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Story: Hope Upon The Full Moon

Chapter 1: Dark Secret

'This can't be happening to me'

Her mahogany colored eyes filled with tears as she thought over and over again in the position she was in. She blinked, filling the cold saddening tears roll down her cheeks, as she looked up at the dark sky from behind her window.

'How could this happen to me?'

She covered her face with her hands sobbing uncontrollably. Her shoulders shaking, as well as her whole fragile body. Her own tears where drowning her, but she did not care. Sniffing she gasped for breath…

'This can't be possible'

Finally feeling empty from her sorrow, she wiped the stains of her tears with the back of her hand. Limping she walked towards her comforting bed and laid in it. One last tears left her eyes as she closed them, while covering herself with the soft and tender blankets.

'Could there be hope for me?'

She sniffed back the lonely sadness, while rolling to her opposite side, falling into deep but restless slumber.

The moonlight shone against her soft porcelain skin as she walked along the rocky road beneath the shadow of the pine forest. She couldn't help but hum happily. After all, the sweet smell of pine cones was awfully relaxing. Still, she couldn't help but feel the gaze of someone upon her.

Trying to make sure of her own predictions she turned around, but the only thing that responded her actions was the soft wind, gently caressing her wavy brown hair…maybe it was just her imagination.

Shrugging, she placed a stray hair behind her ear and continued on walking. She looked up at the velvet black sky filled with sparkling silver stars. A full moon stood gracefully above her…smiling down at her.

Such a pleasant scenery, and still, it made her feel sad. She frowned. If only the world, the time in which she lived on, was like this. If only there was peace, like the stars and hope, like the moon.

Without noticing tears left her eyes and she tried to hold them down, whilst biting her lower lip. This was the reason that she had decided to take the walk in the first place. The tension of knowing that Harry would have to go on dangerous missions to find horcruxes, knowing that Dumbledore was dead, knowing that she wouldn't be going for her last year at Hogwarts, just for the fact that it was being closed down and knowing…knowing that many innocent people were being killed every day because of Voldemort, not knowing if her loved ones were involved…it was all overwhelming.

Suddenly, there was a sound, a sound that made the back of her hair stand up. She turned around almost immediately and screamed. She screamed like she had never done.

A pair of yellow eyes was looking straight at her. She wanted to run so desperately, but her feet's betrayed her. The creature growled, showing its pearly white and sharp fangs.

Suddenly within the blink of an eye, the creature lunched itself over her, making her hit the hard ground. She screamed even more and the vicious creature responded by growling, foam pouring out of its mouth.

As she made to scream again, her voice came out raspy. She knew that her voice had already run to save its own insignificant life.

And then…then, as if she had predicted it, the creature bend down and sunk his fangs on her thigh, ripping her skin, as well, as her clothes. A moan mixed with a scream of agony escaped her lips, as tears of remorse escaped her eyes. Blood began overflowing from her body, and it pained her so.

She screamed and struggled to get free, but the creature stayed on top of her…she could swear she saw him smirk evilly. Her scream of help echoed across the forest but nobody heard her…


"Hermione, wake up!"

"Yeah, it's only a dream! Wake up!"

Someone began shaking her by the shoulders and immediately her eyes opened wide, confronting a pair of emerald green eyes behind round glass.

"Ha-Harry?" she murmured.

Groaning she got up, passing her hands through her messed up hair. As she did so, she noticed that Harry wasn't the only one in the room. Besides him stood the freckled face of Ron Weasley.

"What are you guys doing here?" she asked.

They both looked at each other and frowned.

"Well, we heard you screaming…" began Ron, explaining.

"…so we came to see if you were alright." Finished Harry.

'Oh, they are so thoughtful'

Hermione blinked and sat up in her bed. Pain seared through her as she did so, making her winced slightly. But she made sure that neither Ron nor Harry noticed this. Nevertheless, Harry saw her actions, but shrugged it off. Maybe part of her body was asleep. Instead he talked, about something else.

"Um, Hermione" he spoke. "You better change breakfast is going to be ready."

"Sure, but can you boys wait outside while I do so?" smiled Hermione.

A small blush crept across both their cheeks and they immediately got out, closing the door behind them. The smile that had appeared momentairless in her lips, disappeared, and a frown replaced it.

'If only they knew'

She got up, her body aching, and stood in front of the mirror. God, How could they not notice her like this! She looked awfully ill. Baggy eyes, messy hair, pail skin and she had turned so thin, that it was a miracle that nobody accused her of being anorexic. And all of this was the cause of that.

Hesitating, she lifted her nightgown to reveal her thigh. To reveal the hideous bite she had there. It seemed to be infected, a lot more than before. Some kind of disgusting green foam was over it.

She wanted to vomit at the moment, as tears left her eyes. Hermione was afraid; she didn't know how to tell anyone. It was her darkest and deepest secret. If only…if only she hadn't taken that walk, then maybe, just maybe, the werewolf wouldn't have bitten her.

Yes, bookworm, Hermione Granger, was indeed infected with lycanthropy. She just hoped nobody would notice. And that would be a very difficult task, after all she would be spending the year on Grimauld Place.

'God, why can't this be just a bad dream?'

- - - - end chapter 1 - - - -

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