Title: Unite and Surrender

Author: Jennyvre Moss

Rating: Rating increased to M,just in case.

Setting: Half way through and after Divide and Conquer (Start of season 4)

Summary: What if Jacob had been present at the Za'tarc testing? Various POV's. SJ

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Chapter 13: Jack's confusion

Jack's POV

I wake up to find sun streaming through my open curtains, which is strange as I usually close my curtains at night and even stranger is the arm that's wrapped around my chest - an arm that's doesn't belong to me. For a few minutes I'm in that groggy, confused, half-asleep state. Suddenly all the memories from last night come rushing back and I finally understand the strangeness of the morning. I smile and look down at the blonde head that is also lying on my chest. I move my arm slightly to get the cramp out of it, which just causes Sam to snuggle close. I can't help but chuckle at that. Who'd have thought Carter was a cuddler?

My laugh must have woken her because all of a sudden she lifts her head and looks at me, slightly confused, as I was.

"Morning." I whisper to her.

Leaning up she presses a soft kiss to my lips. "Morning." She whispers back, smiling, before dropping her head back down to use me as a pillow again. This time she uses my arm, so she can look me at me at the same time.

"So, what were you saying about rushing things last night?" I tease.

She softly hits my chest, a faked shocked expression on her face. "You were the one that started the kiss, if I remember correctly."

"Yeah, but I pulled back. You continued it, if I remember correctly."

"Well, I didn't hear you complaining last night." She says smirking.

I can't help but smile back and kiss her again. Just as things start to get interesting, the phone rings. I growl against Carter's lips and she giggles in reply.

"No giggling, Carter" This just sets her off again. I turn around and grab the phone. "O'Neill."

"Hey Jack."

I stifle a groan "Daniel." Of course. Who else would have timing that bad?

"Jack, I was just wondering why we were on downtime. Hammond didn't really explain why and you and Sam were in his office beforehand. I just thought he might have told you why."

"I think he just thought we all deserved a break. I mean we haven't really had a week off for a few months now."

"Yeah, I think it's something more than that." I roll my eyes. God, this guy can be frustrating sometimes. Sam just giggles at that.

"Jack, what was that?"

"What was what?"

"That noise."

"What noise?"

"I heard giggling."

"Oh right. Probably the TV." Silence. He didn't buy it.

"Look Daniel, I'm kinda busy right now, I'll call you back later."

"But Jack, I-"

"Bye Daniel." I say cheerfully before putting the phone down and turn back to Sam.

"What did he want?" she asks me

"Wondering why we were on downtime. And he heard you giggling. I don't think he bought the TV thing though. Now where were we?" I ask before going to kiss Sam again, but she turns her head so I get her cheek instead. I pull away, a bit disappointed.

"Jack, we never did discuss how we were going to tell them."

"Them being?"

"Daniel, Teal'c, Janet, Cassie, my dad."

"Barbecue here?" I suggest.

"Yeah. We'd have to do it soon though. Daniel is very capable of getting information when he gets suspicious."

I groan and lean back against the pillows. "Can't they leave us alone for just a few days?"

"Well think about it this way, the sooner we tell them, the sooner they'll leave us alone."

Now that's an interesting idea. "This afternoon sound good to you?"

"Perfect." Sam says before kissing me again. God, this woman can kiss.

I run a hand slowly through her hair. "I don't know about you but I am in desperate need of a shower." She tells me.

"Well, we have had a water shortage lately. We should really share the shower." I suggest innocently.

She just smiles seductively at me and walks into the connecting bathroom. I smile after her and follow.

A few hours later, we're sitting on the couch eating our poptarts for breakfast. Yes, I know it's not much, but I'm not into cooking except for holidays. And the fact that we're eating breakfast at eleven does not make it any less breakfast. We just kept getting…distracted.

"So, I've called everyone. The barbecue is at four. That okay with you?"

"Yeah, that's fine." She says, but I can tell something is wrong.

"Sam," I say, scooting closer to her. "What's wrong?"

"I'm just a bit worried about their reactions. I mean what if they don't support…this." She says, gesturing to the two of us.

I pull her towards me and just hold her. "Sam, they will. Believe me, the conversations I've had with them about…this." I repeat her gesture. "are countless."

"Really?" she asks.

"Yeah. I have to tell you, those guys can be determined when they want to be."

"Tell me about it." She says, rolling her eyes. I just laugh and kiss her. Once again we get distracted and our poptarts lay on the couch, forgotten.

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