Title: Unite and Surrender

Author: Jennyvre Moss

Rating: Rating K+ just in case. May go up later.

Setting: Half way through Divide and Conquer

Summary: What if Jacob had been present at the Za'tarc testing? Various POV's. SJ

Other: This story is dedicated to JamSack as she shares my love of this episode.

Disclaimer: Daydreaming about owning Stargate doesn't make it real.

Chapter 1: Jack's decision

Jack POV

Daniel is sitting across from me looking depressed. His expression just gets worse as Doc Frasier wheels in some expensive looking medical equipment. Geez, can it get anymore tense in here.

"It's the only way we can be absolutely sure you won't try and hurt yourself." The Doc explains.

"No choice?" I ask hopefully.

"No. You won't feel anything; it'll be like falling asleep."

"For how long?" I hear myself asking.

"As long as it takes to find a treatment with better odds than the one we have available." she says, glancing at Freya. I try a glare at the Tok'ra. After all it's her fault I'm in this mess.

"The President is due to arrive in less than an hour." Daniel explains glumly. Great.

I look up to see Teal'c walk in. "Come to say your goodbyes?"

"If there's anything that you require, O'Neill-"

"Another option." There's always a plan B right?

"There is still time to try the procedure." Okay, plan C then.

A thought suddenly hits me. "You said if you could have done a proper autopsy on Astor, you might have been able to solve this thing." I ask quietly.

"It would have provided much more information." She tells me.

God dammit. "I'll do it."

"What?" Daniel asks surprised. Oh come one, Danny-boy. Like you didn't see this coming.

"Hey, I've done the drugged-out, strapped-to-the-bed thing." I say, trying to add some humour. It didn't work.

"And if what happened to Astor happens to you?" he asks. I shrug, pretending like it's no big deal.

"Maybe it'll help Carter." Anything to help Carter…Sam "Her brain's worth a lot more than mine."


"What?" I yell as a million emotions pour through me. "He can't!"

"He's on his way down now." Daniel says

"Why is he doing this?" God I sound so hopeless.

"He said he'd rather take the risk instead of being put to sleep indefinitely." He explains

"But Astor—"

Janet cuts me off. "If it happens he thinks Anise can use what she would learn to save you." Dammit Jack.

I see the Colonel out the door surrounded by SF's and try to run to him, but the SF's at my door stop me.

"Sam. . . ." I barely register Daniel calling.

"Colonel!" I yell. He turns around and I'm suddenly hit with a wave of overwhelming sadness. I try to convey everything to him….everything I can't tell him. I try to get him to not go through with it. He just looks away again.

"You have to stop him!" I turn to Daniel.

"It's his choice." He says sadly.

"Sam, please." Janet asks me. "I have to do this."

God Dammit. How do I end up in these situations? I give up and sit on the bed.