have no regrets…this battle…was…worth it." He breathed his last.

Shurimon sighed as he trudged away from the deleting body of Ninjamon. "So pointless…so pointless. This battle was so POINTLESS." The Shinobi of Sincerity sighed as he stared at the waters of the lake, standing upon the sandy shore. The water is so peaceful…why can't fools like Ninjamon simply move on in these times of peace?

He was so tired…he had won…but he could barely…stand…

As Shurimon fell face-first toward the lake, he dedigivolved to Hawkmon…and he fell in with a splash. Weariness and tiredness were the order of the day…and he slowly sunk. So tired…can't…breathe…

Before Hawkmon could sink further, a large hand grasped his body, pulling him up. All Hawkmon saw was blackness before the darkness of unconsciousness claimed him.


/11-000-IOTA, Gennai's House, 4:52 PM/

"So…what do you think?"

"…for once Azulongmon, I am at a loss." Gennai was honest; he was completely and utterly stumped. "Shurimon never exhibited such a power. Where did it come from?"

"Well, I never quite got to finish my little Q&A session with the Digidestined after the bout with UmbraDevimon. I wanted to tell them more about the Digieggs, but they were needed in the Real World."

Gennai turned his attention to the Guardian Beast's face. "Then start by telling me."

Azulongmon chuckled. "Although Baithumon, Xuanwumon, Zhuqiaomon, and I all used our Digicores to create new Crests after Shaun's arrival in order to compensate for the new danger, we went back to the old Digieggs we created and imbued them with special powers. The Digieggs of Miracles, Light, Hope, and Wisdom became the Holy Armors: battle-suits that Davis, Kari, TK, and Shaun could call upon at will, with a special ability for each one to boot; Davis could absorb power, Kari was a bane to darkness, TK could rejuvenate Digimon, and Shaun possessed telepathic abilities. HOWEVER," A glint came to the Guardian's eyes. "It wasn't just those four."

"You imbued the Digieggs of Courage, Friendship, Love, Sincerity, Knowledge, and Reliability with special abilities as well…" muttered Gennai.

"Correct. Nothing on part with the Holy Armors; they had to be on a smaller scale. However, they were potent powers nonetheless…powers that could be unlocked during periods of emotional duress where both partners realize the virtue of the Digiegg in question. For Shurimon and Yolei, it was Sincerity…and his special power was the Mirror Eye, the ability to see the truth behind truths…in other words, his perception is heightened to an incredible degree, and he can mimic techniques of other Digimon." The Blue Dragon chuckled again. "It's quite fitting, considering sincerity is basically another word for honesty…or the ability to tell the truth."

Gennai nodded as he processed this new information. "Yes…what of the other Digieggs? What are their abilities?"

"They will be revealed if the time comes. All I can say is that Courage and Friendship are different than the other four…in the meantime, I must be off. So long." Azulongmon's face vanished.

Gennai sighed. Now I know how Izzy feels when he wants to call me. He turned his attention back to the other monitors, watching two familiar figures tend to Hawkmon.


/01-100-CHI, 4:59 PM/

Hawkmon's vision was fuzzy. Huh…?

"He's awakening."

The avian Rookie sat up, looking around him. Some of his wounds that had persisted during the dedigivolution process had been bandaged. In all likelihood, the two figures in front of him were responsible.

One of them he did not recognize…but he was a human.

The other one…was far more recognizable. "Blackwargreymon."

The black-and-gray, yellow-haired, yellow-eyed version of Wargreymon nodded. "It seems you remember me."

"How could I not?" replied Hawkmon. Blackwargreymon had started out as an enemy, created out of Control Spires by UmbraDevimon's servant Arukenimon. However, after having a change of heart that had caused him to save Davis' life from the Black General Satamon on File Island, he had been reborn soon after as a real Digimon…and with a purple D-3 in his hands. He had gone on to help the Digidestined in the great battle in Odaiba…but had returned to the Digital World with his new partner.

