Chapter 1: Into the Wild

I woke up with a start. That same dream again. It just won't leave me alone. It has plagued me every night for the last four years. I don't know why it won't leave my mind.

My name is Kiari. I can't tell you anything else about me. You just wouldn't understand. I am different from others. You would just shun me away just like everyone else would if they knew. You live in a different world where I will never fit in ever again. Why? That I cannot tell you.

I stared at my alarm clock as it flashed 5:00 am in red. I got up from my bed and started to get ready. Today was going to be a long day at school. And I wasn't looking forward to it at all.

I've lived in Japan for quite a while and I loved the peace that occurs at night. Though there have been sightings of giant robots lately on the news, but I have yet to see one on my strolls at night.

When I was fully dressed I grabbed my bag and went downstairs to grab a quick bite of breakfast before going out the door. A granola bar always gave me a little bit of energy to wake up. As I walked out the door I caught a glimpse of a cat jumping down the other side of the fence.

As I walked out of the gate and closed it, a questioning mew sounded as something rubbed against my leg. I looked down to see Midnight, a cat that always came over to visit me everyday. She is an Egyptian Mau, the rarest of all the cat breeds. Her sleek silver body gleamed with black spots almost like a cheetah's fur coat as she purred happily.

"Hey Midnight. How are you doing this morning?" I asked the cat gently. She mewed again and began to groom her face with a paw.

"I'll take that as a fine. I've got to go do a few things before I go to school. There is a bowl full of food that will last until I get back. See you later Midnight!" I said and walked off to go do a few everyday errands.

After dropping off a package for Mr. Kekou I started to head off to my next stop at the post office. Mrs. Jakuri has not been feeling well lately and asked me to pick up a package for her at the post office.

When will I learn that some things are easier said than done.

A sudden explosion caught me off guard, and it was coming from the direction of the warehouses!

Curiosity overcame fear and I began to run toward the warehouses. The package will have to wait.

Another explosion caused me to run faster than I had before, so it didn't take long for me to get to the source of the disturbance. There, shooting weapons at each other, were large robots!

Something grabbed my arm and turned me around with my back to the robots. It was a young boy with spiked up brown hair.

"What are you doing here? You could get hurt!" he said in a stern, yet concerned voice.

"I should say the same for you! What are you doing here as well?" I replied back.

"Well lookie here! Two humans! Megatron would be pleased to see you two!" said an unfamiliar voice.

The boy and I looked up at the building to see three large robots. "Oh no!" the boy whispered.

One of the robots opened his mouth and a long sticky tongue shot out and wrapped around us and dragged us up to the three.

Hands grabbed both me and the boy and held onto us as the battle suddenly stopped. The robots that were down below looked up with looks of shock on some of them, while others held a grin on their faces.

"Either you let us get what we want Optimus Prime or these humans will pay dearly," one of the robots, a large two headed purple dragon, said with victory smothering his voice like honey.

I waited for the right moment to get free from the blue robot, who surprisingly had flying squirrel parts on his body. When the robots down below with a red symbol moved away from the door I slipped out of the robots grasp and kicked off of his hand to head toward the red one who was holding the boy and clung onto his face as he tried to throw me off.

Too bad I didn't count on a different blue robot charging into the one I was on as hegrabbed the boy and threw me clear over the side of the forty foot tall building.