The Life of an Assassin

Chapter 1: An Assassin's Off Job Life.

In the midst of the cold dark night, a figure in the shadows lay still, waiting for his prey. Watching like a hawk, Uchiha Sasuke, top assassin, sought out his victim. Nothing but his dangerous eyes could be seen for he was wearing all black, like a bat lurching in the dark. He was atop a high tower looking down at a hotel, spotting who he was looking for.

He jumped down a few balconies until he was level with the hotel's top level. He could see many rich and sophisticated people talking and drinking together. He was still looking through the glass when he got a glimpse of pink hair. His gaze fell upon the beautiful girl. She seemed about average height for a girl his age.

'Uchiha, snap out of it! Just find the guy and take care of things already!' Sasuke began to scold himself after watching the pretty girl for too long. He was getting distracted from his job.

As the man he was looking for stepped out onto the balcony, Sasuke prepared to take him out swiftly and silently. He took out a kunai from the pouch on his right leg as a jumped unnoticed onto the roof of the hotel. Staring down at his prey, he jump and landed right behind the man.

Startled, the rich man turned around and was about to scream when suddenly, a kunai sliced the mans throat. He stood there and watched the man fall dead. Sasuke smirked to himself, "Job well done Uchiha."

The same black figure disappeared into the night. The pink-haired girl saw something move outside on the balcony but just brushed it off. For all she knew, it could have been a cat.

Sasuke walked in front of huge black gates that lead to his school. The school was called Leaf Valley Academy and it was attended by some of the richest people in all of Tokyo. Although Sasuke didn't live with anyone, his butler was always good company. His house wasn't that big either, just big enough for him to live in. Since his parents and brother left him a long time ago for the U.S., he figured he didn't need them anyway. He's been cold hearted ever since.

He walked in through the gates quietly and looked around. There weren't students around because the bell rang already. Feeling relieved, he walked into the building. 'Finally no fan girls.'

Up the elevator to the fifth floor, Sasuke walked down the empty corridors into room 3-A, grade twelve class. Sliding the door open, everyone inside were chatting and sitting on desks, throwing papers around and shouting. 'School's the same everyday.' While thinking to himself, he walked to his desk. He spotted his best friend Naruto playing cards with a few of the students in class. By the looks of it, it looked like poker.

"Ha! I win again suckers. Hand over the cash!" Naruto was rejoicing after winning his fifth game. The other three gave up their money groaning. Naruto counted his money and saw Sasuke at his desk. "Oy Sasuke! When did you get here? Ha! Look," he flashed his wad of cash in Sasuke's face. Even though Naruto was rich himself, he still needed the extra for his own stuff.

"Hn…" was all Sasuke said as he looked out the window. It was already fifteen minutes past eight and still no teacher. He was very entertained by the sakura petals that fell from the trees below him. It was a beautiful October morning.

"Okay! Everyone, get into your seats." Finally, Kakashi walked in through the doors with a very familiar book in his hands. "First of all class, we have a new student and-"

"You're late again! Ha oh yeah buddy, quiet reading that book too. It's disgusting." Naruto again of course blurted that out. Everyone just giggled a little bit, not wanting to tick off their teacher.

"Anyways, like I was saying we have a new student all the way from the big cities in U.S. Please welcome Haruno Sakura." He moved his hand in the direction of the door which was partly slid open.

Sasuke really wasn't paying attention because he didn't care about these kinds of things, but when he heard the name 'Haruno Sakura,' his head snapped in the direction of the door. He saw a slender woman walked in with bright pink hair. Sasuke froze…that was a the same girl from the hotel. His mouth was slightly open and then he glared at Kakashi.

'Wow, she's still as beautiful as before…' This was all in his head, though. If he said it out loud his reputation would be at stake, not to mention she was new and no one had seen her before.

