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Chapter 1

Yoshinezer Booge made his way through the blizzard to his small cottage, eager to greet his wife. The baby was due that night, and Veruca Booge, the mother, sat on the rocking chair, singing to the baby in a smooth lullaby. He was a green Yoshi, with an unusual red-shaped area on his back which resembled a saddle. His eyes were full of great curiosity.

"Veruca!" came the voice of the father, who closed the door. It was snowing heavily outside, and wind was blowing everywhere. But in the cottage, it was as warm as the little Yoshi himself. Yoshinezer took his scarf off and wrapped it around the little baby.

"He's gorgeous, isn't he?" whispered Veruca softly. The little Yoshi tilted his head to one side, looking at his dad. He picked him up and held him high.

"He seems like a smart one," said Yoshinezer, and he laughed. The tiny Yoshi copied him by laughing also. Veruca smiled.

"Nezer, how bad is it outside?" asked Veruca, and she looked out the window. It was as if there was a tornado full of snow.

"Hard to say," he said, as he looked through the shelf for food. "It was lucky I had made it here. My feet felt like ice." He found a jar of blueberry jam and spread it on a slice of toast.

"I saw four trees being knocked down by the wind," he continued. "One of the branches, you know, hit my leg." He rolled up the hems of his pants to reveal a bloody cut on his knee.

"My goodness!" exclaimed Veruca. "That wound will scar forever. Let me help you." She went over to the indoor pump and dipped a towel with warm water. She put it over the wound.

"Goodness!" shrieked the newborn Yoshi. His parents stared at him.

"His first word!" cried Yoshinezer in joy. "How old is he?"

"He's eight hours old," said Veruca in wonder. She went up to the little creature and gave him a kiss on the nose. "Born around 11 o'clock this morning," she added. The young one giggled.

"Why don't we give him a proper word to be called by?" she suggested. She handed the little Yoshi the piece of blueberry jam toast, and he started to bite on it.

"Err, you mean, name it?" said Yoshinezer. Veruca nodded. The little Yoshi started coughing, and he rubbed his tongue. He started to wail.

"What is wrong?" Veruca asked alarmed, and she gave the Yoshi some water. "Is there any other food in the shelf besides blueberry jam? I think he's allergic to jam."

"I'm afraid I don't have enough money," replied Yoshinezer sadly. "My job in the lumber factory only gives me two coins every 3 hours for the past eight years. They never raise my salary. They give me coupons for low discounts, which I hardly use at all."

"I will walk to the store tomorrow," said Veruca. "With this jam, I'll trade it for milk and some bread."

"Veruca, honey, it will be snowing heavily tomorrow as well. In fact, harder than the weather right now," said Yoshinezer, as he prepared the dinner of green beans and sweet potatoes. Along with the sweet potatoes were sourdough chips, with a special ginger sauce. He then took a small plate of fish out of the rusty oven. It was a special day.

"We need the food for our little child," insisted Veruca quietly. Her heart was full of love.

"Our little child, his name will beā€¦Caule," said Yoshinezer, and he put the food upon the table. Veruca rocked Caule in her arms, repeating the name numerous times in her head.

They said a small prayer before they ate. "Bless our family, and with our newborn Yoshi that has joined us, Caule. Protect us as we celebrate, the day of Christmas Eve. Amen."

As they ate merrily, the snow blew outside. Little Caule Booge was happy that Christmas Eve.

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