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A muffled yet urgent voice could be heard. Where it was coming from, however, Harry just couldn't quite place it. He mumbled nonsense softly and felt his eyes begin to twitch as the voice became louder and clearer.

"Harry, get up now! Do you want to get to school or not?"

Upon the mention of Hogwarts, his eyes snapped open, his vision blurry due to the fact his glasses lay beside him. He grumbled, "What time is it?" Sitting up and looking ahead, Harry saw his friend staring at him, his expressions conveying relief; relief that he'd finally awoken.

"Harry, if you don't get ready now, we're going to miss the train to Hogwarts, okay?" Ron spoke slowly as though Harry had hearing difficulties.

Realizing what the redhead was getting at, Harry literally jumped out of bed, grabbing his glasses and stumbling as he tripped over the pair of worn-out shoes he'd left at the side of his bed. He cursed silently out of pain when his foot collided with his packed suitcase and hastily grabbed the pair of clothes Mrs. Weasley had neatly laid out for him the previous evening, now crumpled due to his constant kicking, tossing and turning throughout the short night. Harry didn't bother to neaten his hair and thankfully, when he emerged from his room and left the house with Ron, clutching a hot mug of tea, to join the remainder of the family in the front garden, Mrs. Weasley paid little attention to his scruffy appearance. Instead, she anxiously checked all were present, dressed warmly in the cold night with all the necessary belongings whilst her husband assured her all was fine and if anything was left behind, they could always send it along another time.

Harry saw the twins yawning in unison, Mrs. Weasley had been reluctant to leave them alone in the dead of the night much to Ron and Ginny's amusement and the twins' annoyance. Ginny seemed as though she might fall asleep at any moment, swaying from side to side but with a determined expression fixed on her face as though she was trying her hardest to stay awake. Tyson and Max were holding onto each other, both visibly half-asleep and shivering, their hair sticking out in even more directions than usual. Hilary and Kenny were awake and quiet aside from their chattering teeth and as for Ray and Kai… Well, they silently braved the cold. Harry stood beside Hermione, who was oddly chirpy for so early on in the morning.

Mr. Weasley spoke of a portkey they had to reach in a few minutes and the procession followed him out of the garden, through the cold, silent night. Aside from the starlight all that kept them from seeing where they were going were the four lit-up wands, radiating a luminous white light. At the top of a steep hill, that had taken much effort from all members of the party to trudge up in their sleepy states, was a shoe. The light was dim but even then they could see the boot was large, perhaps a giant's, scruffy and torn, maybe a dog had been at it, but it was big enough for everyone to make contact with its worn-out material. After experiencing an odd, sweeping sensation, which left some of them feeling nauseas, they landed.

Harry stumbled a little, having rarely used portkey as a method of transport, he still hadn't managed to perfect his landing. His eyes hadn't adjusted to the darkness and he heard something clatter to the ground. Rubbing his eyes, Harry groaned, realizing he would have to resort to fishing around on the floor for them. Thankfully, a glow of light appeared near him as he saw Mr. Weasley had lit up his wand and Harry felt his hands grasp the fragile object that was his glasses. Putting them on and looking around, he recognized the place they were in to be the middle of King's Cross station. Unlike his previous trips there, however, the station was deserted, which wouldn't be unusual for the muggles. As they traipsed through the station towards their destination, Harry recognized other people heading in the same way, wrapped up warmly in their dark cloaks. He could hear Tyson and Max still complaining in low voices behind him and chuckled quietly to himself at the thought of how much they must be irritating Kai. Moments later and they arrived at Platform 9.

Ray was the first to speak up, "What happened to all the other people we saw on the way here?"

"Yeah, what's going on? Where's the train?" Tyson yawned again, continuing to complain before giving anyone else a chance to explain.

Fred patted Tyson on the shoulder and grinned mischievously, "Looks like the train's gone without you. Pity, isn't it?"

"Now you'll just have to go back to doing whatever training you do-" George added.