"Well done Uchiha. That didn't take you that long now, did it." In a large rotation chair, a silver-haired man sat, fingers intertwined in front of his masked face. "You doubted me that much pervert? He was just a skimpy old man with a lot of cash. He wasn't that hard." Sasuke was standing in front of Kakashi's desk with his mask off but his attire still on.

"Do you think you can do another mission for me? I mean, if that's okay for the 'world's greatest assassin.' I warn you though, it's a tough one." Kakashi had a brown envelope in his hands outstretched to Sasuke.

Without hesitation, Sasuke opened the envelope and looked at the black and white picture of a young girl of eighteen years old. "She's my target? That's not that hard," all kakashi did was shake his head. "No she's not the target, she's the one your target is aiming for." He handed Sasuke another envelope with a picture of a snake like man in it. "You mean I have to protect her? And from this ugly freak too? That's just perfect. I have school you know. Everyone's going to get suspicious." Sarcasm was clear in his voice. "Wait, why is he after her?"

Kakashi laughed with a bit of enthusiasm. "My, my, Sasuke. You're feeling good today now aren't you? You've been insulting people with a hint of joy in your voice. Oh and you finally took your job seriously. You actually care that people would figure out who you are. Before you never thought like this." Sasuke didn't know what to say to that. He just felt like he wanted to do this mission. It's his first protecting someone. A new challenge he guessed. But why was he after her? Kakashi still didn't answer her.

It was true that he never thought like that before. When he first took the job, he just thought of it as a way to get a good pay and a sort of 'club' outside of school that he could do to pass time. But this time, he's starting to take it more seriously. He didn't know why, it just felt like he didn't want this Orichimaru guy to get Haruno Sakura.

"He is kind of ugly…" He accidentally said it out loud but only loud enough to be a whisper. "What was that Uchiha?" Kakashi eyed him oddly. He really wasn't acting like himself.

"Oh uh nothing really," he was trying not to stutter. "It's just that I wasn't sure if he was the only one going for her cause it's not going to be much of a challenge if it's just him. You know what I mean…Oh and why is he after her?" 'Good cover up Uchiha, very smooth. I hope Kakashi didn't notice.' He thought.

Eyeing Sasuke one more time, he continued with the debriefing. "You do have school tomorrow. Get some rest and prepare for the unexpected. You'll find out soon enough why they're after her. If your brave enough maybe you can ask Sakura herself? Hmm?" A final glimmer in Kakashi's eye was all that was seen after that.

He knew that Kakashi said, 'prepare for the unexpected' but this was ridiculous.

"Hello, my name is Haruno Sakura. I'm very pleased to meet you all." She began to speak and everyone lay quiet. All the guys in the class were dumbfounded. Sasuke heard most of them say things like, 'Wow she's pretty!' or 'Damn she's hot.' He ignored all of these comments though but he really didn't like many guys doing that to girls; it gave him shivers. "Stupid perverts…" he mumbled under his breath.

"Thank you Ms. Haruno. Please take a seat," Kakashi scanned the classroom. Everyone looked for an empty seat but couldn't see one except for, "next to Uchiha Sasuke." Every guy in the room glared at Sasuke for getting the pretty new girl to sit next to him. Every girl in the room on the other hand glared at Sakura.

She walked slowly to her seat and was greeted by a silent boy staring out the window. She set her stuff down and Kakashi began the lesson.

She was wearing the school uniform which consisted of a white polo shirt and a dark green skirt with gold trim. Black shoes as well. They didn't wear ties so she had the top two buttons undone. Sasuke was wearing at white polo shirt as well and with out the tie. Same as Sakura, the top buttons weren't done. He had dark green pants and black shoes.

Sasuke went back to entertaining himself with the sakuras down below. Everything seemed to go slowly as lunch came. The bell rang and everyone headed out for the courtyard.

On the rooftops of Leaf Valley Academy, two boys leaned on the railing looking over the schools enormous courtyard. The sun shone down on everything on the roof including the two who were discussing how to get to Sakura.

