Title: The Same Girl

Author: GIlmoregirl7878

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Rory and Tristan were laying on the backseat of Tristan's convertible with the top down, staring up at the clouds, parked at Hartford park.

"So what now?" Rory asked quietly, she didn't know if an hour or five hours had past since they left the parking lot after screaming at each other. It didn't really matter.

"What do you mean?" Tristan questioned, not bothering to open his eyes.

"Well, everyone thinks that a week ago, we had never even heard of each other before. How do you think they'll take it when we tell them that we've known each other all summer?" Rory explained.

"Who cares what they think, Rory. Do you?" Tristan answered, staring at Rory.

"Of course not, it's just...complicated now,"

"Well, we'll explain it to them. They're our friends, they'll understand,"

"I guess so," Rory said skeptically.

"I know so," Tristan answered.

An hour later, Rory finally realized that she had to go home because Lorelai didn't know where she was. She kissed Tristan one last time before exiting his car and walking into the house. Lorelai was waiting on the couch acting as if she hadn't just been staring out the window spying at them.

Rory entered the room and stared at her mother. There was a moment of silence before Lorelai jumped up from off the couch and ran to Rory and they started jumping up and down laughing and giggling like crazy people.

"So what happened?" Lorelai asked once they calmed down and Rory sat down on the couch smiling.

"Well, you know how I didn't feel well this morning..."


Jess stopped in the Chilton parking lot and looked expectantly, Rory just bit her bottom lip and looked at the entrance.

"You know this is when you get out," Jess said sarcastically.

"Gee, thanks Jess." Rory bit back, still not moving.

"Ror?" Jess asked, a little more seriously this time.

"Oh, I'm not moving?" She half-joked. She smiled reassuringly at Jess and kissed his cheek. "Thanks for driving me, I'll be fine. How bad can it be?" Rory got of the car and walked toward the entrance.

Ignoring the fact that her hands were slightly shaking.

Rory walked to her locker, but Tristan wasn't waiting for her like she had expected him to be. She started to take her books into her bag that she would need for her classes and a minute later, she felt a pair of arms encircle her waist.

"Hey," He greeted softly.

Rory blushed and turned around in his arms, facing him. "Hey,"

"How long do you think it'll take for someone to see us?"

"Not long, this is Chilton we're talking about," Tristan said as if he had to remind her.

"I guess we should make the most of this moment then," Rory teased.

"I guess we should," Tristan agreed before kissing her softly. They left it at that, neither feeling the need to start a heavy make out session in the middle of the hallway.

"Oh my god!" Was screamed down the hallway and they broke apart, Tristan resting his forehead against Rory's, groaning. Rory laughed, stepping away from him to face their friends.

"Why didn't you tell us!" Louise shrieked. Logan winced, he had been standing next to Louise and she was doing serious damage to his eardrums.

"Oh my god!" Louise screamed again, cutting off Logan, who winced painfully and moved away from her.

"Louise, calm down. What's the big deal?" Logan asked.

"What's the big deal! Are you serious! It's Rory...and Tristan! Together! It's...," Louise stopped to think of the best way to explain it.

"It's like the Red Sox winning the series, Love. No one expected it to happen!" Finn chimed in.

"What's the big deal about a baseball team winning the world series?" Rory asked, ignorant of all sporting culture. The guys all just shook their heads disapprovingly.

"Come on guys, you have to understand where were coming from. I mean, Tristan was just talking about how he was with a bunch of girls the whole summer," Logan explained calmly.

Rory turned to Tristan, whose expression was mirroring one of a deer caught in headlights.

"You were with a bunch of girls over the summer, hm?" She asked.

"Rory..." Tristan started to say.

"You're really gonna try to talk yourself out of this one?" Rory asked.

"No! It's just...Rory, please try to understand," Tristan stumbled over his words, trying desperately to explain, but Rory rolled her eyes and walked away. Louise and Madeline stayed behind long enough to give him glares, before leaving to follow Rory.

Tristan swore and leaned back on the locker behind him and closed his eyes. He heard a cough and opened his eyes and saw the guys glaring at him.

"Don't start!" He warned before walking away from them, also.

"Forget him, Rory. Tristan's a can be such an ass," Madeline comforted when they caught up with her in the girls bathroom.

"Yeah, he is. He's also a good guy, though. Good is actually kinda pushing it...decent. He's a decent guy," Louise continued, seemingly talking more to herself than anyone else.

