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Ahh how good it felt to know that you only had one more year to go until you were finished with high school, only to be going to post secondary education. It'd be like you finally stole that little bit of candy from the baby but the mother would bash your face in with a purse that had a road brick in it. Such as what Inuyasha was feeling.

"Inuyasha, may I remind you that you're going to be in trade school for all of a year? And that you'll be retired by the age of 40?" Sesshomaru commented.

"Sesshomaru! Shh! Everyone thinks I'm going in to be a lawyer!"

Sesshomaru had a look on his face very similar to O.o, "Who would be stupid enough to believe that you're going in to be a lawyer?"

"Hey Inuyasha good luck in your bar exam!" Miroku cheered, "I'm gonna need a good lawyer for any possible sexual harassment charges!"

"I stand corrected." Sesshomaru muttered, "I forgot to factor in the rest of the idiot populace."

"It'll be okay Sesshomaru." Inuyasha put a hand on his brother's shoulder. He then began to climb up on one of the cafeteria tables using said shoulder as a boost. "Guys, I regret to inform you that I am going in for a plumber. Sorry."

"That's all you can really amount to Inuyasha." Koga commented. "If that."

"You know what Koga?" Inuyasha turned around and quickly got back to facing him "SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND!"


"You make a good opera singer." Inuyasha said holding Mrs. Berry's conductor stick in hand.

At this point…if you didn't know what you wanted to do as a career then you had 3 choices, the first was to quickly pick a career path that sounds interesting, or research many different ones looking for something that you might actually like instead of picking something you knew absolutely nothing about, there was also the last option that was for the lazy….do absolutely nothing about it.

Many of our gang were in this dilemma. And they spent their lunch hours looking up many different career paths. Except the few…who knew that they wanted to be housewives, just wanted to be a mom, and you only need minimum education for that.

"So…Jacob, that means you better find a damn good job." Kristin said.

"And let you be lazy?" Jacob answered.

"I'll be raising the kids, when they go to school I can work part time at A&W."

Jacob thought it'd be best to be silent.

Jordan was making plans to stay with some friends who were planning to split costs on a condo, everyone living in the condo would have to split the costs of living and groceries. Brittany and Sarah and Baileigh were joining her.

"You know probably after all of this is said and done and we all graduate, we probably won't see eachother again." Jesse commented.

"I don't believe that, we have to bump into eachother occasionally, perhaps we'll all be lucky and we'll live in the same subdivision." Taylor added.

"I don't think we'll be that lucky. One of us is going to be in jail, one of us will be murdered and one of us will be addicted to drugs, one of us will go into prostitution…according to the poles." Dark commented.

"That'll probably be just one person cuz in order to do one you gotta do them all." Jess answered.

"Unless….a whole bunch of people do everything on the list." Alicia randomly chirped in.

"Hmm…a horticulturist sounds interesting." Kagome commented.

"Haha that reminds me of trailer park boys." Sarah answered.

"You know what those are? They're RACONS!" Naraku quoted.

"Ummm…aren't you supposed to be setting stuff on fire?" Shippo asked.

"I got over that a long time ago, I moved on to knives now!" he pulled out a pocket knife and made a lunge. Shippo screamed and moved out of the way. Naraku laughed, "Nah I don't have any weird quirks anymore, except I really like Evangelion. If you can call that a quirk." He walked away.

The others were in shock. That didn't just happen….

"That didn't just happen." Rin said cutely.

"Well guess what, it just did!" Sota answered.

"HOLY SHIT IT'S JAKEN!" Kohaku screamed pointing at a bookshelf.

"What?" Rin asked, she looked in the direction Kohaku was pointing at "Oh, hey mister Jaken." Rin greeted the toad.

"Umm…one question, you guys are only in what, grade 9? Why are you annoying us?" Sango asked.

"It's our library too!" Kohaku answered.

"But could you go to a different part of said library?"


"Hey did you guys hear that Totosai is retiring this year? Same with Kaede." Kikyo threw out there.

"Yeah….it's too bad that Totosai couldn't have retired 10 years ago." Inuyasha answered, remembering all the times he got lectured by said old man.

"Kaede's a good secretary though, she's kinda….what's the word….long winded…but nice." Kagome added.

After the school day it was band….where a special announcement was announced.

"Guys….how many of you would be interested on a trip to Cuba?" Mrs. Berry asked. She was greeted to a tumult of cheering and screaming. She pulled out an airhorn she bought over the summer. "Okay so I will take that as everyone's very interested! Good cause you guys are going to have to do a whole bunch of fundraising unless you guys really do want to pay 2000 dollars a piece to go. So I'll get more info on that as time comes."

So everyone pulled out their music and got a little more added to it, one very nasty piece called American Riverheights (I think) and the incredibles theme, Dot Dot Dot and some others. After getting reacquainted with their instruments, which is always fun after summer cuz most people never bother to play them. Got good again and got the rustiness out of their system.

After school a lot of the gang that wasn't bogged down with homework, or who were and didn't care went to Inuyasha house for a pizza party. Or if you had a hankering for pasta or mozza sticks they were ordered too.

While they were munching out they also played Halo 3, Rock Band or Guitar Hero….or Soul Caliber 3 (Talim is the best! I can kick my ex's ass with Talim xD except with Nightmare DIE NIGHTMARE DIE!)

How about they played all of those….but yeah back to the story….playing games and eating whatever was there was the best…until Sesshomaru wanted everyone out of the house so that he could do his homework.

"Aww sessho-chan you're such a party wrecker!" Miroku cried.

"You're gay." Sesshomaru answered and shoved him out the door. Then went upstairs. "WHERE THE HELL IS JAKEN!" his deep voice could be heard roaring.

"I don't know why you would care about such a stupid pet, he's ugly as sin and he has no purpose in life other than to sit in that glass box." Inuyasha called back.

"He is my friend, dad gave him to me, and I have to care for it until that miserable creature croaks." Sesshomaru answered, "Pun not intended."

"You think he's a miserable creature even. Face it why bother?"

"Cause Dad promised to get me a puppy! That's why! He gave me that frog 15 years ago to take care of and if I did a good job then I could get a job! At one point I tried getting him to give me the dog…I think…7 years ago? And he said after Jaken dies then I can get a dog! And the son of a bitch toad hasn't died after what I've done to it!"

"Oh wow…I didn't know…I'm sorry."

"It's okay little bro….it'll be okay."

"But…it doesn't make much sense….you're going to be moving out in what? 9 months? What's the point of holding out for a dog?"

"So that my kids can get a dog and I don't have to spend a dime."

"Ahh…good investment."

"That's what she said."

Unfortunately for Sesshomaru not everyone had left the house so word got around pretty fast. But for fear of suffering a horrible death they never mentioned anything if there was even the slightest possibility of him being around.

"Hmm everyone's being nice to me…" Sesshomaru commented to himself.

"Is that such a bad thing?" Brittany asked.

"Yes! Well actually no…but people are going out of their way to talk to me more…"

"And how does that make you feel?"

"Very weird."

"And how does that make you feel?"

"Like hurting you."

"You wouldn't hurt me!...would you?"

"Want to try it?"

"Nope see you!"


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