A silly, one-shot ficsnip that I wrote as a Valentine's Day gift for Meghan/Suppi-chan.


_The Gift That Keeps On Giving_

Author: Catsy (nekojita )
Content: silly, mild sexual suggestiveness

"Hiiragizawa-kun," Tomoyo scolded, returning Eriol's selection to the wall
rack, "you're impossible. Why can't we just get her chocolate, like
everyone else?"

Eriol favored Tomoyo with that special smile he reserved for those times
when he was planning something genuinely diabolical and therefore needed to
look as innocent as possible. "Not impossible, Tomoyo-san. Merely
difficult. Everyone gives chocolate on Valentine's Day in Japan-wouldn't
you rather do something special for Sakura-san?"

Eriol knew it to be a mistake the moment he said it. As soon as the word
/Sakura/ passed his lips, Tomoyo once again got that far-off look of
orgasmic pleasure that meant she was visualizing Sakura in something
frilly, handmade, and probably better left at Victoria's Secret if it
weren't fitted for a teenager.

Sure enough, Tomoyo whirled and clasped her hands together, declaring,
"Before, when she was capturing and mastering the Clow Cards, there were so
many different outfits I could've made for her! Why, there was this one I
made that one year-"

Eriol waited for Tomoyo's gushing description to end, a patient and
indulgent smile on his face. "And now that it's long over," he said in an
attempt to steer the conversation back on track, "what should we get her?"

Tomoyo tapped thoughtfully at her chin, looking around the store. "I don't
know," she said with such despair that she sounded as if she were
confessing to a double-murder. "The problem is, anything we buy her will
just embarass her."

"Undoubtedly," he agreed cheerfully. "So then, what about this one?"

Tomoyo shook her head firmly. "Too plain. It would never do for her."

"And this?"

Another shake, side-to-side. "No, that shade of green is wrong for her.
What about this?"

Eriol halted in his tracks for a moment, thinking. "No," he said after a
brief pause. "We're on the right track, but it's too glittery."

"But Sakura-chan /likes/ glitter!" Tomoyo protested.

"Oh yes," Eriol said with a winning smile. "But I think perhaps this is
the wrong occasion. On the other hand..." His eyes wandered over to another
section of the store. Tomoyo immediately saw what he'd spotted, and her
eyes glazed over. "Oh, that's perfect! Absolutely /perfect!/
Hiiragizawa-kun, we absolutely have to get that for her, it's just the
right shade of pink, and she will completely /die/ over it!"

Eriol winced at the volume of Tomoyo's voice, and hooked his arm in hers
to guide her in the right direction. It took some work, since she was busy
bouncing up and down and generally attracting attention with her
exclamations. Laughing gently, he picked up the item in question, and
turned it on. It gave off faint buzz, which died after a few seconds.
"We'll have to buy batteries, of course."

"Oh, don't you worry about that," Tomoyo said with the gleam of rapture in
her eyes. "I have plenty of those."