Speaking of whom, Hawkmon gazed at the tall man quietly. Unlike Blackwargreymon, he had never met this human. His skin was somewhat pale, although there were signs of a natural tanning attempt from sun exposure. He wore a heavy purple trench coat, although it was loosened and unbuckled. He wore black pants and dark brown shoes that looked worn out from too much traveling. He wore no shirt…and as such, a rather ghastly scar was visible on his chest. "Hello there little one."

"You are Blackwargreymon's partner?" asked Hawkmon, his eyes fixated on the scar, even though it was impolite.

The man nodded, his large eyes countering his rather tiny irises and pupils. "Yes. My name is Yukio Oikawa…" He took note of the fact that Hawkmon was staring at his scar. "…and in case you're wondering, this scar is part of my repentance." Oikawa still remembered how he had gotten the scar…a scar from Colonel Soulmon's Rod of Shame…and how Blackwargreymon had saved him.

"Oh. I see," quickly replied Hawkmon. He wasn't going to stare; it was obviously something the man didn't want to make an issue of. At least, that's what he thought. "So, Blackwargreymon…what brings you out here?"

The powerful Mega replied, "My partner and I…wander. While at the same time getting to know each other, we travel this world."

"While we do so, we help out those in need of assistance," finished Oikawa. It was definitely a change of pace for the Mega; using his power to protect the weak, like the other Digidestined's Digimon. But at the same time, it was…refreshing. And Oikawa wasn't going to lie; the Digital World was a magnificent place. "You should be lucky we were here; had we been elsewhere, you would've drowned in the lake."

Hawkmon flushed out of embarrassment. "Oh my goodness, how silly of me."

"You were exhausted from battle. It is understandable." That was Blackwargreymon said before standing. "You should return to your home. To your partner. I doubt you'd want to be gone for long."

"Oh dear, you're right. I need to get home!" Hawkmon stood, his legs feeling wobbly from the previous battle.

Oikawa smiled as he stood, pulling out his purple D-3. "Show me the Digiport you came through, and I'll open it."

Hawkmon bowed. "You're most kind Mr. Yukio."

The older man smiled a sad smile at the young Rookie. And yet it is not enough to erase my sins…yet I will keep trying.


/Park, Odaiba, 5:04 PM/

Izzy's laptop flashed. "Huh?"


Hawkmon landed right on Izzy. "Oh my, what a ride," remarked Hawkmon as he walked off of Izzy, who was lying in the snow on his back.


Yolei and the others were upon him in moments…and for a moment, Hawkmon forgot all about his battle.


/Yolei's Room, Inoue Apartment, Odaiba, 9:43 PM/

"So…you managed to win with that 'Mirror Eye' of yours, huh?" muttered Yolei, wearing nothing but undergarments and a long red T-shirt.

Poromon nodded (this was the form he preferred most in the Real World when merely relaxing at the Inoue household) as he nibbled on a candy cane. "Yep. It was hard…but I managed to win in the end. Gimme a day, and I'll be in tip-top shape!"

Yolei smiled at her partner…her partner, who had fought so hard just to live. Just to make sure she wouldn't lose him. "Poromon…it was cool what you did…"

"I just wish it didn't have to happen," muttered Poromon with a frown. "The whole fight…it was all a waste. Nothing was gained. Only loss; three lives of Digimon were lost."

Yolei snorted. "After what they did just to arrange they stupid battle?"

"Morally deplorable Digimon, yes…but nevertheless, I wish it was all avoidable." Poromon sighed as he snuggled into a pillow. "I would've rather played all day…"

Yolei Inoue smiled as she ran a hand through her short hair, hugging her partner tightly. "Thanks for everything Poromon."

Poromon smiled. "Don't mention it Yolei."



Poromon winced at Yolei's sudden sneeze. Moments afterward, Davis' laugh could be heard from down the hall…followed by a sneeze. Yolei smirked. "Serves him right."

"Um…what exactly did you do to Davis?" asked Poromon with a sweatdrop.

"Just a little cold," sweetly replied Yolei.

Poromon could only shrug.

And thus the two partners fell asleep…slumbering as the snow poured from the sky, blanketing the city in the dark of night.



(For real this time.)


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