She looked at her watch. It was 10 to 11. Shoot she thought I'm going to be late for class. She wished she hadn't played football all day yesterday with the boys because then she wouldn't be so tired and had to have stayed up to 4am finishing homework.

She lifted her head up. She had fallen asleep on her books. She looked down at the page bellow her to see what she had written.

I don't care about the King Henry the 8th.

But Tiger Lilly Boltern.

I'm screwed she thought. I haven't written anything. She got up put on some shorts and her grey cherub T-shirt, tied her wavy shoulder length blonde hair up, brushed her teeth and grabbed her books to go off to class.

She quietly opened the door and went to her seat. Her German teacher turned and gave her a greasy look.

"Why are you late Tiger Lilly", asked the teacher. Some boys at the back of the class laughed.

"Sorry I um don't have an excuse", she said. The boys laughed again. Lilly turned around to see who it was. It was Kyle and his friends. Her crush was there to. She couldn't believe he was laughing to.

"You have to clean the locker rooms tonight", said the teacher. Lilly frowned. The boys laughed again.

"James and you will be assisting Lilly", said the teacher.

"But I didn't do anything," said James.

"Be quiet your wasting class time", said the teacher. The teacher turned around and started writing things on the board.

Lilly turned around and faced James. Be quiet your wasting class time she mouthed that to James. He just looked down.

"Now class repeat this, 'Mutter'", said the teacher "'Mutter' means mother"

Lilly frowned she hated mothers. All her mother did was commit suicide but everyone told her that her mother was ill. Ill in the head.

Once the class had finished she hurried off to her next class.