"Hey Lilly," Peach shouted running to catch up to her, "the Junior Formal is this Saturday night!"

"That's awesome!" Lilly replied.

Peach walked off to her first class.

Jack was sitting on a bench at lunch. She had sent Kyle a text to meet her there. So far he had not shown. She needed to talk to him about the mission, and about what happened at campus.

"Hey. Why so glum?" Kyle whispered in Jacks ear.

Jack jumped. Kyle scared the shits out of her.

"Kyle! Don't scare me like that." She yelled

Kyle quickly gestured to be quiet.

"I thought an excellent Cherub professional like you would be able to act like we don't know each other." Kyle was whispering again.

"Yeah, well, we do have to act like the people here. No one here care a bit about other people and things that happen outside their own life…"

Kyle interrupted her with a fake cough.

"We shouldn't talk about it here. Come with me."

Kyle got up and walked towards the year 8 area. Jack followed. Kyle led them at a jog through lots of classrooms. Jack had no idea were Kyle was going. She guessed he was making sure no-one was following them. Eventually they ended up in the gym. It was dark and totally empty. The gym was off limits when there wasn't a teacher present.

"Kyle we're not supposed to be here." Jack said half whispering.

"That's exactly what I wanted." He replied.

Kyle moved in the dark. Jack could barely see him. This reminded her of the time he had kissed her back at campus. But that couldn't happen now. He was dating Pear, even if it was for the mission.

Kyle put his hand on Jacks check, she stared into his eyes and wondered why he was doing this. Kyle slowly kissed her on the nose and then kissed her lips. Jack put her arms around his neck and they started pashing.

Light pored into the gym. Jack pulled away from Kyle to stare at the person who had seen them kissing. She hoped it wasn't Pear. She was lucky, it was Tiger-Lilly.

"Ooo, some-ones being a double crosser!" Lilly said as she walked over to Kyle.

"Lilly, how nice to see you again." He replied.

"Cut the crap. Now, I could go tell Pear about this and she'd hate you both. But, because this is a mission. I better not ruin everything," Lilly stated, "Just don't let it happen again."

Lilly smirked as she turned and walked away.

"Stuff her rules." Kyle tried to kiss Jack again but she put her hand up over his mouth.

"No Kyle, she's right. This is wrong."

Jack stood on her tepee-toes and gave him a small peak on the lips. Then she turned and didn't look back.

"Do you want to go to the Formal with me?" He asked as one last attempt.

"Why don't you ask Pear? I'm sure she'll love to go with you."


Lilly thought about what she had just seen. Kyle and Jack, its just crazy. How could they do that? This mission is important and they could stuff it up if Pear found out. She had to get Kyle out on a date with Pear… And fast.

Pear came rushing up to Lilly.

"Lilly have you seen Jack?" she asked.

"No, why?" Lilly lied.

"Just cause, I want her to help me ask Kyle out." Pear replied, as if it was obvious.

"I can help if you want." Lilly said.

"Thanks Lill, that would be awesome," Pear said as she grabbed Lilly's arm and pulled her to Kyle's locker.

"He should be here soon to collect his books for Maths," Pear stated as if she knew Kyle's time-table to memory.

"ok then, if you say so," Lilly replied.

Just then Kyle came round the corner, went up to his locker, unlocked it and got his books out. Pear just stood there, staring at him. Lilly gave her a nudge it the stomach.

"come on! He's not here forever." Lilly whispered in Pears ear.

"ok, ok. Just, I'm nervous." She replied.

Kyle finished getting his books out and closed his locker. Lilly gave Pear one last nudge as if to say "Now is your chance! Take it!" but Pear just stood there, staring. Lilly did the only thing she could.

"Hey, your name is Kyle right?" she asked him.

"Yeah, have we met before? He replied.

"I've seen you around school a couple of times, anyway this is Pear and she wants to know if you would like to go to the formal with her." Lilly asked.

"oh, would she now? Well I already have a date…

Lilly stood on his foot.

"oh, hang on she cancelled, I'll go with you… Pear, is that it?"

Kyle walked off to his class.

"See, that wasn't that bad was it?" Lilly turned to face Pear.

"Thanks Lill, you're the best."

"don't mention it! Anytime." Lilly said as she walked off to her locker.

Peach walked into her English lesson and looked for Lilly. She was sitting in the back corner. There was a spare desk next to her. Peach went and sat there.

"Hey, that was really cool of you to help out Pear." She said as she sat down.

"Any time." Lilly replied.

"So has James asked you out yet? He's asked me three times, I guess he really likes my good looks."

"Oh, of course he does! What boy couldn't?" Lilly said sarcastically.

