Chapter One

Officer Lucky Spencer pissed off the wrong man.

Manny Ruiz was normally a very edgy and angry person. But when someone stood in his way, screwed with his plans and stepped on his toes, they better watch out because all hell would break loose.

Ruiz came to Port Charles on a simple mission: Take down Sonny Corinthos and become the most powerful mobster on the Eastern Seaboard. Who knew that he would be so lucky that Sonny's right hand man would not remember a damn thing about his life, and that Sonny would be so distracted taking care of his crazy ex-wife while trying to maintain a relationship with his new beau Reese, or was it Caroline, no that was his ex-wife's name, oh who the hell could keep track anymore.

Port Charles would be his and handed over to him on a silver platter.

Until Spencer had to stick his whinny pansy ass in Ruiz's face.

Didn't the PCPD know that it was in their best interest to stay out of the "alleged mob's" way? Obviously Officer Spencer just wasn't as bright as one would hope. For God's sake the man allowed his woman to get knocked up by another man to pay off his bills. What an idiot.

Everything was going according to plan, even better with the unfortunate circumstances that Sonny found himself in. Then everything went to hell. Ruiz's enforcer and brother, Tito, was sent to meet Sonny to ensure that he knew his time was limited. Who knew that the stupid cop would be there trying to find his whack job of a cousin on orders from John Durant.

When Tito showed up at Hotel Corinthos, guns were drawn, some guard was killed, Sonny's lawyer brother was wounded, and Officer Shithead managed to get a shot at Tito and arrest him.

Now Tito was in the hospital recovering from a wound in his side and when the trial would start he would face Life or the Death Penalty. With Officer Shithead as the key witness, due to the fact that he was the only one who saw Tito aim, fire, and hit the guard and Lansing.

There was one thing that Ruiz did not tolerate and that was screwing with his family. He would just have to make sure that the little shit would not be around to testify to succeed in this temporary set back.

Hospitals sucked, headaches sucked, and not being able to remember who the hell you were really sucked.

Jason Morgan was not a patient man. Whether or not this was a new trait or a very unattractive old one, he couldn't tell given the fact that he didn't have a clue as to who he was.

Except for the fact that he was a brain damaged, killing machine, who supposedly loved Sam McCall, he didn't know a damn thing. He also apparently seemed to be the biggest hero in the world because everyone he came in contact with needed him. Emily needed him to give her truthful advice even though he had no clue as to who she was or what the hell was going on in her life. Sam needed him to love her because apparently the two of them had no one else in the world but each other, which seemed like a very lonely and boring existence if anyone asked him. But yet no one seemed to ask him anything. But the list didn't end there, Sonny needed him to be this monster, this Carly lady needed him to be her best friend and save her, and his "father" Alan needed him to be the long lost son he lost ten years ago in an accident that wiped his memory away.

Who the hell was Jason Morgan, and why did he let his life turn into such a circus?

If all of these people were supposed to lean on him, who the hell could he lean on?

Just as that thought passed through his head there was a soft knock on his door that signaled the nurse that would start his treatment so he wouldn't croak and die because of his condition.

Before Jason could answer the door slowly opened and a head poked in.

"Hi" came the hesitant greeting and in walked a very petite nurse with dark chestnut hair pulled to the top of her head, and the most kind soulful blue eyes that Jason had every seen, in the couple of days that he could remember.

"Hi" was the gruff reply that came from the amnesiac grumpy patient.

The nurse seemed to be a little uncomfortable under his heated gaze, and apparently the only way to ease the tension was to ramble.

"How are you doing today? Wait don't answer that it's a stupid question. Sometimes I seem to just shove my foot right into my mouth and…" Looking up at the man the babbling nurse could tell that she was just confusing the hell out of him. The man's forehead was scrunched tight and he seemed to be studying her intently.

Feeling the need to take things a little slower the nurse asked a simpler question "Are you ready for your treatment today Jason?"

Apparently using his first name only caused him to study her more and the only thing she could think of popped out of her mouth "Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Do I know you?" His question seemed to shock her because the pretty nurse opened and shut her mouth a couple of times trying to figure out something to say. Sensing her uneasiness Jason added more to his abrupt question. "I mean only the people I should know use my first name; every other nurse I see always calls me Mr. Morgan when they first meet me. You are either just a nice person or you know me." After a brief pause where he expected her to answer him he poised the question "So which one is it?"



The nurse gave him an easy smile which seemed to ease some of the tension out of his shoulders. She gave a little laugh and answered him "I like to think that I'm a nice person," and for some reason that made Jason's lips twitch with amusement as she added "but yes we… know each other. My name is Elizabeth."