The Inuyasha characters are in band!

This story got deleted and I'm really getting pissed off! The first band session is now this one because the first one got deleted off my computer. This is taking place in Valleyview ab and all the ppl's that wanted to be in the fic are in it and I'm still looking for others who want to be in here so review me if you want to be in here. Now on with the fic.

This is based off of my life in band but I might do spoofs off of movies.

Jordan comes out "To Alicia thanks. I was worried the set up would take too many AN note chapters but yah I'm glad now how I set it up before it got deleted and I will put you in the fic.

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"Jordan wake up! Sarah, Sango, Sesshomaru, Brittany and Inuyasha are waiting for you!" shouts Kagome as she's pounding on Jordan's locked bedroom door.

"Ugghh…I don't wanna get up!" groans Jordan. Sarah is outside Jordan's door with Kagome.

"Too bad! I know it's that time but get your ass up!" shouts Sarah. A loud thud is heard from inside Jordan's room. A whole lot of cussing is heard.

"Even gravity is against me!" groans Jordan. Another loud thud is heard."Where the hell's the damn light!" Inuyasha comes up to them.

"What's with all the thuds?" he asks.

"My guess is that she fell out of the bed the first time and the second one she crashed into a wall." Says Sarah. A few moments' later Jordan storms out of her room. The thing that they all noticed was that she was wearing a shirt that had the duck giving everyone the finger and the words 'duck off'

"Morning." she grunts. They are walking down the stairs.

"Look whose little miss ray of sunshine." comments Brittany as they walked into the living room. Jordan gives Brittany a small smile. Mrs. Higurashi walks in and gives Jordan a pop tart and a pill bottle. Then Sota walks in.

"Hey Jordan? Do you think you could come in for show-n-tell?" He asks.

"Why?" asks Jordan dreading the answer.

"Well you said that girls could bleed where they pee yesterday, in the bathroom and I wanted to show my class." Says Sota. Everyone laughs except for Sesshomaru he just smiles, Jordan who feels like dying and Mrs. Higurashi.

"NO!" yell Jordan and her Mom in unison.

(AN my 7 year old brother caught me in the bathroom once and well you can figure out this part. He asked why I was bleeding and I said I cut myself. Yah I know EWWW! Gross but I had to add it. I thought it funny.)

"You better hurry or you'll be late for your first day!" shouts Mrs. higurashi as she shoes them out the door. They begin to walk.

"Your brother is 13 and he doesn't know!" asks Brittany.

"Yah that's pretty bad." Says Sesshomaru. Miroku was behind them.

"Know what?" he asks. Inuyasha whispers the stuff in his ear.

"Their teaching them sex ed this year right? I could give him lessons." Says Miroku mysteriously.

"No way José!" says Kagome. They make it to school when Dark and Baileigh walk up to them.

"There's a rumour that we're getting a new student." Says Dark. Jordan looks at the calendar.

"Really, A new student? Where from?" asks Sarah.

"Nova Scotia. And It's September 6th today. The first day of school Jordan." Says Baileigh. The bell rings.

"What period do we have first?" asks Sesshomaru.

"Gym, the grade tens and nines have gym together." Answers Sango. They all head to the Gymnasium. Where they change into their dull grey school gym suits. The gym teacher comes out followed by a girl with strawberry blonde hair and hazel eyes. (AN; you didn't give me a description of yourself so I made one up for you.)

"As you all know I'm Mr. nucking futs. This is Alicia Tatree. She is a new student from Nova Scotia. She is in 10 A (your 16 when your in grade ten. Or at least you should be.) Jordan and Baileigh could you help her with classes and helping her today?" asks Mr. nucking futs. Jordan and Baileigh nod.

"Good. Now run 7 laps then 15 push ups and 20 crunches." Says the gym teacher. After a lot of moaning, complaining and Jordan even collapsing cause of a cramp and Inuyasha and Baileigh dragging her to where everyone else is…

"We're playing badminton for 3 weeks." Says Mr. nucking futs.

"NOOO!" shouts Jordan. (AN; Badminton can go to hell as far as I'm concerned.)

"Yes Ms. Higurashi and cause of your little outburst and how much you hate the sport you get to set up the nets."

"Make me." Jordan states.

"If you won't set up the nets then I'm sure Mrs. loogie would like to speak to you."

"I'm sure Mrs. bitchy bitch bitch would." Says Jordan with a sneer.

