His eyes were so blue. Crystal clear, sharp yet warm, always causing her to tremble softly when they were focused solely on her.

Like they were in that moment.

Her stomach fluttered as she centered her gaze on him, ignoring the rest of the people who were staring at her. She only had eyes for Jason.

Elizabeth didn't feel nervous as she walked down the center of the church, her hair curled at the top of her head, her dress weighing a ton. All she was concerned about in that moment was making it to where the priest stood. Her gaze focused on Jason helped ease the nerves she felt earlier in the day. She hated having all eyes on her at any time.

His lips slowly turned into a smile, curling the sides of his mouth up slightly in that grin she loved so much. His eyes shined even brighter as her smile matched his, causing her stomach to flutter even more.

She never wanted to look away from him. But when her heel caught in the back of her dress, causing her to miss a step, she faltered, almost tripping in the middle of the church for everyone to see.

She caught herself though, a slight red tingeing her cheeks. When she righted herself, she allowed one quick glance at Jason which caused her eyes to narrow.

The jerk was grinning. Sure, he tried to hide it behind his hand, but she could see it in his eyes. She glared at him for a moment, a grin twitching the side of her mouth as well as they stared at each other.

God, she loved that man.

A throat clearing ahead of her caused Elizabeth to look away from Jason and towards the head of the church. Jax stood there, shifting from one foot to the next, jerking his head back to let her know that she should keep moving.

Giving a sheepish grin, Elizabeth ducked her head as she moved faster down the rest of the aisle. She smiled at Jax as she moved to stand opposite him and turned as everyone stood to see Emily finally make her way down the long church aisle.

She looked beautiful, glowing as she clutched to her fathers arm, her gaze locked on her future husband. Elizabeth had been nervous about the two of them jumping into a marriage so quickly. Jax and Courtney had just divorced, just like Emily and Nicholas. It seemed too quick to Elizabeth and she had voiced that to Emily when her best friend had announced the engagement.

But Emily had reassured Elizabeth that this is what she wanted. Elizabeth guessed that the entire time she was getting closer to Jason again; Emily had been doing the same with Jax. It still seemed a littleā€¦ weird to Elizabeth, but as she watched to two look at each other, she could see the love in their eyes and knew that they would be happy with each other.

Both of them deserved it.

As Emily made it to the front of the church, Elizabeth went into maid-of-honor mode, taking Emily's bouquet, fixing her dress at the bottom. When all was settled, Elizabeth felt her gaze fall back towards Jason who sat in the front row, next to his mother. The priest's words filtered through her mind in the background as she and Jason gazed at each other. She couldn't help but think about how it would be them up there soon. Exchanging vows, pledging their love and life to one another.

It would be more intimate, though. Not as many guests, just the two of them and the ones they loved most. Her dress would be simple, not as large as Emily's. She didn't want such a large affair, and when she had told that to Jason, it looked as if a weight had been lifted from his shoulders.

It would be perfect, she thought, smiling. Because it would be with Jason.

The thought of marrying Jason still caused excitement to travel through her, an excitement that hadn't seemed to die down ever since he proposed to her three months ago after one of their many bike rides.

She had always allowed herself to think about what a life with him would be like, but she had never allowed herself to actually believe that dream could come true. Until recently, when everything in both of their worlds began to tumble apart, when they were each others life lines.

It was as if fate had brought them together again.

Being with Jason still amazed her, though. Especially because of all that they had been through together. Fighting through the messes that were their lives and coming the winner in the end, together.

It had hurt her at first, the thought of all the pain Lucky had put her through, how he had lied to her and how much he had changed. But as much as he had hurt her, she still wished him the best, hoping that he could pick up his life again, if only for his baby.

The thought of Sam and Lucky having a child together should have hurt her in some way, but it didn't. A part of her felt as though they deserved each other after all they had put her and Jason through. But the other part of her, the mother in her, wished that they would be able to have a good life together, for their baby's sake.

But, the first part of her that cringed every time she saw Sam had to smile over what Emily had told her. How Sam did nothing but complain about her small apartment and having to sleep on a couch, how she cried over being broke. That part of Elizabeth couldn't help but feel some justice over the other woman's plight.

As the wedding continued, Elizabeth shifted between being Emily's maid-of-honor and gazing at Jason. She couldn't help but look at him and admire him in his suit. She would take him in a pair of jeans and plain t-shirt any day. But it was still nice to see him dressed up. He literally took her breath away.

As he watched her, Elizabeth placed her hand against her flat stomach, the fluttering continuing. She loved it when he looked at her like that, soft and loving. That's how she imagined he would look when she gave him the good news later that night.

She wasn't nervous that he would think it was the wrong time, that they weren't ready. She knew, with all her heart, that Jason would be just as thrilled to find out about her pregnancy as she was when Dr. Lee had confirmed it the day before.

Jason watched as tears formed in Elizabeth's eyes, her hand placed against her stomach, a smile touching her lips. He smiled in return, breathing a sigh of relief at the joyous look upon her beautiful face. It was in that moment that, he knew, that she decided to tell him that she was pregnant.

It was about time.

Everything was finally coming together in his life. And it was because of her. He would have the family he never thought he could have. He would live his life with the one woman he always thought was never within his reach.

Elizabeth had given him love, a family with her and Cameron, and now another child on the way.

He was the luckiest man in the world.

The End