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So, this is a new, short one-shot. Something I just wrote up to night and has been done a million times over. I just needed to write something out and this is what I ended up with. I don't really like it but I thought someone might. Also, the update for LW (previously: FT), is coming. I'm writing it but I'm going through a lot right now with family and work so that's taken up a lot of my time.

As some of you have seen, I've already had this posted but figured I would delete that go ahead and move it here because, well, I forgot about this until a few days ago. :-D

And as she weeps, she figures it might be the most lonely night she's ever had [Rory's POV. ONESHOT. COMPLETE. Trory mention

This is set the night of RALB. Tristan didn't leave before the play but after but just imagine their talk after the play, with the giant near-by.


- - -
Lonely Night
- - -


They wouldn't stop coming, falling.

She didn't understand it.

It wasn't simple.

Leaving her beyond confused by the sudden surge of emotion.

It was swallowing her, leaving her with the most insignificant room to breath.

The only time she took a time out from the tears was to pull in a large gulp of air that only served to push more tears from her beautiful eyes that were drowning in salt water.

She couldn't describe the pain, it was just a dull ache, waiting for her to let down what was left of her guard before it consumed her, gnawing at her until nothing was left but her mere shell.

It was too much to handle.

She couldn't remember feeling this horrible, this broken before.

It was something she was always going to remember, never a moment fleeting from her memory. Her swelling eyes, how her eyes would be blood-shot for days afterwards. How it felt to push tear after tears away only to have them replaced by the ones falling from her eyes. How she spent tissue after tissue blowing her nose and trying to wipe at the soaked skin of her face. How no matter how hard she tried, the sobs always broke from her chest.

Most importantly, how no matter what she may have done to calm herself down for the briefest of moments, the tears never stopped.

She knew it was painful for Lorelia to hear but not even the comfort from her mother could subdue the waterworks.

It was like drowning, the water just kept rushing and rushing forward and you try to figure out where all this water comes from before you try to find a way out, anything to stop that terrible water that surrounds you.

She couldn't imagine this lachrymal had only started since she got home. It felt like weeks.

Dean had broken up with her after the play. Stating that after to night, he was not sure if this was what he really wanted anymore, not after seeing her around Tristan.

She was lying.

Dean was only part of the reason she was in such a state.


He was gone.

To Military school in North Carolina.

She had no idea why that thought twisted her stomach until it was unbearable to move, to where she just wanted to curl into a ball and forget everything.

She couldn't understand why his leaving effected her so much, but it hurt.

It hurt a lot.

A little while later, as she lay on her side, the sobs had stopped but the tears still fell, quietly, slowly, following the same path as others before them.

With a dull realization as she shifted on her bed, she learned she was still on the clothes she has been wearing when she returned home.

Figuring now was as good as a time as any, she stood slowly from her bed, her muscles screaming in relief as they had the chance to stretch out from their cramped position.

As she tiredly tugged the jeans down her legs, something fluttered to the ground.

It was a small piece of paper.

Bending down and bringing it up to her bleary eyes to read, a faint smile cross her lips as she reads the words before noticing the number scrawled across the bottom.

Don't forget to remember me… keep in touch - Tristan