Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Mew Lizzy: Even if you don't watch Power Rangers (which I understand if you don't) you will still understand this story. It revolves mostly around Zakuro and her past. Plus I decided that all the Power Rangers can speak perfect Japanese. : ) And here's a little warning, these chapters are quite, quite short…

This isn't really much of a romantic story but if there are any little parts with romance, it will be these pairings:

Pairings: mainly Zakuro/Sky, Syd/Keiichiro, Lettuce/Ryou, Ichigo/Kisshu, Jack/Mint, Pudding/Taruto, & very slight Z/Bridge

Ichigo Momomiya's point of view

"Ichigo!" Kish swooped down and began to search every spot he could think of for my location. Fortunately for me, he didn't think to check behind a bush.

Once he had gone, I stood up from my hiding place and brushed off my knees. He didn't find me. I smiled and skipped off down the road in the direction of my house. On my way there I heard the shouts of people and a loud growl. I followed the noise to a nearby construction site. I hid behind a boulder and watched the scene in awe. Five people dressed in colorful suits with helmets were fighting a lone Chimera Anima.

"You can't beat us!" The leader in red told the creature with confidence. All five of them took out some sort of laser from their pockets and fired at the Chimera Anima. The Chimera Anima slowly shrunk back down into its original form: a golden puppy.

I moved from my spot, my eyes open wide. The five of them only stared back at me. "Mew Mew Strawberry, metamorphosis!" I transformed just incase these people were a threat. "Who are all of you?"

"One! SPD red!"

"Two! SPD blue!"

"Three! SPD green!"

"Four! SPD yellow!"

"Five! SPD pink!"

"Space Patrol Delta! Defenders of Earth!" They all shouted in unison.

"Who are you?" The one in pink asked me.

"I am Mew Ichigo; leader of the Mew Mew team. Are you from around here?"

"Power down!" The girl in yellow transformed into everyday civilian clothes. "I'm Z Delado; yellow SPD Power Ranger." She moved to stand beside me. Obviously she didn't look at me as a threat; but I still wasn't convinced. "We came here to Japan to defeat a monster then we planned to go straight back to headquarters. But unfortunately we couldn't find the monster. But we did find a different one." Z motioned in the direction that the puppy had run just minutes ago.

"What you found was a Chimera Anima. And I guess I should thank you for destroying it. If you hadn't then I would have had to."

"What?" The red ranger powered down and joined Z and I. The rest of the rangers (green, pink, and then blue) did the same.

"Chimera Anima. Haven't you ever heard of them?"

"Chimera Anima? There's no such thing. I would know. I've read enough books in my-" The green ranger rambled on but he was interrupted by Z.

"That's Bridge Carson. You can just ignore him. And that's our red leader, Jack Landors, Sky Tate, blue ranger, and Syd Drew, pink ranger. Our commander is Commander Doggie Cruger. He is the Shadow Ranger. And Kat Manx makes our weapons, zords, and such." Z explained to me.

"Zords?" I repeated.

"They're car-like vehicles." Jack piped up so I nodded.

"Well, I think I have a way to find your monster." I told Jack before they gave up and left. I wanted to know more about these mysterious Power Rangers.

"Really?" Sky spoke up. "But how do we know we can trust you?" He asked cautiously.

It was my turn to power down. "My real name is Momomiya Ichigo. Like I said earlier, I am the leader of the Tokyo Mew Mew squad. It's a group of five girls who all fight Chimera Animas that are leashed onto Tokyo by three aliens known as Pai, Kisshu, and Taruto. Their leader is Deep Blue. Our leader is Shirogane Ryou and his assistant is Akasaka Keiichiro. They are the owners of Café Mew Mew. Any questions?" After a moment all of them shook their heads. "Follow me. I'll bring you to the café. I'm sure Ryou can find your monster."

"Here we are!" I pointed at Café Mew Mew. The five rangers followed me inside. "Ryou!" The blonde stepped out of the kitchen and his eyes widened when he saw the rangers standing behind me. Keiichiro and the other mews followed him. "Everyone meet the Power Rangers: Jack Landors, Bridge Carson, Sky Tate, Z Delado, and Syd Drew."

"It's nice to meet you." Ryou went down the line and shook each of their hands. "Where are you from?"

"America." Jack said proceeding to tell the story about why they had come to Japan and what they needed Ryou's help for.

"All of you can sleep here if you'd like. And if you're staying here, the mews might as well stay, too." Ryou told all of us.

"Rangers, meet the mew mews," I began to rest of the introductions, "Aizawa Mint, Fujiwara Zakuro, Midorikawa Lettuce, and Fon Pudding." Sky and Zakuro looked right at each other and quickly looked away.