"That is it young lady go to the office! I will not tolerate swearing in my class! Why are you even acting like this! You're one of the good students One week of detention should be enough." Yells Mr. Nucking futs.

"Ok see you fucking nuts." Jordan says as she leaves the office.

"Is she always like this?" asks Alicia.

"No she's usually very nice but post menstrual syndrome is kicking in." whispers Baileigh.

"Whats with her and the principal and her grudge of badminton?" whispers Alicia as they are setting up the nets.

"Well she and the principal never really got along and ever since the principal banned her off the computers the grudge deepened." Says Inuyasha.

"And she never liked badminton. Last year she got tangled in the nets and destroyed them." Finishes Dark.

At the bandroom…

"What the- I thought the bandroom is always closed?" says Sango.

"Well I guess not." Says Rin as she walks in. they make it to the room where they play to see Jordan sitting on the rail. She goes back down the stairs and is shocked to see Alicia there; she was setting up a bass clarinet.

'Bay bay I want to go home!" sighs Jordan.

"It's the last period. Try to live through it!" murmurs Baileigh. Mrs. Berry walks in.

"I have some good news! We're going on a field trip!" she says.

"To where?" asks Kohaku.

"Disney land! Disney land!" chants Calvenn.

"Grande prairie." Answers Mrs. Berry she is passing out the forms. "Now we might be playing for the old folks home in December. So we have to play some Christmas songs and Remembrance Day is upon us so we have to get all these songs down. Can you handle it?"

Everyone nods. "Ok then finish setting up your instruments and we'll warm up." Says Mrs. berry. "Now lets play the B concert scale. 1-2-3" they begin to play. Kagome is trying to raise her stand but the top comes flying off when Kagome gave it a big tug and she and her music went flying. Everyone tried not to laugh and play at the same time but failed.

"That was priceless!" shouts Inuyasha. After everybody settles down and plays a few songs…

"For one of the Christmas songs along with our drum player we need someone to play the cymbals or some Jingle bells." Requests Mrs. Berry. Ned and Sota run up and are fighting over whose gonna do it.

"What about rock paper scissors? But you have to warm up for them and practice the art of the draw." Says Alicia as she demonstrates by doing finger flexes "1-2-3-4… then you got to anticipate you opponent." She does movements by doing rock then scissors then rock again as she swings her hand down. Jordan, Sarah, Kagome and Kikyo were laughing while Dark and Kanna smirked.

"Fine you get the symbols." mumbles sota. Ned does the happy dance then stops. The dismissal bell rings.

"Oh no! I gotta work!" shouts Jordan as she leaves.

"What about your detention!" sarah yells after her.

"Screw detention." Jordan says.

'Why do they make us wear the uniforms and those goddamn hair nets anyway?' she looks over to see Brittany struggling with her A&W uniform. Jordan walks over and pulls her arm in the sleeve.

"Thanks." Brittany says. They walked out to see Koga, Ayame, Miroku, Inuyasha and Sesshomaru already at their jobs. Jordan heads to the kitchen where Sesshomaru was. Ayame was at the Drive thru window, Brittany and Koga do some cleaning and take food to customers who eat in the restaurant and Miroku and Inuyasha are the two cashiers. Sango, Sarah, Kohaku and their mom come in.

"Hello how may I help…you? Hi you guys." Says Miroku.

"Hi Miroku." Says Sango and Sarah's mom.

"Guess who's here? Yells Miroku.

"If you say it's Jesse Macartny again I'm going to kill you!" says Ayame as she walks over. "Oh hi Sango, Sarah, Kohaku, Mrs. taijita."

"Hi!" say all the others.

"Hi can I have 4 chubby chicken combos?" asks Mrs. taijita.

"Yes." Says Inuyasha as he turns around. "4 chubby chicken combos!" he yells.

"We heard." Says Sesshomaru.

"That'll be 30 dollars." Says Miroku. They pay and sit at a table then Mrs. taijita goes to the washroom.

"Sango you have nice legs." Comments Miroku.

"Stop checking out my sister's legs you lecher!" shouts Sarah.

"It's better than him feeling her up." Comments Kohaku. Their mom comes back and then they eat. Finally the shift and the day is over.

And that's another chapter to the Inuyasha characters are in band! I don't think this chapter is funny but I didn't want to leave you hanging now for some big news. I just went to the Dominican Republic for a vacation and I just got back. Sorry for the delay! please read and review and Ja for now!