"Oh," Peach blushed, "But I told him you would love to go out with him."

"You did?" Lilly asked.

"Yeah. He said I was much hotter."

Lilly turned away. Did James mean that? Or was he just saying that for the mission? Lilly put her head down and started copying the notes from the board.

At lunch time Jack found Lilly sitting in her home room.

"Lilly this day," Jack started, "Is turning out to be hectic!"

Jack put a hand on Lilly's shoulder in sympathy, she had heard about what James had said. And she sat down next to her.

"You know he doesn't mean it, don't you?"

"I guess. I'm not really upset about that," Lilly said, "It's the formal, I have a really bad feeling about it. I think something bad is going to happen. I don't know why. But I know that I want to go with James, but James wants to go with Peach and Peach doesn't want to go James! It's all to confusing!" Lilly shouted.

Lilly stormed off.

The night of the formal was finally here. Jack and Lilly were slumped in front of the T.V. watching whatever was on.

"Hey, why aren't you girls ready for the formal?" Adam asked as he walked in.

"Nope, not going." Jack replied.

"Why not?" he asked back.

"Because we don't have dates." Lilly suddenly said.

"Oh, well I can take one of you… Lilly?"

"No thanks, I think T.V. is better." She replied.

"Come on Lilly, please, for me." Adam begged.

"Um, let me think about it. NO!" Lilly shouted.

"Last chance." Adam replied.

"no," said Lilly, "no, no, no, no, NO!"

Adam walked out of the living room, he seemed upset.

"Why did you do that Tiger Lilly Boltern?" Jack asked

"Because I don't want to go to the stupid formal with some stupid guy!" She replied.

"Go, you know why? Because you will enjoy yourself, date or no date plus how can you say Adam's stupid he has been so nice to you." Jack said as she got up and walked towards the stairs.

Where are you going?" Lilly asked.

"To the Junior Formal!" Jack replied.

Lilly thought about what Jack had said and decided to go with Adam. She rushed upstairs and put on hot pink dress with a baby pink layered skirt and a baby pink rose on the top, it was the dress she was ment to wear with James to the formal. She straightend her hair and flicked out the ends and put a baby pink ribbon in her hair. She put blush, mascara, eye liner and eye shadow on. As she walk down the stairs she nearly tripped as he pink stilettos were quite high and she went to find Adam . He was sitting in the kitchen in his outfit.

"Come on lets go or we'll be late!" She yelled. Adam paused to look how beautiful she looked.

She pulled him out of his seat and out to the car where Jack was waiting with a taxi.

When they got there, everyone was dancing to their favorite songs and there was a band playing and a disco ball and punch and chips. It was a mixture of flashing lights and dazzling dresses. Jack, Adam and Lilly walked in, Jack went to look for Pear, Lilly went to look for James and Adam just stood there. Adam really liked Lilly, so he followed her, to see what was going on.

Lilly went up to a handsome looking guy with blonde hair, he was only a bit taller than Lilly. Lilly was talking to him, Adam couldn't't hear over the music. But then Lilly kissed this guy, only a peck, but still, it was a kiss. Adam was mad; he had no right to be he wasn't even her date. He still liked her, so he did the best thing he could.

James and Lilly were just talking when suddenly Adam appeared from nowhere. Then he punched James in the gut, Lilly screamed. James punched him back, but harder. Because James had a black belt in karate it was kind of unfair to his opponent. Adam and James kept hitting each other over and over again. Not really knowing why they were fighting. Then James just walked away, he didn't want to hurt Adam, or make a scene. Adam was still furious and attacked James from behind. James turned and flipped Adam to the ground.

"Leave me alone." James said. And he walked off

Adam lay there until the DJ stopped the music. He was beaten, this boy deserved Lilly, he won the fight.

Lilly started walking after James.

"Tiger Lilly wait!" called Adam. Lilly turned around and frowned.

"Why did you have to do that." she shouted.

"I-I why did you kiss him." He started staggering up.

"Well I-I like I really like him I always have, since the first time I saw him and now-now you have ruined my chance forever."

"I'm sorry it's just I like you."

"Well I hate you and I will never speak to you again." Lilly ran off to try find James.

Luckily Peach and Pear weren't their to see what happened.

"That was defiantly weird." Said a lady in white.

"It was miss." A man replied.

"I have had a bad feeling about that James kid all along." She said.

"He is only a kid miss."

"Not just any kid." The lady in white whispered, "Keep an eye on him."

"Yes miss." And the man walked away into the shadows.

The lady in white approached the school and spotted her two daughters; Peach and Pear.