HEY! I wrote this for a school assignment and I really liked it…so tell me what you all think.

I stand along the river banks of the river Styx, but I do not dare touch the dark waters. Souls of countless people slink just below the surface, their mouths open in silent pleas for blood.

It is not them that I am watching, it is the lone figure standing on the opposite side of the river. My heart begins to pound in my chest as he looks at me and smiles.

The coins that were placed over his eyes after death are now gone. He has already paid the demon boatman and crossed the river, and I dread the fact that this will be the last time I see him. Memories flood my mind of the time we have spent together, and I long to relive each moment one last time.

His hand stretches out toward me, as if he is trying to wipe away the tears that have escaped my eyes. Opening his mouth, he tries to speak, but nothing comes out but a hiss of air. I do not need to hear his last words of love, for he says everything so clearly through his eyes.

I whisper my last goodbye, and he smiles brightly. Turning, he begins to make his descent into the dark realm of Hades, and I watch him go until the darkness swallows him.

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