"Thanks guys, but it's fine. I mean, yeah, he was a jerk. It's not a big deal though, I'll get over it. It was just a stupid comment that I know he doesn't mean." Rory assured.

"Besides, he could have said some worse things. At least he didn't say stuff about me." Rory reasoned.

"Are you sure? We can be mean to him for you if you want. We don't mind!" Louise asked. In a weird way, Rory knew that this was Louise and Madeline's way to be a good friend.

"Really, it's okay. I mean if you really want to, you can, but," Rory wasn't able to finish her sentence, because Louise and Madeline grinned triumphantly and hurried out of the bathroom.

Rory shook her head and looked at herself in the mirror and took a deep breath. She really didn't mind that much about Tristan's comment. He was just being a guy and doing the stupid locker room talk. She just needed a hour to calm down and everything would go back to normal.


Louise and Madeline plopped down in the chairs in front of Tristan's desk and faced him with matching glares.

"You got to be kidding me!" Tristan groaned. The girls didn't let up with the mean stares.

"You know girls, there was a time when the two of you loved me, you two know you were always know you were my two favorite girls," Tristan tried to shmooze, giving them a charming smile. He meant his last comment in a non-sexual meaning. They had been friends for a long time.

"Yes, but now we have Rory...who is a saint and a better person than any one of us will ever be," Louise explained.

Tristan knew he couldn't argue with that logic, so he resigned himself to the fact that he would be getting glares for the rest of the day and he had to dodge the guys incase they were feeling physically protective of Rory.

None of this problems concerned him more than the one of Rory Gilmore. He hoped he didn't screw up their relationship before it barely started.


Rory was obediently listening to the teacher and writing down notes during class. Finn, who had been sleeping in the seat next to her, as per usual, woke up and took her pen out of her hand.

"Uh, Finn. You just took my pen."

"I'm very well aware, we need to talk and I need your undivided attention, which explains said pen taking."

"We're in class! It can wait, notes cannot! What if while you're talking the teacher says something that will be on a test and I miss it!" She whispered harshly.

"Then, you'll get a ninety-five instead of a hundred. I know, a disaster, but I think you can handle it." Finn drawled.

Rory glared at him. "Fine, what is it."

"You know if you'd just listened to me you wouldn't have missed as much of the teacher's lecture. You know this need of yours to argue is..."

"Finn! What is it!" Rory rushed.

Finn stopped and glared at her. "Well, I was just going to ask if you're alright."

Rory instantly felt guilt. "Yes Finn, I'm fine. It was just a dumb comment that he didn't mean. I know Tristan, and I don't doubt his feelings about me." As soon as the words came out Rory's mouth, the bell rang and she grabbed her pen back from Finn and gathered her things.

"Are you sure, love? Because I can still beat him up with you want me to. Honestly, it will be my pleasure." He insisted, draping an arm around her shoulders and leading her out of the class room.

"I'm sure, but I'll keep that in mind for future reference. Besides Finn, it's not like he was saying anything about me or that was remotely true." The two passed Tristan's locker and Rory stopped and kissed Tristan softly.

"Fight over?" He asked lightly.

"Tristan, that was not a fight. I wasn't really mad, I just...I trust you, okay? I know you didn't mean that dumb comment. Just don't say anything that dumb again." Rory reassured. Tristan nodded reassuringly and kissed her again and sighed, relieved.

When they broke out of the trance they seemed to get in when the two of them were together. Rory realized that the guys and Louise and Madeline were next to them, talking together.

"...I never would have struck innocent Rory to have sex with Tristan, a guy she barely knew." Logan was saying.

Rory's eyes widened and flew to Tristan's. Who looked panicked and were just as wide as Rory's.

"You told people I slept with you?" Rory asked innocently, staring at him with wide eyes as Tristan tried to form words to explain.

Everyone was silent for a moment, watching Rory's reaction.

"Finn...future reference."

As soon as the words left Rory's lips, Finn's fist was connecting with Tristan's cheek. Tristan, unprepared, fell back into the lockers behind him and onto the floor.

He looked up to see Rory's fleeing down the hallway, Louise and Madeline right behind her.

Tristan groaned and started banging his head onto the lockers behind him. Cringing and spitting out blood.

He saw Finn glaring at him when he looked up, as Logan and Colin had a slightly confused and bewildered look on their faces.

Damn it all to hell. He thought miserably.


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