Zakuro's pov

I stared at Pai from his bedroom doorway. Kish walked over to me. "Are you going back down to earth? Or does this mean that you'll be staying here with us?" He asked.

"I think I'm going home." I turned and faced him. "Take good care of my brother.." Reluctantly, I left.

I stepped into the cafe' and was bomb-barded with questions from the mews and even Ryou and Keiichiro. "QUIET!" Ryou yelled. Instantly the room was silent. "Are you ok, Zakuro?"

"I'm fine. Do I not look ok?"

"Well, by the way you rushed out of here..we got a little worried.." Ichigo admitted.

"Look, I said I was fine. It's stuff."

"Family stuff?" Mint sat in a chair next to where I was standing and patted the seat beside her. Everyone stared at her like she was a freak. "What? You can find lots and lots of information about Zakuro-san in magazines but you thing you'll never find is her family history. And I've always wondered what it was like." We nodded in understandment. I then proceeded to tell them everything that I had told Kish and Tart just a few hours before.

"So I was gone visiting my dad and now I finally found my brother too."

"PAI IS YOUR BROTHER!" Mint exclaimed.

"IS TAR-TAR YOUR BROTHER TOO, NA NO DA?" Pudding asked in total shock. I chuckled.

"No. Taruto is not my brother. Neither is Kishu. Only Pai is. And thank God for that.." I muttered.

"Soo, what are you going to do now?" Ichigo asked me.

"I dunno... Really all I can do is help you guys fight the Chimera Animas and..we need to defeat Deep Blue. Even if he is my father, he must be destroyed. He is still a threat to the world." Everyone nodded.

"I'm glad you feel that way." Ryou simply said and headed upstairs to his bedroom. I sat down in the chair beside Mint and sighed deeply.

"Zakuro-san..?" Lettuce whispered.

"I'm fine, Lettuce. I'll be right back." I headed towards the park and when I arrived there, I took out my cellphone and dialed my mom's phone number.

"'Hello? SPD Hadquarters.'

'Hi. This is ranger Zakuro Fujiwara and I need to talk to Kat Manx.'

'Zakuro! Hi! It's Boom!'

'Hey, Boom. Can I talk to my mom?'

'Yeah. Of course. Here she is.'" There was a moment and I heared Boom call mom's name and then her voice on the other line. "'Zakuro?'

'Hey, mom.'

'Zakuro! How are you?'

'Not so great.. I talked to dad.'

'...You did? How did that go over..?'

'Not so good. I told him that I had seen you. And it surprised him but he didn't ask questions. Only how you were doing.'

'And what did you tell him?'

'That you were fine. ...Mom? Do you ever wonder if Pai was really kidnapped?'

'No I do not. I believe what happened and nothing I can do or say will or can change that Pai is gone.'

'What would you say if you could say one thing to him?'

'...I would ask him if he hated his father.'

'...Pai doesn't hate dad..'

'How would you know?'

'Mom...Pai isn't dead. I saw him! We talked! He doesn't hate dad.'

'...Are you sure about this?'

'Positive! Infact, this may be hard to swallow but, Pai is on dad's side! Well, at least he was until dad tried to KILL ME! And him TOO!'

'What! Are you hurt!'

'I'm fine! Pai got knocked unconcious and I'm really worried about him. I am going to go back and see him in just a few minutes.'

'I'm coming with you.'


'If he is really alive then I want to see him! I'll be there soon ok?'

'Ok. I'll be waiting at the airport. Get on the next flight to Tokyo!'

'Airport? I was thinking more along the lines of a zord.'" Mom chuckled. "'I'll meet you in the Tokyo Park in a few hours.'" I hung-up my phone and headed home. On my way there, my cell suddenly began to ring.


'Zakuro onee sama! Where are you!'" Mint's voice yelled on the other line.

"'I'm fine, Mint. I will see you soon, alright?'

'How soon?'

'Tell Ryou I'll be back at work on Monday.'

'But today is Monday.'

'A week from today Monday! Bye, Mint.'" I hung-up on her.

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