Many weeks later, Legolas stood alone in the Palace gardens. A thick fog had descended upon that part of Mirkwood, and everything looked eerie and spectral and the mist. The elf's hand rested upon one of two tombstones. Legolas fingered the lettering on the stone. Nimros, valiant to the end. Red roses were starting to twine about the graves, their blooms sparkling with dew. Red like blood, and sprinkled with silvery tears.


Legolas turned to go, and as he did, the mist swirled thickly, and he fancied he saw the form of a great horse in the mist, a horn spiralling from its forehead, mane and tail swirling softly about it. It turned its head and looked straight at him with those beautiful eyes that he knew so well. The circlet of hair around Legolas's wrist began to glow with a white light, hot against his skin. Nimros neighed once, a distant, echoing sound, and then he was gone, vanishing into the mist without a trace.

"Goodbye, my friend," Legolas whispered, tears falling silently down his cheeks, for something deep inside him knew that the great horse was not going to appear to him again. Nimros shouldn't have heard him, he was dead, but somehow, he did, and through his tears, Legolas smiled.

The End

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