Nymphetamine Girl

Lead to the River

Midsummer, I waved

A "V" of Black swans On with hope to the grave

I sat on my bed, thinking about all the things we had done together. There were so many times we had spent together, so many wonderful times. It is funny... at frist I thought him to be the biggest prat of the Wizarding World had seen. But of course I was wrong. He was not just the biggest prat I had laid my eyes on, but soon, without my realization, I had fallen madly, truly, and deeply in love with him. With Draco Malfoy. But after school, even in his sixth year, he began to change. I was afraid.

Cold was my Soul

Untold was the pain

I forced when you left me

A rose in the rain

So I swore to the razor

That never enchained

Would your dark nails of faith

Be pushed through my viens again

After his father had been imprisoned in Azkaban, Draco seemed to be even more alone than possible. It was my heart, and one other that changed this. Lord Voldemort had taken a place in his heart also. During the summer he had joined the Death Eaters, he joined them in his sixth year-him only being sixteen, possibly the youngest folloer yet. I was worried for him as I am worried for him, four years since Albus Dumbledore's death at the castle.

Bared on your tomb

I am a prayer for your loneliness

And would you ever soon

Come above unto me?
I could always find

The right slot for your Sacred Key

I thought, at the time, I was the only one that could ease him through life, back at Hogwarts. I thought that I could be his savior and protector. But the Dark Lord had gotten to him first. But he was my true Love. And I stuck with him, and I shall until the end, for I, as he is to me, my soul protector, my soul keeper, my whole lover.

Six feet deep is the incision

In my heart, that bareless prison

Discolors all with tunnel vision



Nymphetamine, nymphetamine

Nymphetamine, My nymphetamine girl

Wracked with your charm


Ginny Weasley. The gorgeous red-head that I have ever seen. She has followed me through almost every adventure that was set for me in my last years of school. As one of the Weasleys and the youngest, I thought her to be like the rest. Muggle Lovers and Blood Traitors. But, this was not the case of Ginny Weasley. Was something entirely different, and it took me for too long to get past the exterior of this bewildering woman. She was smart, beautiful, and had a knack for hexes, and for catching my attention. But soon I entranced her, and she became willingly mine.

I am circled like Prey

Back in the forest

Where whispers persuade

More sugar trails

More white lady laid

Than pillars of salt

Fold to my arms

Hold their mesmeric sway

And dance her to the room

As we did in those Golden Days

As I fight the enemy, Potter, your brothers, and all the rest that oppose the Dark Lord, I cannot help but think of you in this desperate battle. Of how our first date was on the edge of my acreage at home, near the forest.
I quickly dodged the Cruciates Curse meant for me.
Of how your red hair fell into your face as you blushed in the moonlight as we walked, as I complimented your beauty. Your beauty that perhaps rivals the seven Gods, my Ginny. Again, I am able to dodge, though only slightly. My arm singed with the firery curse. I winced in pain.

Christening Stars

I remember the way

We were needle and spoon mislain in the burning hay

Bared on your tomb I am a prayer for your loneliness

And would you ever soon

Come above unto me?
For once upon a time

From the bind of your holiness I could always find

The right slot for your Sacred Key.

I remember our first kiss. You had given me the password into the Slytherin common Room. I, myself, had stolen Harry Potter's Invisibility Cloak at 3.00 a.m. to visit you. You would sat on the couch, haughtilly as usual.
I sit here now, upon my bed, our bed, wishing your return... your safe return. We sat together, warm in the dungeons, holding each other. It was Christmas morning of my sixteenth year of age, as you were seventeen. It was our first passionate kiss. That was when I knew you were mine, and I was yours for life. My love.

Six feet deep is the incision

In my heart, that bareless prison

Discolors all with tunnel vision



Ginny, the battle here is soon coming to an end. Your eldest brother, Charlie believe is dead, with his Veela wife laying ontop of him, protecting his cropse, she too dead. That Mudblood, Granger, died in Ronald's arms. Bill lays against a wall. Kingsley Shacklebolt is dead with them. As is Crabbe and Goyle, Parkinson and Zabini. All dead. Ginny, my love, I don't want to die without you. But I see the blinding green light... Ginny... my love...

Sick and weak from my condition

This lust, this vampyric addiction

To her alone in full submission

None better




Nymphetamine, nymphetamine

Nymphetamine girl


Nymphetamine My Nyphetamine girl


I had done in. I had finally killed Draco Malfoy. The war was over, for he was the last Death Eater living after Voldemorts death. The war was over.
But as I checked the bodies, something slid from that Slytherin's neck. A golden necklace. For a split second I feared it to be Salazar Slytherin's heirloom that Professor Dumbledore had once shown me in a memory. But, upon closer inspection, it wasn't. It was but a locket. Opening it carefully, what I was shown stunned me, and hurt me more than any spell. It was a picture. A picture of a girl, I too, had onced loved.

Ginny Weasley.

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