"Buddy, she's hot." Naruto suddenly said while looking down at the pink-haired girl. Hearing this, Sasuke smacked Naruto on the back of the head. "Ow! What-"

"Stay on task idiot. We still have a mission to do remember?" Naruto was Sasuke's sidekick per say. He didn't really always join Sasuke during missions but he was always there. A fellow assassin if you may.

"Yeah yeah, I know. But why do you have to smack so freaking hard!" Still rubbing the back of his head, Naruto scanned the courtyard below and saw Hinata, his childhood friend.

"How are we going to do this," Sasuke started. "I mean, to protect her, we have to get her to trust us but without spilling the beans." He began to think of some solutions. "We'll follow her around, maybe that'll work. No, never mind. For this mission I don't want to be a stalker."

Naruto wasn't really paying attention. Still looking at Hinata, he began to remember things from the past. How they would play together in the park and when they would go to each other's houses for dinner. Those were the days.

Naruto was snapped out of his daydream when Sasuke hit him on the head again. "Oy! It got hit there already! You don't need to get hit there again." He was getting teary-eyed. "You didn't hear a word I said," stated Sasuke.

All Naruto could do was blush. "Eh! No way man, I heard," Naruto was stuck. "Uh, you have to," 'Think of something quick! Come on!' "Become friends with Sakura?"

"No! Wrong." Sasuke grinned. 'Stupid, probably looking at her again. "That's not it at all! Where did you get that? And why would I do that, I hate stuff like that."

Naruto found the jackpot. Smirking inwardly, "Oy, it's a good plan though. I mean, I'm not the one who sits beside her. And besides I can't do anything today, I have to do some grocery shopping. I'm running out of ramen." With that Naruto sped out of reach from Sasuke. He knew Sasuke didn't want to do it but he really felt that he would become a walking parrot around Sakura and they really needed to do the mission as soon as possible.

"Naruto! That's not fair man! Get back here! I can't do that!" Sasuke understood very well that he had to do the mission right away but if he did this, it would ruin his reputation. 'I'm going to strangle you Naruto.' The bell rang and off they went to there classes.

Sitting back down in there seats, Sasuke was thinking of how to start a conversation. 'Man Naruto! I really hate you for this. I don't talk to girls! That's not my thing.' Suddenly, the doors slid open and Sakura emerged along with Hinata. 'Damn, here she comes.'

Setting down her books, she decided to start a conversation. "Hey, I didn't see you at all during lunch," she began. "I mean, everyone usually eats in the courtyard. I was just thinking where you would go." All she got for an answer was "Aa…"

Sasuke really didn't want to talk to her. She was just the target of the mission, nothing more. He just had to say something to prove that he can be talked to. "Uh, never mind that. Why did you suddenly transfer here?" 'That wasn't too hard. Just hope no one heard me.'

Sakura lit up. She smiled suddenly. At least she had someone to talk to in class. But then, she suddenly frowned. "My-my parents died in a car crash a few weeks ago and my aunt lives near this school so," now she was looking down at her fingers which were in her lap.

'Damn, not that face.' Sasuke thought. 'Think of something else Uchiha!' "Oh, uh w-what about," 'Damn, what should I say. I can't get her to smile again.' "My parent's left me when I was younger. I just thought that would make you feel better."

She looked up at him and smiled a little bit. "Really? What happened?" 'Hinata was wrong, he's not that cold-hearted.' "Well, I don't really know the reason why but all I know is that my brother's an ass." Sasuke looked down trying to control his rage. His brother left the Uchiha's when he was about Sasuke's age right now. He took half the fortune and flew off somewhere.

"I didn't know that," Sakura whispered. "I'm sorry that your parent's had to go."

'This should give me a good chance of being trusted by her.'

Sakura was walking back home in the sunset's glow.

"He's kinda cute. I mean yeah he doesn't really seem like he wants to talk much but he's cute." She thought to herself out loud. "At least I got through my first day."

