Darkness. Silence. Those were what covered the peaceful city in Manhattan like a blanket. It seemed like nothing could possibly disrupt this place filled with peace, yet it also does seem possible at the same time.

That's because the peace in the city will remain forever with no hustle and bustle of people to walk the streets again. No one to look down at the cityscape from their office window.

Because death had walked through the streets and taken many lives. All but one.

Running through the streets a young girl no older than eight years old avoided obstacles to get away from the man. The man who had stolen the lives of everyone she knew and was now after her. She turned many corners but could never seem to get rid of him.

'He's coming,' the girl thought in dismay as she came to a water company building. She opened the door quickly and ran inside, being careful to close the door in hopes of trying to loose that man. She ran through the empty hallways that were nearly covered completely in crimson red blood, bodies laid on the floors like limp rag dolls.

'Why would he do this?' the young girl asked herself as she slipped a little on the blood. This place seemed more like a nightmare that has come to life. A nightmare that you can never wake up from.

The door which the little girl came in opened up with a bang and the sound of boots slapping on the bloody marble floor echoed loudly in the hallway. The girl ran through a set of doors that read "Employees Only" in bold red letters and found herself near a network of large and small pipes. One of the large pipes had an open doorway that must lead outside.

The footsteps got louder as the man neared the door. The small child quickly looked for any other hiding spots and chose to go through the large pipe. She ran over and climbed in the black opening and began to run right just as the doors opened and the man walked in. He was clad in nothing but a black cloak and a hood covered his face from sight. He smiled behind the shadow of his hood and walked over to the controls.

He flicked a switch and pushed a button and the doorway that the little girl went through closed with a clang as the sound of running water was heard moving through the pipe towards the doomed girl.

The child continued running, getting blasted with strong currents of damp and stale air. She stopped suddenly just as she was about to run off of a dead end that led to a forty foot drop. She turned suddenly and saw the water rushing at her like a stampede of wild animals. She stood there frozen as the water continued to charge faster and faster at her. The water slammed into her as it flew out of the pipe like a waterfall, and it was taking her toward the lake of doom.

She landed in the water and her body seemed to thrash around, when in reality, it was just the pressure of the water that was spilling down that was knocking her around. Her heart beat grew still and her blood froze in her veins. She was dead.

And the only one to see her body in the water was a grey spotted and stripped cat with forest green eyes.