"With Moody Guts over there breathing down your back day and night," Fred finished.

Mrs. Weasley looked at the twins reproachfully before answering, "Ignore them, boys. Right, you see the wall there separating platforms 9 and 10?" She said, pointing at the barrier, "Just run right through. Here, Ron will show you first."

The group were surprised as it was but they nonetheless remained silent and watched as the redhead took hold of his trolley and ran at the barrier, to their eyes, vanishing. Kenny gaped at the sight in surprise and cried out, "That's just not possible!"

"Come on!" Mrs. Weasley encouraged them. "Here, Max, you can go with Harry. Don't worry at all."

Max gulped nervously but with Harry took hold of his belongings and followed his lead. His squeezed his eyes shut, bracing himself as though waiting for something, anything, unpleasant to happen but felt nothing come. When he heard the sound of excited chatter and a train, he cautiously opened his eyes. To say the blonde was surprised would be an understatement. Shocked, he looked behind him and saw what he now believed to be the other side of the wall he had run through. Surely, moments later, he saw the rest of his friends emerge from the same place. He gazed around in awe as students greeted each other happily and talked about how annoyed they were at having to be awake at this hour. He gazed at the scarlet train, where the steam was emitting from, eyes wide in wonder.

"Brilliant, isn't it?" Harry grinned and Max nodded. "Come on, we should get our stuff on and find a decent compartment."

The group bid their farewells to Mr. and Mrs. Weasley and Fred and George once they had boarded the Hogwarts Express, which would, for the new additions to the group, open their eyes to a completely new world. Just as the train set off, Ginny left to find her friends and the Golden Trio led the newcomers through the train in search for somewhere to sit. As they passed, they quickly greeted their fellow witches and wizards, who didn't really get a chance to question the new additions to their group. As they approached a completely empty compartment near the end, they heard a familiar voice.

"Oi, okama!"

Tyson twitched and turned around, fuming, "Who are you calling a faggot, you damn bastard?" Then recognizing who it was, he sweatdropped and growled quietly, "Oh, it's you…"

Tala sniggered to himself a little, "Moron. This school thing's gonna be like trashing a five-year-old's beyblade."

"Yeah, I bet!" Tyson said, shrugging confidently.

Tala smirked and raised an eyebrow, "For us, not for you, idiot."

"…Fuck you," Tyson twitched again and silently slunk into the compartment, through the door Harry had been holding open whilst he had been conversing with Tala.

"You coming, Kai?"

Kai glanced at his team mates for a moment before nodding and following the redhead. Max clenched his fist and tried his hardest to stop himself from jumping up and down in happiness.

"He's gone! Yes!"

Ray shook his head and they all sat down. Just as he was finally about to have a moments peace, time he would have preferably spent sleeping, the compartment door slid open once more.

This time when he looked up, he saw a tall, slender, pale-faced boy, who was looking down at them in disgust. His hair was a platinum-blonde and if it wasn't the arrogant expression plastered on his face, he would be more attractive. Ray looked up at him questioningly and heard Harry almost snarl "Malfoy".

"Ah, Potter, Weasel, Mudblood and a couple of clowns. Clearly the wrong door," even the blonde's voice was laden with confidence yet with a hint of malice. To Ray, it was reminiscent of the way Kai would speak to them when they had first met. He could only be grateful that Kai's malicious attitude had been immensely toned down, particularly after comparing him to this 'Malfoy' character. His stormy grey eyes surveyed them for a moment as his lips curved into an almost cruel smirk.

"What do you want?" Ron groaned, annoyed.

"I'd watch your words, Weasley, Potter, Granger. Dumbledore won't be around much longer and then, well, I'll leave to you to imagine what'll happen to all the mudbloods and blood-traitors," he laughed before stalking away just before Harry got the chance to respond to him.

Max was a little shaken by the blonde boy's confrontation, "Who was he?" he whispered.

Hermione sighed as though it was a natural occurrence for this to happen, "Draco Malfoy."

Chapter 8: Sorting & Separation.