"What I don't understand is how people would see him as cold-hearted. Hmm," She dropped her book by accident and went to pick it up, but another pair of hands beat her to it. "Hello again, Sakura. Clumsy I see." She looked up and saw two jet black eyes. Their faces were just a few inches apart, making Sakura blush madly.

As they got up, she looked away trying to hide the blush. 'Whoa, that was really close.' she thought shaking the blush off.

"Here, it's your book right?" He handed her the book and continued to walk with her.

They started to talk about various things; from sports to students at school. They walked through a beautiful boulevard with sakura trees on each side of the road and could be seen as far as the eye could see.

"Wow," Sakura whispered as she caught a Sakura petal in her hand. "I've never seen this boulevard before. Why are we here?" She questioned the Uchiha. He was looking at here again. The scenery made her look even more beautiful.

"This is a short cut to the place you told me about; your apartment. I just thought you would like to see it." He said, turning and continuing to walk.

Around the corner, the school bully Abumi was waiting. A few of his buddies were with him making a total of four. They heard of the new girl in school and it was sort of their job to pick on new kids.

When Sasuke and Sakura turned the corner, the guys ambushed them. "Hey beautiful. Why are you hanging around with this low life?" All the men looked at her as if they could eat her up right there. Sasuke was getting pissed, but he was to late to act. Sakura was the first one to say something.

"Oh really? Low life huh. He's actually really nice. I wouldn't be surprised if you guys were lower than he was." She was right up to Abumi's face and didn't have an ounce of fear in her. 'Idiots, more of these worthless bullies. Man when will they give up? I keep moving but there are always some in every school.'

"Oh feisty aren't we? Heh now I really wanna get you for that one." Sakura could tell he was toying with her. This really pissed her off.

Sasuke was still behind her looking at the scene. 'What the hell is she doing? These idiots won't go down with just that. I do admit she's tough though.'

"You really are an ass. Jeez there has to be at least one total moron in every school huh?" With that, she slapped him across the face and kicked his shin. Watching him fall down to the ground whining, she smirked. "Stupid, just don't mess with me. I'm not like any other girl." 'That's for sure.' Sasuke thought to himself.

Sasuke saw the other three walks towards her. "Back off. You want that same thing to happen to you guys? I'd gladly do the honours." Sasuke rolled up his sleeves. The other guys just ran for it leaving their leader. "What the hell? What wimps. They even leave you, idiot." He shot that comment at Abumi on the floor and continued to walk with Sakura.

"Wow, you're one crazy ass girl." Sasuke said with amazement.

Sakura giggled. "What…I didn't think you were like the other guys; looking at me and seeing only the girl on the outside." Sasuke tried not to think of her beauty at the moment but couldn't help it.

Her hair was a few inches past shoulder length, a slender body, and she was tough. She didn't fawn over him either. That's a totally different girl from all the others at Leaf Valley.

"This is it. I decided to live in my own apartment. At least it's not too shabby." There was a hotel-like apartment before them. 'At least she knows how to live in style.' "Well, thank you for walking me home. I appreciate it." She smiled once more before she walked into the building. "You're welcome," he whispered. 'Boy, this is going to be one hell of a mission.'

Preview for Chapter 2:

'Damn! Why is she at this party? I can't walk around with her here! She's going to see me.' Sasuke was faking to be one of the men who owned companies around Tokyo, but he couldn't do it while Sakura was there. If she saw him, he's toast.

'Stupid! This is just great! I better find that guy fast before she spots me.' He spotted the man in the halls and took two drinks off the tray of the butler there. 'Perfect. I'll just ask him to come out onto the balcony with me. Then it's all over and I can get back before something really wrong happens.' Sasuke walked swiftly and got a conversation starting with the man clad in a white suit.

Little did he know, Orichimaru's spy Kabuto was just around the corner and was watching Sakura's every move.

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