Hey I'm back! Sorry with all this holiday spirit I forgot about this story anyway enjoy!

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Flamery: I'm here!

Yuki: glad you could make it Flamery (smiles sweetly)

Kohaku: Yuki heads up

Yuki: why?

(Kohaku throws a turnip at Yuki's head and it hits him right in the middle of his face)

Kohaku: your nightmare begins uhhhh… now

Yuki: crap

Kohaku: hahahaha

Yuki: why does he have to pick on me why not Kyo?

Kohaku: easy because Kyo gets picked on by you so I pick on you so you know how it feels!

Yuki: how can you read my mind!

Kohaku: I'm psychic

Yuki: no you're psycho

Flamery: boys boys… shut up

Shigure: hi Flamery, Kohaku how are you?

Flamery: peachy

Kohaku: I want food

Shigure: Tohru will be home soon and she'll make a nice dinner for us

Kohaku: so where's carrot top?

Shigure think he's on the roof

Kohaku: ok

To be continued

Sorry so short writers block I want you answer a question

Who should be Kohaku's brother/sister?

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